Tech for Techies #1

Although slightly late, this initial installment to Tech for Techies as its own show takes educational looks at some technology issues currently out there that weren't likely directly covered in library school.


I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I'll probably give this one a try. To be honest though, it might move a lot higher up my playlist if the description was a little more specific....what issues did you talk about? Cause...well, there's a lot of technology issues never covered in libraries.

The show presenter has been notified of your concerns. What action he may take or what clarification he may issue is up to him, not me. I have been given warning that the presenter will be starting from the course outline next week but he needed an additional week for preparation which resulted in what is posted.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
PGP KeyID: 899C131F

uhhhh, so I guess I'm missing something....I assumed from the: # Artist: Michael J. Kellat with Stephen Michael Kellat that you were one of the folks on the show. Oh well, no biggie. If I get around to it I get around to it.

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