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A Neat Story out of California on the Fortuna Library. Just a good out-reach article.
"There is something about having a book in your hand, being able to turn back a few pages and check some information. You can't do that very easily with a computer. Plus, you can't take a computer to the beach, you can't sit in your bathtub and read from a computer screen, you can't take a computer to bed and read."

Small New Hampshire FOL Wins Award and Grant

A small New Hampshire community on the Maine border, Effingham, is the big winner of $10,000 in the 2004 FOLUSA/HarperCollins Publishers Award, donated annually in honor of author Barbara Kingsolver. During the past two years, volunteers have been raising funds to increase the library's hours, staff, circulation and community profile. Prior to that time, the library was only open 4 hours a week and had no full-time librarian; now it is open 22 hours a week and has a two person staff.

Here's more about this industrious (and fortunate) group of friends: FOLUSA.

Library Friends groups put politicians are alert

Northeast Philadelphia News reports the Friends of Fox Chase Library fighting for their local libraries.
Instead of librarians, which are professionals with a four year college degree and a master's degree in library service, the 20 half-day branches will be manned by a number of librarian assistants, who are not trained to find books.
"I don't think it's a very good idea," Behrend said. "We don't get paid to be a librarian. You're never compensated for it and the responsibility of running a branch is very big."
Therefore, "if you have a reference question, if it can't be answered by a library assistant, you will be directed to a full-service branch or given a number to call," Huntzberry said.
Which, to the Friends of Fox Chase, is ridiculous. "Communities all over should be up in arms," Handelman said.

Library backers huddle

Anonymous Patron writes "People are just not going to give up in Salinas. Now A broad range of Salinas-area organizations met Saturday to forge a coalition that will support a tax measure to reopen the city's libraries.

About 40 labor unions, schools and non-profit organizations were represented at the meeting hosted by the Friends of the Salinas Public Library at the Palma High School gymnasium."

The Answer Is: A Fun Way to Raise Money for The Library

At least on January 27th, Alex Trebek does not have the only trivia game in the town of Malden, Massachusetts. That evening, the Malden Public Library will hold their 7th Annual Triple Threat Trivia Contest at a nearby restaurant to raise funds for restoration of the lovely old Converse Memorial Building , built in 1885.

Teams of ten people can register by paying a fee of $250; fourteen teams have already signed up and are gearing up to prove their superior knowledge of miscellany. Story from Town On-Line.

Salinas Friends Soldier On

Here's the word from Lynne Steele, President of the Friends of the Salinas Public Library about plans to reverse the closing of the libraries:

A community coalition meeting is planned for Jan 15, 2005, 10 AM - 12N at the Richard W. Nutter Agricultural Conference Center, 1432 Abbott St, Salinas, CA. This meeting will begin the work on finding the very best way to bring back the Salinas Public Library. The system will close down completely by June 30, 2005. We must begin work right away to keep this down time as short as possible. We also wish to find the solution that will hopefully prevent this terrible event from ever happening again. There may be a combination of short and long term plans to achieve that goal, but it will be a community effort.

Your concern and efforts to spread the word to people is very much appreciated. Check the Friends Website for updates on how the community is working to keep the libraries down-time as short as possible.


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