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A Great Slogan, In My Book

from the Nashville Library...

"a city with a great library is a great city", sold by the Friends of the Nashville Public Library.

Scout Helps the Library While Earning His Badge

Weeded books from the Mamaroneck Library found a new home thanks to Eagle Scout Benjamin Bernstein.

Bernstein and about 20 of his friends and family members donated about 3,000 books to the Hispanic Resource Center. The donation is a part of Bernstein's Eagle Scout Service project, which will distribute almost 10,000 cast-off books from the Mamaroneck library to various organizations throughout the community. Bernstein is a volunteer at the library.

The library was trying to figure out a way to put 10,000 outdated books to use as it prepares to break ground on a multimillion-dollar renovation and expansion project next month.

A Tough Economy, Even With Friends Backing You Up

At the most recent meeting of the Princeton Public Library (PPL) Board of Trustees, Library Friends President Pam Wakefield reported that the Library Store is losing money, and cannot continue in its present form. The store is currently run by the Friends and is staffed by volunteers.

Library Director Leslie Burger said that three possibilities for the store are currently under discussion. One solution might be a collaboration with the Arts Council, which is not allowed to have a gift shop on its premises. Another would be to lease the store to an outside bidder. A third option would be opening up the space to additional shelves for the Friends’ book sale. Town Topics.

Library Store Enters Third Year, With Thin Books and Fat Ones Too

<a href="">Columbus GA library store</a>, always there for all kinds of shoppers. "Interior designers choose the books because of the way they look," explained volunteer Alice Budge. "They get them to fill shelves in homes and businesses." The store has raised more than $80,000 for library programs and services for children and adults. Some of those services are volunteer recruitment and training as well as sponsoring visits by authors.

Soft-Sell Be A Friend PSA

Heavens, Paula Poundstone has found herself in another unbalanced relationship...and is making up for it with a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Friends of Libraries USA. Another version's on the FOLUSA site.

Just three turn out for libraries

Kind Of Sad... The folks in Dorset, England want to form Friends of the Island Libraries. They held a meeting, but only 3 people showed up. The meeting was redeemed by the presence of Town Mayor Tim Munro and councillors Les Ames, David Hawkins and Richard Denton-White, who all stressed that while they were there as councillors to fight for the retention of the libraries and their opening times, they were also present as members of the public who use the libraries.

Bringing Foreign Language Books Home to California

Don't underestimate what Friends can do. For example, the Friends of the Long Beach (CA) Library paid for a trip to Cambodia for librarian Susan Taylor and fellow library employee Lyda Thanh to purchase books for a community of local residents who speak, and sometimes read, Khmer.

The Mark Twin Library paid $3,500 for just over 1,000 the books and almost as much, $3,100, to ship them back to the states, Taylor said. All of the travel expenses for Taylor and Thanh were paid for by the Helen Fuller Cultural Carrousel committee, which is part of Friends of the Library. Story from the Press Telegram.

A Successful Library Bookstore...Where 50 Cents Will Buy an Adventure

Read all about the Largo (FL) Public Library Bookstore in which has been operating successfully for the last 17 years .

The Friends group was formed in 1975 to help support the library. The original group was made up of members of the Largo Woman's Club, who started the library in 1914. Proceeds from book sales help pay for materials and support library programs. Since its inception, the group has raised more than $500,000 for the library.

About 35 dedicated volunteers clean, sort and price incoming donations, ring up sales and are always ready to offer advice on the next great read. It helps that several volunteers are retired librarians and educators. "If one of us doesn't know the answer, the other one does," said volunteer coordinator Mary Ann Whitehurst.

Art on a Limb

Dale C. writes "The Friends of Windsor Library (Windsor, VT) are hosting a unique statewide fund- and consciousness-raising event benefiting all 190 public libraries in the state (more libraries per capita than any other state). They've enlisted the talents of 45 famous Vermont artists (Thacher Hurd, Gail Gibbons, etc.) in decorating wooden cutouts of Vermont maple leaves which they'll auction online until Oct 14 (the height of the leaf season), when they'll have a live Final Day Auction. It's an experiment in statewide cooperation by two groups that love libraries and the freedom to read the most: artists and Friends."  The Vermont Maple Leaf Auction
The Vermont Maple Leaf Auction.

Buy Your Books By The Book

Interesting musings of a Fayetteville, AR blogger Jonah Tebbets, The Iconoclast, on the subject of the public library selling books through the internet. He also touches on independent new & used bookstores selling books, buying books on-line on your own, collecting taxes at brick & mortar stores and not collecting taxes on the internet...and so on.

What think you all? Do you care where you get your books or book-related stuff? Is your primary goal to get the best price? Or something else? Or is it all (or some) a huge waste of big old trees?????? Log in, identify yourself and post your comments below.


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