Prize Winning Photo Reflects The Joy of Reading

From The Item, BISHOPVILLE SC - For the third time in four years, the Lee County Public Library has won top honors in the State Library's Annual Photo Contest: Day in the Life of South Carolina Libraries.

Librarian Elizabeth Snyder-Powell's photo of Head Librarian Dawn Ellen reading to 18-month-old T. J. Brown captured the award for the best overall photo.

The library also won the Best Humorous Photo Award with Snyder-Powell's photo of a youngster asleep in the library.

Getting on the 'Sex Sells' Bandwagon

Brochure from the Somerville MA Public Library...via Wicked Local.

The Perils of Automatic Copyright Protection

A cautionary tale about copyright, and the <a href="">automated systems that enforce it</a>. If you post a video on YouTube, using one of their very own video creation tools, don't you expect it to go up and be viewable without any problems? Because of YouTube's Content ID system, it might not be so easy ... Read the full story <a href="">here</a>., Two Weeks Old and Going Strong

Want to keep up on what's happening with efforts around the country to help save libraries? There's a great new site for that, appropriately named Save Libraries. Their motto is "When one library is in trouble, ALL libraries are in trouble." This project is being run by Lori Reed and Heather Braum. They can’t do this alone and are looking for additional help creating and maintaining the content on this site.

Save Libraries is a grassroots effort to compile information about libraries in need of our support. Save Libraries will aggregate information about current advocacy efforts, archive advocacy efforts, and provide links to resources for libraries facing cuts. The project began barely two weeks ago, and is already attracting attention.

Please email us at savelibs (at) gmail (dot) com for questions, comments, or concerns. Please tag your Web content with savelibraries to make it easier for us to find and collect it.

Kudos to none other than our own Blake Carver and for donating hosting for this site and getting WordPress up and running within minutes. This site is dedicated to advocacy for libraries–getting the message out about why libraries are important.

We’re looking for advocacy information, testimonials from patrons and staff, photos, videos, anything to help save our libraries. Please pitch in!! Use the tag savelibraries or #savelibraries on Twitter. If you would like to contribute to this site please email [email protected].

Top Twittering Public Libraries

According to NFI Research, these are the top public libraries on Twitter who

  • 1) regularly update their page and communicate with their followers
  • 2) use Twitter to advance/promote communication with their community
  • 3) have a proportionate number of followers to following and
  • 4) are currently active on Twitter.

    This list is updated regularly so if any public libraries would like to be added, please send information to [email protected]. Got any top twitterers among our readership?

  • Reaching the Frosties

    By Molly Skeen

    Some people use and support the public library, no matter what. They visit the library regularly, borrow books, take the kids to story time, join the Friends, and visit new libraries on vacation. Let's call them the Fans.

    At the other end of the spectrum, there are people who never use the library, no matter what. They have their reasons. We could call these the Frosties. Between the two extremes, there's a broad range of library use patterns.

    Here are some numbers taken from a 2006 study titled Long Overdue: A Fresh Look at Public and Leadership Attitudes About Libraries in the 21st Century. When asked how many times they visited a library in the previous year, survey respondents replied with these frequencies:
    Not at all - 27%
    1-5 times - 15%
    6-10 times - 11%
    11-25 times - 16%

    How can we convert library Frosties to Fans? And how can we engage the people who use the library once a year to use it more often? I'm convinced that a great many of the Frosties have needs and interests that could be met at the library, but they are simply unaware of specific services that could help them.

    • Take Joe Frosty – a busy guy who works full time, takes the family camping, and likes to tinker with his car. He never uses the library, but maybe he would if he knew that his library provides access to EBSCO's Auto Repair Reference Center on its web site.

    Deep Thought Thursday Night

    In libraryland, there are a lot of statistics that are measured: door counts, circulation of items, computer uses, reference questions, and so forth and so on. As I was getting ready for the end of the year marketing committee for my library system, I couldn’t help but think about some of the things that cannot be tracked. Specially, I wondered about the number of conversation opportunities that are missed by staff members.

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    She Signed Up for a Library Card, but Got a Lot More

    Gig Harbor, WA: When Marie Bassett received a phone call from the Pierce County Library System telling her she had won a free laptop computer, she first thought it was a hoax.

    Bassett filled out a little piece of paper when she renewed her library card a while back, but she had forgotten about it.

    The countywide library system held a raffle for two laptops during its annual card drive, and Gig Harbor’s Bassett won one of them.

    “It was a funny story,” she said. “I went to have my library card renewed, and they had me fill out this little slip of paper. I said, ‘What do you want me to do with this?’ ”

    Bassett said she regularly checks out items at the library with her husband, and she decided to get her own card updated. “I thought, ‘That’s dumb. I might want to go without him some time,’ ” she said. “It’s ironic, because I’m really a raffle nut, but I had totally forgotten I had filled out this slip.”

    Winning the laptop turned out to be perfect timing for Bassett, who recently lost her job.

    “It was a heartbreaker,” she said. “It was truly a dream job. I thought I was going to be there forever.”

    Nonetheless, Bassett hopes to turn bad luck around. “Now I think I want to start my own bookkeeping business,” she said. “This laptop is so timely.”

    The little book store @ the Redondo Beach Library

    Mary Simun did not enjoy reading as a child. But in college, she discovered her love of reading, and hasn't stopped yet.

    To make up for lost time, Simun spends her Friday afternoons volunteering at the Friends of the Redondo Beach Public Library store. Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization that supports libraries nationwide. The Redondo Beach chapter was established in 1985 to provide resources not covered in the city budget. Diane Chillington, the personnel coordinator of this chapter, said the Redondo Beach library has become slightly more dependent on the Friends since the economic downturn last year.

    Does your library have FOL store? or a Friends group? Share news of how they've helped your library...


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