Appealing To the Voters On Behalf of the Library

It's no surprise that voters are turning down government propositions to send their tax money to the library...left and right.

Here's a different approach...remind those homeowning citizens that money for the library will add value to the price of their homes. A Letter to the Editors at the Levittown (NY)Tribune suggests doing just that...

The Wyoming Libraries Campaign

Anonymous Patron writes "Wyoming Libraries: The campaign theme is "Bringing the World to Wyoming." When you see an Eiffel Tower topped with a western windmill or a pickup with a Trojan Horse trailer, you'll know that libraries have brought the world to Wyoming - and the people in this state have been changed by the experience.
Both Billboard Ads and Radio Ads have run."


Boston Public Library: High Budget, Low Circ

teaperson writes "The Boston Globe reported on its front page Saturday that the Boston Public Library is one of the best-funded in the nation, but ranks 59th out of 77 large libraries in circulation. The finding was from a study commissioned by the Mayor and library board, who are apparently waking up to the fact that nearly a third of residents surveyed would never even use the library.

This should make good fodder for next week's PLA conference - in Boston."

Library Naming Rights on eBay

The Womelsdorf Community Library in Pennsylvania is auctioning off its naming rights "in perpetuity" on eBay. A bid has been placed at $325,000, but that has not met the auction's minimum price tag (the "reserve price"). And before you go and tell the gang at Fark about this, note the all-to-vague "inappropriate name requests will not be accepted" disclaimer. Remember those Jesus bricks? Update: 02/08 23:49 GMT by J :Added some links

Frosh and the Library

tangognat writes "The Chronicle of Higher Education features an article, Bridging the Chasm: First-Year Students and the Library about strategies to incorporate libraries into the first-year college experience." Tips include, "make sure that librarians are part of any campuswide discussions of the first year," and trying the "Barnes & Noble approach."

4 more concerts to promote CDs at libraries in Louisville

Here's A Neat Idea: The Louisville Free Public Library plans four more free concerts in its "Words for Music" series, designed to promote its purchase of 40,000 music CDs that can be checked out for free.

The featured singer-songwriters are diverse: folk-country artist Iris DeMent, alternative musician Andrew Bird, urban folk singer Dar Williams and the South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

'Selling' libraries just the ticket

News On A New Plan in Wales by two companies that have won a contract to research and develop a national marketing strategy for library services throughout Wales.Conwy-based design agency blah d blah and Bangor-based marketing agency twelfth man are working together to bring a fresh approach to marketing and communications in the library sector in Wales.


ALA Sends "Cease & Desist" Letter to

As a follow-up to the earlier-mentioned Audible's "Don't Read" Campaign, Library Journal reports that the ALA has sent a "cease and desist" letter to about the ads, as featured on (Apparently the legal advice in the previous LISNews story went unheeded!) Is this a case of obligatory trademark protection, or playing in to their publicist's hands while lowering people's image of librarians?

Indianapolis Library Is Direct Marketing to Patrons Via E-Mail

In an effort to encourage additional support for county library measures up for a vote, the Indianapolis-Marion County Library is directly e-mailing their patrons to contact city officials regarding library funding.

Patrons (383,000 cardholders) may choose to be on the IMCPL e-mail list . E-mail recipients are given hot links to two Web pages so they either may join the campaign or ask to no longer get such advocacy e-mail.

"People, three to one, are saying, 'Go for it, that this is a good idea,' " said Linda Mielke, who as library head is juggling the challenging Downtown expansion while reshaping the library staff. Report from the Indianapolis Star .


Audible's "Don't Read" Campaign

infodiva writes: "I just discovered Audible's audio book advertising campaign at You know it's a successful marketing campaign when other people start parodying ALA 'Read' posters!" Before ALA pulls a tizzy like OCLC on this, here's hoping they remember MasterCard's failed lawsuit against Ralph Nader for his ad parody.


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