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A tribute to a librarian mentor

nbruce sends us "this nice tribute to her mentor

I certainly didn’t become a librarian because of Miss Coblentz. When I first met her, she seemed rather stoney-faced, mousey and plain, with an unattractive voice and demeanor. I have no idea how old she was--I turned 18 that fall, so anyone over 30 appeared up in years. But she was definitely older than my rather elderly, 45-year old parents, who were so ancient they could remember the bells tolling at the end of World War I!

The rest of the story."

Guide to Springfield USA

weezer1d writes "Simpsons buffs will squeal at the first-ever online digital map of Springfield USA. "The mapping of Springfield began in the Spring of 2001 when it became evident that no adequate map of Springfield existed either online or in print." Those questioning this greatness of this resource need look no further than Harvard's "oldest map collection in America" Map Collection, where the resource has been added to the catalog."

Free Research Help - Yahoo & Google

SEO writes "Yahoo Develops a FREE Ask Yahoo - possible in response to GOOGLE's Answers Google have an archive database of very useful and thoroughly answered questionsYou can search by keyword or by directory catagory.Here are a sampling of Yahoo's most popular recent queries:What wounds did John Kerry receive to be awarded three Purple Hearts?· Is anything in a NASCAR race car "stock"?· How did the Easter bunny become part of a religious holiday?· Why are cows white-and-black or brown?· What does "chatter" mean when referring to matters of intelligence?"


phoenix04 writes "For National Library Week, April 18-24, Gale is offering free trials of many databases including specialized not-usually-offered-except-for-cost. Go to for details. I already use Times Digital Archive, which is _The Times of London_ - back to mid-1700s!!! Truly awesome times for librarians. End-users haven't a clue till we lead 'em. Of course, Gale benefits because of the registration process."

Toward a universal library of mistakes

Jeanie Straub writes "Writer at the grandfather of independent weeklies delivers insight regarding how corrections to news stories are handled in the digital age and where that handling is headed. Pretty astute for the Fourth Estate.

Press Clips by Cynthia Cotts
Department of Corrections: How Journalists Report Errors on the Web
The Village Voice, Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2004
Read It Here"

Dalhousie University Student Showcase

The graduating students at Dalhousie University's School of Library and Information Studies have put together a neat student showcase called Prospectus 2004, complete with bios and resumes. Worth a browse, even if you aren't hiring.

Amazing Translation Tools writes to share this useful site " l

Occassionally - You may get a Website that is in another language - However - the information is So-o vital that you must gain access...

This above free site - will now do Russian Korean Japanese Chinese as well as the romance languages.

You can simply COPY & Paste --> Submit!

{The translator will not produce a perfect translation. In most cases it should adequately convey the general sense of the original; however, it is not a substitute for a competent human translator.}

Also a plethora of other free tools are available - eg.
Find synonyms & antonyms"

Psuedo Sites

Jeffrey Hastings writes "Think you can tell an authoritative, scholarly web site from a "spurious" one? Think your students can?

Well, If you want a laugh, check out this collection of faux web sites. They started out as an idea I had for teaching information literacy but I found as I began to create them that they were so darned fun to write that I just couldn't stop. Soon another nameless SUNY at Buffalo School of Information and Library Science alum joined in with his contributions.

What we ended up with is the germ of an encyclopedia that includes topics like "Biomes of the World," "The American Civil War," "The Planet Mars," and an overview of the exploits of that famous Great Lakes region explorer "Sheldrake the Beneficent." Believe me: writing them was an amusing way to pass the long winter evenings, and now that spring is approaching up here in the "Northern Norselands," I'm glad to share them with you.

See for yourself! Have a look and, if you get the joke, feel free to send me your own, original, spurious web site. You can feel free to mirror or link to these sites as well, but I hope you'll consider contributing an entry or two.

Find them all at:

Jeffrey Hastings,
Highlander Way Middle School Library.
Send YOUR spurious encyclopedia entries in html to: [email protected]"

100th anni-Seus-sary

Bob Cox writes

Nearly 13 years after her husband's passing, Geisel leads the global enterprise that has sprouted from Seuss' beloved books - watching over the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch and all the other critters and characters who live on in movies, toys, games and ventures that perhaps not even the imaginative doctor could have envisioned. Wonderful Dr Seus!!

State pension funds vs. multibillion-dollar copyright giveaway?

David H. Rothman writes "Oh, I like this! North Carolina now wants Michael Eisner fired as boss of Disney--and has told state pension fund managers to vote against him. It joins funds in half a dozen other states, including California and New York, already committed to this noble cause.

Now, imagine the same tool used against the Sonny Bono Copyight Term Extension Act, which will send billions to the copyright elite over the years at the expense of schools, libraries and consumers in the Tar Heel state and elsewhere.

Time for state pension managers to pressure Disney and other big corporations into calling for a repeal or at least mitigation of Bono--for example, via the Public Domain Enhancement Act? Our schools and libraries don't need to pay Hollywood an eternal tax! Reasonable fees for reasonable copyright terms? Sure. But not 20 years extra, forever!

Remember, lobbying by Eisner's henchmen was among the major reasons why we got the Bono act in the first place."


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