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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #12

This week's episode of LISTen brings a panel discussion with Andrea Mercado, Aaron Schmidt, and Nate Hill about the case of librarianship perhaps becoming less complex work. A quick look at the zeitgeist was also included at the start of the episode.

Links to blogs of panel participants:
Andrea Mercado
Aaron Schmidt
Nate Hill

Update: 3/11 Andrea has Posted some thoughts on the podcast: "This story is a tangled mess of issues that exemplifies our profession today"

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I'm Down On The Future Of Public Libraries

The Marathon County Situation got me thinking all is not well in libraryland. Here's 4 other random posts that did the same.

My 4 Year Old Told Me To “Google It”

Can you connect This Story By Mat Siltala to libraries?

He turned to me and said: “Why don’t you just Google it Dad, because you use it to find everything else”. I guess he does hear me (more then I realize) say stuff like “find it on Google”, or “look it up on Google” with everyday interactions with my wife, friends or clients! It was so funny, cute and genuine that I was speechless.

Cowboy Junkies Paradox

Can you connect This Story By Seth Godin to libraries?

Marketers of all stripes face the same challenge. Your current customers want nothing but the old stuff, but the new customers don't know you exist, so they can't speak up.

Cat teeth: search trumps experience

Can you connect This Story By Stephen Baker to libraries? -- Read More

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #11

The podcast this week brings two interviews. One interview is with Connie Crosby about PodCamp Toronto and lessons for librarianship. The other interview is with tech columnist Don Reisinger about technology use. A note at the end explains why episode twelve will be different and invites listener responses.

Links to matters referenced:
Connie Crosby's blog
PodCamp Toronto
Don Reisinger's blog
Contact details for Team LISTen

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #10

This week's edition of LISTen brings two interviews about cataloging and use of things born digital. I talk with Steven Bowers The Director of Detroit Area Network (DALNET) at Wayne State University who oversees a project that catalogs Youtube videos, and Michael Sauers Technology Innovation Librarian at The Nebraska Library Commission to talk about Cataloging Creative Commons materials. I finish up this week with a commentary inspired by John Berry in which I ask where has the magic of the library gone?
Links referred to:
Detroit Area Library Network Catalog where YouTube videos might be discovered
Mahalo Daily tutorial on Creative Commons licensing
Boing Boing: Library starts to include CC licensed editions of books in collection
Nebraska Library Commission Blog post relative to the Creative Commons project

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #9

This week's episode brings a commentary relative to a recent article in Library Journal and podcasting tips from the audio engineer. To support further episodes and help ensure that they are released on-time, donations are graciously appreciated and items are available for purchase. Comments are appreciated via e-mail.

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10 Non-Librarian Blogs To Read in 2008

Our first attempt at recommending NON-Librarian blogs includes sites to make your life better, improve your finances, help you be a better marketer, and even one that lets you see other folks deepest darkest secrets. I've included the "honorable mention" list, and a few "see alsos" below. Our goal was to make a list of sites you can read to learn something new that doesn't entirely focus on libraries. Read on below to see why each site made the list. As always, if you don't like the list, supply your own, or let me know who we missed or who we should've left off.

Boing Boing (Feed)
The Bookslut Blog (Feed)
The Consumerist (Feed)
Lifehacker (Feed)
Open Access News (Feed)
Post Secret (Feed)
Read Write Web (Feed)
Seth Godin (Feed)
Slashdot (Feed)
Snopes - What's New (Feed) -- Read More

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #8

This week's episode brings interviews with Blake Carver and Boston Public Library's Scott Colford on the FSF DRM Protests this weekend, and more.

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LISTen for 1 February 2008

Even though LISTen is still supposed to be on hiatus the story Thursday morning relative to Amazon's acquisition of Audible created a stir.

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Stuff To Do @ Your LISNews Part 3: "Customizing"

This is part 3 of an occasional series I've been writing to showoff all the new features @LISNews. In Stuff To Do @ Your LISNews, Part 1: Reading I covered the feeds and other pages that can give you views of the LISNews content you won't see on the homepage. In Part 2: Writing I covered how you can help us create interesting content by writing comments, on your blog and suggesting stories. The full series will cover "reading," "writing," "playing," "networking," "customizing," "finding" and whatever else I can come up with as I go along. Here in part 3 I'll cover all the options listed on your "My Account" link you'll see over on the left hand side when you're logged in. With these options, you can change how LISNews looks, how your blog looks, how to track and subscribe to threads, and even send messages to other LISNews users. -- Read More

LISten- The LISNews Podcast: Episode #6

The last episode of the trial season has arrived! Murphy's Law had somewhat held back production which results in the later than normal posting. [Updated at 1133 PST by StephenK: I almost forgot to mention there is a special guest appearing in this episode. There is no blog post related to that appearance. To learn who the special guest is you have to listen]

Links to items referred to in the episode
LISNews: The LISNews 10 Blogs To Read In 2008
LISNews: 10 Non-Librarian Blogs To Read?
LISNews: Making This List Gives Me Stress
LISNews: Facebook Asked to Remove "Scrabulous"
Annoyed Librarian: Failure to Report
Stephen's Lighthouse: It's Not Very Old
LISNews: Steve Jobs: People don't read anymore.
engadget: Sprint announces massive layoffs, store closings amid subscriber defection

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