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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #50

In this week's episode we hear from Rob Lopresti not only about music but also about stolen books at Western Washington University. An analysis of a perhaps overlooked part of media coverage of the Mumbai incident is also presented. As for the list mentioned by Mr. Lopresti in the interview, the address to write to is:
Rob Lopresti Wilson Library Western Washington University Bellingham, WA 98225-9103 United States of America
A self-addressed envelope with USD$0.59 postage is requested from libraries located within the United States. While listeners outside the United States are advised to check with their respective postal authorities, it appears that enclosing a single Universal Postal Union International Reply Coupon may be sufficient to cover postage costs. Related links: Alexander Wolfe's blog post at Information Week Report by Murad Ahmed at the Times of London Report on Twitter in Mumbai at the site of the Courier Mail Bloomberg News reporting on response by the Indian government Mindanao Examiner talking about the Mumbai attack Forbes on the use of Twitter in Mumbai A Twitter user calling for no panic creation Global Voices looking at Twitter in Mumbai Potential Christmas gift for art lovers Potential Christmas gift for lovers of information policy Potential Christmas gift for those seeking to archive podcasts
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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #49

This week's episode of LISTen is in full form. Starting off the episode one finds a chat with Blake Carver about a recent conference he attended. The event was sponsored by OpenText and talked about its very own document management system. Following the chat with Blake, the episode turns to talking to Felicia Day. Ms. Day writes and produces the online series known as The Guild. Due to the paucity of materials detailing how such online ventures happen, Ms. Day helps fix in the tangible form of the podcast a discussion of such. The interview was geared towards giving YA librarians and others answers for when people inquire about how programs like The Guild are created. Following the chat with Ms. Day, a round-up of stories listeners might have missed at LISNews over the past week was given. Recognizing that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is only occurring in the United States this week, it might be reasonable for listeners to question if an episode will be released on December 1st. The production team realizes that a sizable amount of listeners are located outside the territorial boundaries of the United States. Barring unforeseen complications, LISTen #50 is indeed slated to be released at 0500 UTC on December 1st (what is this in my local time?). Related links: Open Text Content World 2008 Book referenced by Felicia Day on writing Official website of Felicia Day Site of The Guild
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Top 20 Things Librarians Wish Patrons Knew

Four-part column from the Seattle Book Examiner:
"Top 20 things librarians wish patrons knew" by Danielle Dreger-Babbitt.

  • Part 1, including "Enough with the sexy librarian jokes".
  • Part 2, including "We like it when you thank us".
  • Part 3, including "Practice good hygiene".

    and finally...

  • Part 4, including "Pay your fines".

    Columnist Dreger-Babbitt (who has spent the last 13 years working in bookstores and libraries) adds..."Librarians, did I leave anything out? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below."

  • Program Advisory

    As a heads-up to listeners, it should be noted that LISTen #49 will be posted on a slight delay. The podcast rarely has to wait out an embargo. In this case we will do so.

    LISTen #49 will have in it a special chat with actress and web entrepreneur Felicia Day. This is as announced verbally at the close of LISTen #48. You did listen to that shorter than usual episode, right?

    As such, LISTen #49 will be posted at 0800 UTC on November 24th. You can find what that means in your own local time by visiting this link.

    A special feature may post at the normal audio posting time. This remains tentative as some factors remain in play.

    LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #48

    This week's episode is a brief one. After the run down of stories you might have missed, the program's engineer presents another installment of Tech for Techies. In the fourteenth installment of that segment, the engineer gives a brief overview of how to record audio at conferences and conventions. A lighter commentary is presented touching upon the need for authority control in today's increasingly interconnected world. The wrap-up contains a unique announcement. There is no video planned for this week. Related links: DTV Transition Site
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    New Vodcast

    As promised, the video is posted. There is no audio counterpart to this one. No matter how hard you look, it was never posted as part of a podcast. The current vodcast has a devotional message:

    LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #47

    Technical troubles didn't censor the podcast this week. This week's episode brings a chat with Blake, a chat with an artist about the business of art, and a commentary.

    Although we have had video releases accompanying audio releases, such is delayed until a later day this week.

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    Happy 9th Birthday LISNews!!

    LISNews started on this day in 1999. LISNews has been through 4 web servers, and 4 different content management systems. LISNews remains an interesting place to read and discuss issues thanks to all the many people who work to keep the site going.

    Every year I do my best to thank everyone who works hard to make LISNews. People Like Stephen Michael Kellat who does the podcast. Everyone who has submitted stories over the years, Lee Hadden, Bob Cox, Charles Davis, Gary Price, Steven Fessenamiar.

    All the LISNews authors who've come and gone like Steven M. Cohen, Rochelle Hartman, Ieleene and many others. The current authors like Birdie, Bibliofuture, Great Western Dragon and everyone else who posts stories I'd never find. More authors make this site better. More collaboration, more cooperation, and more involvement from more people can only help make LISNews stronger. They bring diversity, breadth, and depth. There must be a nice slogan there somewhere.

    There are three people who really made this all possible. Without their help, LISNews would not exist as it does today. Joe Frazee for his Linux skills, Nabeal Ahmed for teaching me how to program, and Steve Galbraith for posting stories with me in the early days.

    There are far too many people involved with LISNews for me to be able to thank everyone, and that's the beauty of it all. I've always strived to make LISNews an open site that allows as many people to participate as possible. I think collaboration is the key to success in most ventures, and LISNews is no exception. I've never really thought of LISNews as "my site," because it's truly a group effort, I just keep the thing running. At this point I've either been proven right on that idea, or the site is empty. Everyone who has had special "author powers" deserves a big pat on the back for the time and effort they put in to post stories. The authors are really the most important part of the site, since they are the people who post the stories that keep us all coming back. Someday, I hope, I'll be able to pay them for their hard work.

    LISNews started as a small, hand made, static HTML site with a few pages, and just a few stories. I simply wanted to see if I could make a web site, any web site. I eventually figured out how to get PHPSlash installed and running, and that code kept us going for a few years. Several years ago back I said farewell to that dear old friend, and untold hours of development, and moved to the "real" Slashcode. Slashcode allowed more interaction and participation. With journals, moderation, the zoo, and many other features. Slashcode was nice, but it was also a huge PITA, so a couples years back I moved to Drupal, and never regretted it for a second. LISNews now provides what seems like a never ending array of goodies to help kill some time at work, or home, or wherever you happen to be.

    LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #46

    This week's episode features original material and no interviews. A book review as well as a Linux flavor "first look" are presented. A commentary is also featured in the episode. Related links: Main download site for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Unetbootin The book reviewed And the product review in video form:

    LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #45

    This week's episode brings a discussion involving Stephen, Blake, and Mike Meloni in Australia. The topic discussed was Internet censorship in one particular part of the Anglosphere. Considering the decisions of the US Supreme Court in recent years to apply wholly alien legal principles from abroad in the US, something like this happening in one part of the Anglosphere may flow outward. A commentary is also presented in regards to two recent stories on LISNews. Related links: Piece by Michael Meloni discussing the Australian net censorship proposals Discussion from ZDNet's Australia section about telecommunications market issues there Reporting from ComputerWorld in the matter (WARNING: Some language may be deemed offensive in the report text) Post discussing a possible re-imagining of librarian education Post discussing a future without physical library buildings Press release on the BlogWorldExpo disc offering And here is the commentary in video form:
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