MA Librarian Gives It His All

You know the name of the game..."I Survived A Japanese Game Show". But regrettably, Y.A. librarian Dan Barbour did not.

From Wicked Local: After spending the past seven weeks appearing on televisions across the nation, Dan Barbour was eliminated from ABC’s “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” during Wednesday night’s episode.

A Young Adult Librarian at the Shrewsbury Public Library since 2007 who has also served as an Electronic Resources Librarian, Barbour said since being on the nationally televised show, people have asked him to sign autographs and talk about his experience on the show.

“My life has changed a little bit,” said Barbour, 25. “People recognize me all the time, which is weird. I went into Price Chopper in Shrewsbury the other day and was stopped five times by different groups of people just wanted to talk about the experience.”


Books, which as objects of desire have seemed to have scant place in Hollywood’s slick, visual sensibility, have a new role in the business of television.

TV's "The Librarian" a Winner

The best in sci fi, fantasy, and horror were honored last night at the 35th annual Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. THE LIBRARIAN 3: CURSE OF THE JUDAS CHALICE (with actor Noah Wyle, the character of librarian/archivist) brought home the honors in the field of TV.

Here's a photo of him doing the typically challenging work of a librarian:

More from IF Magazine.

Sunset for NTSC

The sunset of analog television will be coming soon. Only full-power stations are affected by this, though. The Las Vegas Valley has a number of low power television stations that will continue analog broadcasts. KTUD is one of them:

LPTV Example

KVVU is the designated analog night light station. This is the station that will stay on the air with an analog signal for a period designated by the FCC to ensure nobody is left behind. The night light station goes off the air on June 26th here. Here is an example I caught of their analog signal earlier within the apartment complex:

Sample of the Las Vegas Analog Night Light

KVVU's digital signal was able to pierce the walls better:

DTV Example

Of course, subsidiary program streams like this are a key benefit of the switch from NTSC to ATSC for over the air television transmission:


With luck, the DTV transition tonight should go quite smoothly. Only time will tell. ATSC is an outdated standard nowadays that the implementation of which was delayed multiple times. For those with cable television or satellite television service, this should not impact you at all.

The screen captures above were created using an elgato EyeTV Hybrid. The USB stick is a rather good television receiver.


If you had a paperback-sized device that allowed you watch any movie or show on demand, anywhere, for free, would you still read books?

Filipino Librarian Plays on "Deal or No Deal"

Watch the video promoting the Philippine version of the show here. Find out how much he won and read about his experience here. It's not very prominent on the video, but he wears a "Love Your Librarian" button during the show.

Quiet Please the TV Show?

Scott Douglas blogs about his brief attempts to sell "Quiet, Please" to Hollywood, and posts the first episode to a TV Pilot based on the book: Scott's original blog post is found at

The script is available for direct download. Perhaps the pilot could be adapted into a short for The Dam Short Film Festival or CineVegas Film Festival?

An Unlikely Place to View the Inauguration: The Nixon Library

From L.A. Times Blogs:

The lifelong Republican from the city of Orange, after all, cast her first Democratic vote in November for Obama. Candice Katayama and her former boss went to an unlikely place, the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, joining about two dozen employees and schoolchildren who applauded as they sat in rows of chairs watching the ceremony on a large TV mounted outside an exhibit on inaugurations throughout history. "It's a little weird," Katayama admits. "But I came to this evolution that this country isn't about labels anymore. It's about hope."

One More Time...(or more?)...for Flynn Carsen, the Librarian

Entertainment Weekly:In the third made-for-cable caper, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice (premieres Dec. 7., 8 p.m. TNT), overworked and unlucky-in-love Flynn travels to New Orleans for vacation, but ends up having to stop big bads who want to find and use the chalice to resurrect Prince Vlad Dracul and raise an army of vampires. (He must also make time to mack on the sexy chanteuse, played by Feast of Love's Stana Katic, who guards the cup. That, he does not mind.) Here's more coverage on the series from Variety.

Though the movie's original tagline -- "The world's most unlikely hero is back for his final adventure" -- was enough to break my colleague Alynda Wheat's heart, Wyle assures us that Flynn will live to outwit, outsmart, and outspit-take another day, if fans want him to.

Do you want him to?

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