What Makes a TV Show Indecent?

AshtabulaGuy writes "On February 28th the (United States) Federal Communications Commission released three orders denying complaints that particular broadcasts were "indecent". What were the grounds and what were the cases? Saving Private Ryan, Will & Grace, and Arrested Development (all three news releases in Adobe Acrobat format) were all cases that the FCC recently disposed of. Each order that the news releases refer to provides the background to the particular complaint and a methodical laying out of reasoning for denying the complaint. For librarians wondering whether or not something is "indecent", the orders provide useful views as to the FCC's thinking. For those wanting to see the orders to understand more of what the FCC is thinking beyond what is said in the terse news releases, they are available in Adobe Acrobat format for Saving Private Ryan, Will & Grace, and Arrested Development."


PBS to affiliates: On Your Own for Frontline Documentary

slashgirl writes "'NEW YORK - PBS has warned its affiliates that it can't insure them against profanity fines if they air a raw version of a documentary about soldiers in Iraq.

The public broadcaster is distributing "clean" and "raw" versions of the documentary A Company of Soldiers, set to air on Frontline Tuesday. The original piece contains 13 expletives spoken by soldiers, but producers have created a version with the words edited out.'

Rest here at"


"The Librarian" one last time

rteeter writes "For those who missed it (and those who want to relive it), Television Without Pity has an in-depth recap of 'The Librarian'."


Murder-Mystery Online

Anonymous Patron writes "Just in time for the holidays - the BBC has added a techno twist to murder-mystery events:"

It's 15th December 1952 and YOU are the detective in our Christmas Murder Mystery, set at the Burgh Island Hotel in South Devon....A wealthy film star is dead. But will you be able to work out just WHO is guilty of this most heinous crime?


7 million watch "Librarian: Quest For the Spear"

The Reader's Shop writes "The Washington Post reports "The Librarian" surprised the critics, 7 million tuned in to the movie on TNT, making it basic cable's No. 1 flick of the year. Look under the winners section.

More At and as well. If you haven't had enough yet, has an interview with Noah Wyle."


Insider Reviews of "The Librarian"

ALA has posted several reviews of "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear," written by library workers. They received over 200, and like all reviews I've seen already, it's a mixed bag, with the average star rating being 2.65/4. Seems to be a love it or hate it type of movie.


Librarian Reviewers Sought for "The Librarian"

ALA's Public Programs Office has sent out the following announcment:

TNT will premiere its original movie, The Librarian Sunday, December 5, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

The American Library Association (ALA) Public Information Office would love to hear from librarians and library workers who are able to catch the movie on cable and willing to take a few moments to respond to the short questionnaire below. Responses will be used in media relations and may be published. Please send email (including your name, city and state) to [email protected] before 10 a.m. Central Time Monday, December 6. Thanks!

((Also, check out ALA member and Entertainment Weekly librarian Heidi Weinkam's article in tomorrow's magazine highlighting some of the best librarians and library workers from TV and film history.))

Questions follow.


The Librarian on TNT: Next Sunday

Preview from the San Jose Mercury News (registration required):
• ``The Librarian: Quest for the Spear'' (8 p.m. Sunday, TNT) clearly is meant to be a send-up of the adventure film genre. But it's not nearly clever enough or produced with enough camp to avoid coming off as a second-rate ``Romancing the Stone'' or a third-rate (maybe even fourth-rate) version of an Indiana Jones film.

Still, this tale of a nerd who finds himself responsible for the protection of the world's legendary artifacts has one thing going for it: the chemistry and charm of its star, Noah Wyle, who plays librarian Flynn Carsen.


TNT's Telepic "The Librarian" To Air This December

Well, we've been hearing about TNT's made-for-TV movie for months and months, and now that it's "in the can", the producers have announced (approximately) when it will be December.

Here's the scoop on Dean Devlin's "The Librarian", starring Noah Wylie as the heroic"guybrarian" (ed-italics mine).


How Ken Jennings Does it On Jeopardy

The family tuned in to Jeopardy! this Labor Day, ready and willing to watch Ken-Jen (Ken Jennings, 30, of Salt Lake City, UT) be bested by another contestant this evening...but once again (for the 39th time), he has prevailed.

We've now discovered his secret ...HIS MOTHER IS A LIBRARIAN.

Friend and former Brigham Young University roommate Earl Cahill said "He's just smarter, and there is not some magic pill you can take that will make you like him".

Jennings says he doesn't know his IQ, and his mother won't reveal it. But she says that when he was tested as a pre-kindergartner, it was off the charts. Jennings also won't share his precise SAT score — he says only that it was between 1500 and a perfect 1600.

More on Ken and how he has become a millionaire plus on ABC's TV show Jeopardy! from USA Today.

UPDATE: Rumors of the end of a swell run at



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