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Suzzallo Library open again after seismic upgrades

Charles Davis brings us a Seattle Post-Intelligencer piece on the re-opening of a remodeled academic library:
Described by one historian as the \"physical expression of a grand idea,\" the University of Washington\'s Suzzallo Library is open again after a two-year project to make it earthquake-resistant. \"We had a ribbon-cutting ceremony,\" UW President Richard McCormick said, \"and our beautiful library is back.\"

MIT OpenCourseWare Now Open

SomeOne writes: "MIT OpenCourseWare reflects the commitment of the MIT faculty to advancing education by increasing access to their academic materials through the Internet and the World Wide Web. We believe that with modern communication technology we can not only transmit information but also stimulate and enhance the deeply human, person-to-person endeavor of education."

Internet replacing the college library

Here\'s An Interesting One that takes the Pew Internet and American Life
Project study, \"The Internet Goes to College\", and adds some interesting conclusions for a snappy headline.

\"One of the things that jumped out was the degree to which college students have integrated the Internet into their everyday life. They are used to high- speed, instant access. They treat it like they would any utility -- water, telephones, television,\"

Information Literacy Instruction in Higher Education

Marian writes: "Eric has a wonderful Article By Abby Kasowitz-Scheer and Michael Pasqualoni on Information literacy instruction. They cover ACRL’s Best Practices Initiative, have a great bibliography, and make some wonderful points. They say Information literacy instruction is alive and well on campuses today. However, there is much work to be done before integrated ILI across the curriculum is standard practice. It's a bit older than most things you point to, from June 2002, but worth the read!"

Note: You might need a subcription to read this.

Library Policy Shafts Students

A student, angry about a return policy at the Georgia Technical college is condemning the school library\'s seemingly lopsided practice of charging $2.50 per day in overdue fees for books when the normal rate is supposed to be $.50. Read it.

Learn about Orphan Films....visual literacy today

Steve Fesenmaier writes: \"My friend Les Blank is speaking at this great workshop on orphan films. All librarians should know about this subject - since the visual culture dominates our world even more than computers!\"

Prize possession

Jen Young points us to This SLToday Story on The Henry Hampton Collection, one of the largest and best collections in terms of media materials on the civil rights movement, said David Rowntree, special media collections archivist at Washington University.

\"A lot of the stuff is coming out after a decade of being in storage,\" said Rowntree, noting that the materials had been stored in four sites around Boston. \"It\'s like Christmas every day.\"

Still Lives

Jen Young passed along This One from on several new projects are under way to recover what was lost during The Holocaust. An ambitous research effort titled \"Witness to a Jewish Century,\" launched last week in Vienna, will exhibit on the Internet as many as 1,000 interviews with elderly survivors (Judit Kinszki among them), along with 100,000 never-before-published family photographs.

Nice article on digital archive problem from MIT

Bob writes \"We all know that many digital media are history, and not in the good way. ;) This article points out some tragic examples as well as some more mundane ones. Good overview of the problems and challenges we all face now. Read The Full Story\"

They say It\'s too late for old word-processing files. But new technologies will preserve access to digital photos, music and other electronic records forever.

...and I think this is a repeat, but if you missed it the first time, it\'s new to you.

College library closed down by mold

News From Kansas where mMoldy books at Bethany College\'s library have left the building empty with classes set to begin next week. Within the past month, concern over the spore situation at Wallerstedt Library has caused the evacuation of librarians and administrative offices and shut down operations within the building.


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