Overdue Book

Overdue Book a Flea Market Find

A library in Inverness (Scotland) has received a book that's been missing from its shelves--you know, the kind that gets stacked up in the wrong place, or misplaced among other items, or carried off by a visitor.

It was ONE HUNDRED YEARS and £5,000 overdue.

More info about the books extensive travels and its discovery in Johannesburg (South Africa) a century after it's due date--BBC News


Pink Floyd Is 'Over-Borrowed' In Library

Everyone knows that public libraries have problems when people don't return books or records or CDs.

But, in Norfolk Nebraska, one CD, more than any other, keeps disappearing. It is Pink Floyd's 1979 release The Wall. Here's the scoop .

What's a music lover to do?


Italian Library cracks down on overdues

Rich writes "Reuters reports that Italy's Senate Library is cracking down on senators' overdue library books, Here's the full story" Italy's Senate library is getting tough on forgetful lawmakers demanding they return books on Adolf Hitler and other subjects that are up to 25 years overdue.


Malaysian library books are a real steal

Anonymous Patron writes "It seems overdue books are not a problem unique to North America. News From Kuala Lumpur reports Malaysians in central Pahang state have failed to return more than 20 000 books including some rare and limited editions from the state library, it was reported.

Some of the books were taken from the Pahang Public Library as long as 28 years ago, state library acting director Faridzah Jaafar said."


Book Theft Leads to Car Chase

madtom writes "After Bryan Haynes was caught, Syracuse police could have thrown "the book" at him. The Syracuse motorist refused to pull over for officers - and even drove against traffic on Erie Boulevard trying to shake them - because he had a stolen library book in his car, Sgt. Thomas Connellan said. "It was stupid," Connellan said. The Syracuse motorist refused to pull over for officers - and even drove against traffic on Erie Boulevard trying to shake them - because he had a stolen library book in his car, Sgt. Thomas Connellan said.Source: Syracuse Post-Standard"


Austin Public Library Gets Tough on Fines

An Anonymous Patron sends "this audio piece from NPR's Morning Edition. No more polite letters from the Austin Public Library, which loses half a million dollars a year in lost materials and unpaid fines. Now patrons with overdue books will be hearing from a collection agency. (Real Audio required)"


If Your Books are Overdue, Library Wants You

With $2 million due in fines, some 26,000 items missing from their collection, and over 6,000 overdue accounts, the Wichita, KS library has decided, [at long last, it would seem] to engage the services of a collection agency to help get their money. "The worst offender is a reader who checked out 124 items nearly a decade ago and never returned them. The price of those items and fines add up to $2,430.66. Five other people owe more than $1,000." Read all about it.


Chester County PA Hires Unique Credit Collection Agency

Story from the Philadelphia Inquirer about renewed efforts to collect overdue fines from scofflaw book borrowers, part of a program to recover lost income after a significant budget cut last year.

According to Cecy Keller, Director of the Chester County System, a debt of over $50 to the library will go onto your
credit report, preventing library patrons from obtaining mortgages or bank loans not to mention withdrawal of library privileges.


Maltese Library Book Returned after 42 Years

Hey, thanks for bringing it back.
How do you take your coffee? Story here about a book from the Malta library that was inadvertantly packed away when Ernie Roscouet, a resident of the Channel Islands, left Malta forty-two years ago. A trip back for his 65th birthday occasioned the return of the book.

Photo of the perp is here.


Suburban libraries enforce penalties for overdue books

Suburban libraries in the US are getting tired of patrons who owe hundreds of dollars in missing and late materials. The main aim of libraries doing this is not to 'make money', as many claim, but as a way of ensuring their collection is available to all members.

Are public libraries really being excessive in doing this? Is it wrong for them to try and retrieve items that should have been returned long ago? Read the article in The Detroit News and have your say!!



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