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Book 'em: Libraries turn to collection agencies

Pete writes "From JSOnline we have this story of libraries getting tough with patrons."Overdue library books and videos won't just prevent patrons from checking out the latest Harry Potter novel. Those overdue items might show up on their credit reports.Among six public libraries in Wisconsin, the Waukesha Public Library has turned to a collection agency to recover items that are not returned.The Wisconsin libraries are among the roughly 650 libraries in North America that have employed Unique Management Services Inc. as their collection agency.""


Library book returned 78 years late

twistedlibrarian writes "Good thing he didn't run afoul of Seinfeld's Library Police.

"Billy Hawse is relieved he won't get charged for this overdue book.

And with good reason -- at $549 and counting, The Book of the National Parks would have one pricey fine.

The Huntsville, Ala., man found the Akron-Summit County Public Library book while fording through his late parents' estate. The due date made him gasp -- April 14, 1927."

The Mercury News "


Lost Library Card Costs Minnesota Family Hundreds

A very short article from the Associated Press says When Michelle Nash got a bill for more than $350 in overdue fines and replacement costs from the Anoka County Library, she knew something was wrong.

It turned out that somebody else had been checking out CD's and books with the library card that her ten-year-old son, Garrett, lost last summer.

Garrett lost his wallet when he fell off his bike a block from home. The last time he recalled seeing his library card, it was in his wallet.

Several weeks ago, the Nashes started getting recorded messages from the library saying they were holding overdue materials. The fines had already reached $50.


Bad Axe Book Borrower Belongs Behind Bars

USA Today tells us that librarians in Michigan want to crack down on overdue book borrowers...and they mean business.

Bay City Library Director Frederick Paffhausen pointed the finger at one patron from Bad Axe who owes $1,190 for 73 items — mainly science-fiction books — hoarded for more than a year.


Overdue Bay County MI library books could lead to jail time

Another AP story on another library on "frustrated librarians" proposing a crackdown on the worst overdue book offenders that could lead to criminal charges and up to 90 days in jail. Patrons keep an average of $25,000 in overdue materials out of the county's library system each year, officials said.
See Also a story out of Nebraska where Omaha's public libraries are about to get tough on people who ignore due dates on books and other items they check out.


Deadbeat Library Patron Tries to Makes Her Point

Writer Christine Berge, who describes herself as a deadbeat library patron and a local (Santa Cruz CA) resident, gives us a "case study" of her overdue book fine in the Santa Cruz Sentinel .

Sharing responsibility for her woes are a wonderful kids book "Alberto the Dancing Alligator" by Richard Waring, her five-year-old son, and an incorrect e-mail address.

Hey mom, check under the bed first next time.


Barry the Book on trail of bad borrowers

Anonymous Patron writes "Barry the Book on trail of bad borrowers, an article from Manchester (UK) Online looks at Barry Anderson. He arrives unannounced on the doorsteps of borrowers to reclaim their overdue library books. He is so good at his job that he has recovered a staggering haul of 10,500 books, 600 VHS videos, 300 CDs, 71 DVDs and 33 CD-Roms in five years - worth more than £55,000."


Overdue Book a Flea Market Find

A library in Inverness (Scotland) has received a book that's been missing from its shelves--you know, the kind that gets stacked up in the wrong place, or misplaced among other items, or carried off by a visitor.

It was ONE HUNDRED YEARS and £5,000 overdue.

More info about the books extensive travels and its discovery in Johannesburg (South Africa) a century after it's due date--BBC News


Pink Floyd Is 'Over-Borrowed' In Library

Everyone knows that public libraries have problems when people don't return books or records or CDs.

But, in Norfolk Nebraska, one CD, more than any other, keeps disappearing. It is Pink Floyd's 1979 release The Wall. Here's the scoop .

What's a music lover to do?


Italian Library cracks down on overdues

Rich writes "Reuters reports that Italy's Senate Library is cracking down on senators' overdue library books, Here's the full story" Italy's Senate library is getting tough on forgetful lawmakers demanding they return books on Adolf Hitler and other subjects that are up to 25 years overdue.



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