New Listserv Announcement: Information Literacy Instruction Listserv (ILI-L)

Sarah McDaniel writes \"The Information Literacy Instruction Listserv (ILI-L) began in June 2002 as a new iteration of the now-defunct Bibliographic Instruction Listserv (BI-L). ILI-L is hosted on the American Library Association server and sponsored by the Instruction Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.

July issue of \'Learned Publishing\' available

A new issue of Learned Publishing is available, featuring:

  • John Cox: \"Valuing and protecting our intellectual property: the lifeblood of our business\"
  • Christine Baldwin: \"Delivering content to universities and colleges: JISC\'s new information environment\"
  • Hilda A. Cerdeira: \"eJournals Delivery Service: an email to Internet experiment\"
  • Diann Rusch-Feja: \"The Open Archives Initiative and the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting: rapidly forming a new tier in the scholarly communication infrastructure\"
  • William P. Sisler: \"One university press\"
  • David Finkelstein et al: \"Scottish Archive of Print and Publishing History Records\"
  • Claire Ginn: \"Calculating pricing models choices: rising to the challenge\"
  • The Knight Higher Education Collaborative: \"Op. cit.: publishing in the humanities and social sciences\"
  • Richard Gedye: \"Non-subscription revenue as a source of income\" (pg. 217)
  • Bodleian Library purchases unique medieval ‘atlas’

    Charles Davis writes \"The Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford has purchased what may be the most
    important Islamic scientific manuscript to come on the market for the last 100 years.
    \'The Book of Strange Arts and Visual Delights\' is a remarkable medieval Arabic
    manuscript which contains an important and hitherto unknown series of colourful
    maps, giving unique insight into medieval concepts of the world.
    The Announcement for more \"

    netConnect Library Web Site Awards

    Brian Kenney writes \"netConnect, Library Journal, School Library Journal, and Jones e-Global Library are proud to announce the winners of the first annual netConnect Library Web Site Awards.

    Public Libraries:
    Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, NV
    Worthington Libraries, Worthington, OH

    School Libraries:

    Lawrence High School, Lawrence, KS

    Tomlinson Middle School, Fairfield, CT

    Academic Libraries
    University Library, University of Nebraska at Omaha
    Shaffer Library, Union College, Schenectady, NY

    Summer 2002 Shy Librarian Out

    Joe Cadieux writes: \"The Summer 2002 issue of THE SHY LIBRARIAN ( is now
    out. SHY is a quarterly, ad-free, print magazine with a focus on library
    programming, public relations, and marketing. The Summer issue features...

    Free Online Scholarship Blog

    Peter Suber, creator of the stunningly comprehensive Free Online Scholarship Newsletter has redirected his energies and is now offering FOS News, a \"continuously updated\" blog covering the same topic:

    The main purpose of the blog is to gather and disseminate news about the FOS movement, and to harness the energy and knowledge of a wide group of contributors in doing so. Part of the purpose is to allow me to wind down my work on the FOS Newsletter and free up time for other projects and obligations. I\'ll try to edit this blog with these purposes in mind. That means I\'ll want contributors who understand FOS issues and are willing to post news items. It also means that I\'m determined not to let the administration of the blog become too time-consuming. I\'d like to keep it informal and more or less self-governing.

    July 2002 \'Cites & Insights\' Available

    Cites & Insights 2:9 (Whole issue 23) is now available for your PDF pleasure:

  • Perspective: Scholarly Journals and Grand Solutions
  • Following Up: Four items
  • Copyright Currents: DMCA and lots more (6 pages)
  • Trends & Quick Takes: Nine items
  • The Good Stuff: 13 (or 14) articles
  • Product Watch: 11 (or 13) items
  • Cheap Shots & Commentary: one article
  • LII Reaches 10,000th Record

    On Thursday, June 6, 2002, (the
    Librarians\' Index to the Internet) added its 10,000th Web site. The
    hallmark record--describing Americorps, a service organization whose
    members earn educational credits for activities such as mentoring youth
    and building affordable housing--was contributed by volunteer indexer
    Julianna Hamann, a San Diego resident who has contributed close to 200
    records to the database.

    June \'Cites & Insights\' available

    June 2002: Vol. 2 No. 8

  • Bibs & Blather: Seventeen Thousand Conferences (& more)
  • Feedback: Your Insights
  • Perspective: Tracking the Next Big Thing?
  • Trends & Quick Takes
  • The Good Stuff
  • The Filtering Follies
  • PC Group Reviews
  • OCLC to create computing portal for public libraries

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded the OCLC Online Computer Library Center a three-year, $9 million grant to build public access computing portal for public libraries and other information organizations.

    \"The new portal will build on the foundation\'s five-year-old U.S. Library Program, which is providing computers with Internet access to more than 10,000 libraries across the United States.\"

    The rest of the story is here


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