New book: The Librarian's Guide to Writing for Publication

rachel writes "I'm pleased to announce the November release of The Librarian's Guide to Writing for Publication, available from Scarecrow Press. Please visit the book's site at to check out the TOC and read the introduction - online orders @ the Scarecrow site get 15% off. And thanks much to all of you who took the time last year to answer my survey on the subject!"

Version 50 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography is now available

Charles W. Bailey, Jr. writes "Version 50 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography is now available. This selective bibliography presents over1,950 articles, books, and other printed and electronic sourcesthat are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishingefforts on the Internet.
          Acrobat: -- Read More

Nominations for 2003 Library Awards Innovative Information Professionals

Hope Kandel writes: "LearningTimes Opens Nominations for 2003 Library Awards
Innovative Information Professionals to be recognized during unique
online conference, October 20-24, 2003.
The LearningTimes Library Online Conference is now taking nominations
for the “2003 Innovations in Information Services Awards.� The awards
identify and celebrate outstanding examples of creative problem
solving, groundbreaking achievements, and overall contributions to the
Information Services community. Winners will be recognized as part of
the LearningTimes Library Online Conference, to be held completely
online, October 20-24, 2003. -- Read More

Librarian's Book Club Selects Reading for September

Troy Johnson writes "The book selection for September is "Library: An Unquiet History" by Matthew Battles. From the book: "What I am looking for," he writes, "are points of transformation, those moments where readers, authors, and librarians question the meaning of the library itself." Battles shows how throughout history libraries have been places of controversy and change."
Additional information on the book and the LBC can be found at"

Wireless Networking in Higher Education (ECAR Study)

In 2002, EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR) released a study of wireless networking in Higher Education. -- Read More

News from GoogleNews

This is from my daily alert from GoogleNews. -- Read More

GoggleNews : second try-

The first try at this did not include the URLs for the stories. This a second attempt. -- Read More

News alert from GoogleNews

The following is a daily news alert I receive from GoogleNews. I will include it here every day if there is interest. -- Read More

With generosity and great intelligence, Blake Carver has given me this opportunity to run a new section of LISNEWS,

LibWireless unavailable

Bill Drew writes "The LibWireless Discussion List is currently "broken" because of the SoBigvirus messages overwhelming the Lyris list serv it runs on. It is runoffoff a machine in Buffalo, NY maintained by a division of SUNY. There areover 40 lists from it and it just ground to a halt. That was on top of thepower failure last week. I do not know when it will be back online.Wireless Librarian:"

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