Competitive Intelligence Research

Sabrina writes "Sabrina I. Pacifici has updated and revised her previous CI PowerPoint presentation,Competitive Intelligence (CI) Resources: Staying One Step Ahead in Your Research with new resources and recommendations for websites and resources to monitor and mine focused information on corporations, their products, services and personnel."

Tales of a Librarian

The new release by Tori Amos will give us something to listen to while playing with our librarian action figures. "Tales of a Librarian," is a compilation of Amos' work from 1991-2001. As fond as I am of gratuitous mentions of librarianship in pop culture, I sure hope she's not trading on our good name just to make a buck. Perhaps we could approach her, a la Michael Moore, and get her to set up an ALA scholarship.

INSPEC to expand coverage to 1898

mcbride writes "IEE will be announcing at Online Information 2003 that the complete backfile of pre-INSPEC years of Science Abstracts (1898-1968) will be available in 2004. Although the total number of records is small in comparison to the current state of INSPEC (~10% increase), it adds nearly 70 years of expertly abstracted information to the premier engineering resource.

From the INSPEC listserv:
INSPEC Archive - Science Abstracts (1898-1968).
Until now, the pre-Inspec years of Science Abstracts (1898-1968) have
only been available in print with associated limited accessibility.
Inspec has digitised this whole collection both to preserve it and
give it the enhanced searchability of online access. An XML archival
backfile to the Database will be produced comprising approximately
800,000 records - available Spring 2004 for direct customers and
loading by Inspec vendors.

For further information please visit IEE at"

"Library World Records" finally out in Nov

Godfrey Oswald writes "The long-awaited "Library World Records," the "Guinness Book of World Records" that is only about libraries and books, is due in November 2003.

Library World Records will be published in the U.S. McFarland & Company Inc.
ISBN 07864-1619X, 264 pages, 112 photographs. Includes bibliography and index. Softcover (7 x 10 inches). Available from Powell's and Amazon bookstores. Further information on: this Geocities site.
I can be contaced for an interview at via [email protected]
Godfrey Oswald, London
author, "Library World Records""

Clearing House for Business Ethics Resources

Gene Hayworth of the University of Colorado: Boulder, posted an announcement to BUSLIB-L regarding an initial test of his new Business Ethics Links List.

"The intent is to provide access to online publications about ethics and
links to web pages that provide information on corporate social
responsibility. There are also searchable databases containing links to
corporate and association codes of conduct, as well as regulatory
agencies. Currently there are links to about 600 company web pages from
companies on the Fortune 500 list. The databases and links are now
functional, and I hope that you will find this to be a useful tool for
students and others who are interested in researching such topics. Other
links are added daily and the databases will continue to be updated."

Gene is very interested in feedback on the site, especially suggestions for additional links to information. There's a place at the top to "Suggest a Link" or you can e-mail him directly (his name in the header links to his e-mail address).

Librarian's Book Club selects November Book

Bibliofuture writes: "The November selection for the Librarian's Book Club is Sorting Things Out: Classification and Its Consequences

More information on the book can be found at"

Illinois Launches New Online Info/Reference Service for the Visually Impaired

Lori Bell writes: "Under the leadership of the Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service, the Mid-Illinois Talking Book Center and the Southern Illinois Talking Book Center are pleased to announce the opening of InfoEyes on November 3, an online information community and virtual reference service for the visually impaired.


Seeking libraries with WLANs!!

If your library has any kind of WLAN (wireless local area network) and you
would like to be added to my list of libraries with such networks
(, please send me the
following information:

Library Name
City, State
URL of home page
URL of any pages describing the network or policies related to the network
Which category best fits the policies on the use of your WLAN:

($) WLAN available to public for a fee; (F) available to all for no fee; (P)
- For local library patrons and staff only; (S) - staff only;(R) - Use
restricted to students, staff and faculty; (?) - Don't know what the policy
is; check with the library

Wilfred (Bill) Drew
Associate Librarian, Systems and Reference
Morrisville State College Library
E-mail: mailto:[email protected]
AOL Instant Messenger:BillDrew4
Wireless Librarian:

Acer Offers Free Wireless for K-12 Education

T.H.E. Newsletter

Acer Offers Free Wireless for K-12 Education

Acer America Corp. has announced the "Wi-Fi 101" initiative, which will provide free wireless access points and installation to select K-12 schools nationwide. With the support of Intel Corp., Acer America will canvas and select one school in each qualified school district for Wi-Fi 101, with up to 120 schools participating nationwide for the program. Each designated school will be eligible for the installation of up to four access points in two different locations at no cost to the school or the school district.

Wireless connectivity can enable K-12 environments to enjoy the advantages of technology such as Internet access without incurring the more expensive infrastructure costs often associated with hard-wiring. Wireless technology also accelerates the availability of advanced networking in environments where hard-wiring is not a viable option. The intent of Acer is to be in the forefront of providers to education environments, offering solutions that will help speed the penetration of technology into education.

The installation of the wireless access points requires no funding or manpower contribution on the part of schools or district personnel. Interested schools are invited to contact Acer at, or their local Acer reseller for details on applying for the program. Upon approval, Acer America will arrange for a site inspection of existing network connections. Up to two wireless sites employing four access points will be installed at each participating school, with the library, cafeteria or computer laboratory being the obvious choices for their Wi-Fi hotspots.

For more information about Wi-Fi 101, visit

Version 51, Scholarly Electronic Publishing Biblio

Charles W. Bailey, Jr. writes "Version 51 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
is now available here. This selective bibliography presents over 2,000 articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing
efforts on the Internet. Monster Acrobat file


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