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---LibraryWorld Allows Librarians to Customize Reports
- Release posted by Blake on January 27th 2010 02:28
LibraryWorld, a leading Web-based library and collection management system, has expanded user options for customizing catalog reports, patron lists, and overdue letter reports. These enhancements are immediately available to new customers and the more than 2,000 libraries who manage their collections using LibraryWorlds secure online portal. Users can now customize a catalog report by selecti...

---Tech Logic offers new TAGSYS security gates
- Release posted by Blake on January 27th 2010 02:27
WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. (Jan. 27, 2010) Tech Logic now offers newly designed TAGSYS Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security gates that offer advanced protection through high-performance read range and speed. The L-SP3 security gates use advanced digital signal processing and RF front-end technology to achieve breakthrough performance in read range and read speed, providing enhanced secu...

---Trendy Topics 2010: Social Networking for Libraries
- Release posted by Blake on January 27th 2010 06:23
Alliance Library System and TAP Information Services Announce Trendy Topics 2010: Social Networking for Libraries! Start your New Year right with a resolution to keep up with quickly changing library trends! Alliance Library System and TAP Information Services are pleased to announce a dynamic monthly series of online workshops you can enjoy right at your desktop on these hot topics. ...

---The Future is Now: Libraries and Museums in Virtual Worlds
- Release posted by Blake on January 27th 2010 06:22
January 26, 2010 For Immediate Release Everyone is invited to participate in The Future is Now: Libraries and Museums in Virtual Worlds, an online conference to be held on Friday and Saturday, March 5-6, 2010 in OPAL, the webconferencing collaborative service, in Second Life, and in other three-dimensional virtual worlds. Throughout this two-day conference there will be dozens of present...

First Issue of the Official Koha ILS Newsletter Released

Today marks the first official release of the Koha ILS Newsletter. The newsletter will be released on the 15th of each month and available at while the community awaits decisions related to the domain and foundation forming.

The table of contents for this inaugural issue is as follows:

Librarian To Match Donations Up To $20,000 for Haiti!

Cliff Landis, Technology Librarian at Valdosta State University’s Odum Library in Valdosta, Georgia is putting up $10,000 of his own money for Haiti. From now until February 28, 2010, he will match any funds given to Partners in Health on my donation page, up to $10,000.

LISNews Librarian Essay Contest Some Details

The first ever LISNews Librarian Essay Contest invites librarians to write an original essay about issues that impact librarianship. The contest will run for the entire month of February, 2010, with the fabulous prizes awarded sometime in March. Winning essayists will receive one of several prizes including Amazon or Borders gift cards, and a year of hosting from

When I announced our little contest a few weeks ago I didn't provide many details. So read on below for a bit of an FAQ. Any other questions just let me know.

What did you mean "issues", what should I write about? ANYTHING that ties into libraries, librarianship or librarians and all those that we deal with. There are over 10 years of stories we've posted here, take a look in the archives to see what interests us. Personally, I'm looking forward to reading about everything and anything that people decide to write about, as long as it comes back to libraries somehow. I'm looking to be surprised, challenged, I want to learn a thing or two, and maybe have good laugh.

What about format? You're writing for librarians, on the web. HTML is welcome, links, short paragraphs, images, and so on… There are a million sites out there that will tell you about the best way to write for the web.

How many words? I'm hesitant to set a hard limit, so let's just say "essay length."

How will judging be done? Well, judging writing isn't exactly easy is it? It's very subjective, that's why there will be somewhere between 5 and 10 judges. We'll all pick our favorites and base the winners on that.

What are the prizes? $25 from Amazon, $50 from Borders, and a year of hosting from LISHost.

What about deadlines? Anything entered in the month of February. You'll need to put it in the submissions queue and tag it with "essay". Don't email anything to me, use the queue.

No, you don't need to be a librarian.

Yes, you can co-author an article.

Yes, this essay should not be available elsewhere.

No, if you're a judge you're not eligible to win.

Yes, if you've written for LISNews before you can still win, you just can't be a judge.

How many essays do you expect to receive? Not many.

PTFS to Acquire LibLime

PTFS to Acquire LibLime
Bethesda, MD—January 13, 2010—Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS), an industry-leading library solutions provider and developer of the ArchivalWare digital library and content management software, has announced it will acquire LibLime, the global leader in open-source software solutions for libraries. The transaction is expected to close before the end of January 2010.

Oxmoor house recalling home improvement books

Oxmoor House is recalling some of its titles due to incorrect electrical wiring diagrams. We see more use of our home repair manuals than ever. Scary to think of newbies doing their own wiring and even scarier to think of having incorrect info.

LISNews Librarian Essay Contest

The first ever LISNews Librarian Essay Contest invites librarians to write an original essay about issues that impact librarianship. The contest will run for the entire month of February 2010, with the fabulous prizes awarded sometime in March. Winning essayists will receive one of several prizes including Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards, and a year of hosting from

I'll be happy to answer any questions via email or in the comments below. If you're interested in being a judge, let me know. I'll post more details a little later in the month.

Skiff eBook Reader to Debut at CES

Hearst PR Points out

The Skiff Reader, the initial dedicated device to integrate the upcoming Skiff e-reading service, is remarkably sleek and easy to use. At just over a quarter-inch in overall height, the device is the thinnest e-reader announced to date. It features the largest and highest-resolution electronic-paper display yet unveiled in a consumer device, at 11.5” in size (measured diagonally) and a resolution of 1200 x 1600 pixels (UXGA).

Happy 10th Birthday LISNews!

I almost forgot! 10 years ago today I brought LISNews online. If you've been around for awhile you already know the rest of the story, if not, I'll spare you the details.

I can't possibly thank everyone who has helped LISNews over the past 10 years. Steve Glabraith, Steven M Cohen & Nabeal Ahmed, were all instrumental in helping me when I needed it most, during the early years, as was Ieleene, Aaron, Rochelle, and a few other authors who helped out for awhile and moved on. Behind the scenes Joe Frazee helped me get the original LISNews server up and running. Over the years a few dedicated souls have tirelessly submitted stories; Martin, Lee Hadden, Charles Davis, and many others. Stephen for the podcast, Robin, Troy, Andy, Dan and all the LISNews authors deserve a big thank you and a pat on the back for all their hard work. LISNews is a collaboritve site, and we all work together to make it great.

I'd like to thank everyone who has ever chipped in to pay for the server, submitted a story, wrote in their journal, left a comment, or just dropped by for a visit.

Happy Birthday LISNews. Here's hoping we have a few more good years ahead of us!

The Library 101 Project Is Live Now!

Have you seen it? Have you heard the song and seen the music video? Have you read any of the 23 essays from some of the greatest minds in Libraryland (and David King and I too;)? Have you looked at the carefully selected list of 101 hyperlinked resources that share critically important things to think about and know in order to ensure a vibrant future for libraries, even as technology changes the information access and community landscapes?

Well you should go check it out!

And while you are there, please notice there there are comment boxes all over the place along with easy share buttons on almost every page. Those are really important to the project’s success! We want YOU to chime in and talk about what YOU think the new Library 101 is. So…what *is* your Library 101? Check out the Library 101 Project to let the world know!


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