NARA does not need this kind of help

mdoneil writes "A member of Congress has proposed an Act "to provide for the creation of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Collection at the National Archives."

They are not collecting his records in the music sense of the word, but the records of his life and murder. If I recall Mr. Shakur was a drug dealing rap music artist of some acclaim. Apparently the fact that he shot two police officers (albiet in the arse) outside Atlanta earned him the acclaim of residents of that part of Georgia as he is remembered with the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The honorable woman from Georgia's 4th district also wants a copy of those papers at the Tupac Amaru (not to be confused with the leftist Tupac Amaru terrorists, or the beheaded Inca ruler) Shakur Center for the Arts.
I love this woman. My friend Dan who lived in Atlanta for some time used to call me and send me links to articles about this woman when she was first elected. She blamed the Jews for losing the primary when she ran the second time. She asked some Saudi Arabian prince for $10MM when Guliani rightly urned it down soon after 9/11. She had visions, she wants reparations for slaves, even Zell Miller a good Georgia Democrat called her a loonie.
I love our government, it provides some of the funniest material I have ever seen. Need a chuckle read the proposed Act fas.org
Don't tell NARA it will give them agita."

Library of Congress Guide on Justice Alito

Daniel writes "The fast acting folks at the Library of Congress' Law Reading Room have put together a bibliography of materials by and about Justice Samuel A. Alito."

20/20's 411 on Library of Congress Firing

Babylon Sister writes "This Friday, October 21, ABC's 20/20 will run a story on Diane Schroer at 10:00 PM EDT. Diane has an amazing story. A retired Army Special Forces Colonel,Diane accepted a job researching terrorism for the Library of Congress, only tohave the offer rescinded when she told her supervisor that she is transgender.

Groups Threaten to Boycott American Girl

The Reader's Shop writes Conservative activists are threatening a boycott of American Girl, the manufacturer of a popular line of dolls and books, unless the company quits contributing to an organization that supports abortion rights and acceptance of lesbians.

American Girl is donating proceeds from sales of a special "I Can" wristband to help support educational and empowerment programs of Girls Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire girls to be "strong, smart and bold". American Girl is defending its support of Girls Inc., saying, "We are profoundly disappointed that certain groups have chosen to misconstrue American Girl's purely altruistic efforts and turn them into a broader political statement on issues that we, as a corporation, have no position,"

American Family Association, in a campaign launched Wednesday, is urging its members to demand that American Girl halt support for Girls Inc. The Pro-Life Action League, a Chicago-based anti-abortion group, is asking supporters to contact American Girl. The league's executive director said her organization might call for a boycott of American Girl's products and organize picketing at its stores in Chicago and New York if the company doesn't sever ties with Girls Inc.


Microsoft's Best and Brightest Defecting

http://search-engines-web.com/ writes "Once the dream workplace of tech's highest achievers, it is suffering key defections to Google and elsewhere. What's behind the losses?http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/05_39 /b3952001.htmNow much of the sharpest criticism comes from within. Dozens of current and former employees are criticizing -- in BusinessWeek interviews, court testimony, and personal blogs -- the way the company operates internally. This spring two researchers sent Chairman William H. Gates III a memo in which they wrote: "Everyone sees a crisis is imminent" and suggested "Ten Crazy Ideas to Shake Up Microsoft." Many workers, like Lee, are in effect saying: "I'm outta here." More than 100 former Microsofties now work for Google, and dozens of others have scattered elsewhere"

Google Replies: GoogleBombing George Bush

http://search-engines-web.com/ writes "Failure....http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2005/09/googlebombi ng-failure.htmlPosted by Marissa Mayer, Director of Consumer Web ProductsIf you do a Google search on the word [failure] or the phrase [miserable failure], the top result is currently the White House’s official biographical page for President Bush. We've received some complaints recently from users who assume that this reflects a political bias on our part. I'd like to explain how these results come up in order to allay these concerns."


Sandy Berger sentenced for stealing classified docs from NARA

mdoneil writes "Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor during the Clinton administration entered a plea to charges of stealing classified documents from the National Archives.

Berger must perform community service, pay a $50K fine, spend two years on probation and he has lost access to classified information for at least three years.

CNN has information."

Sue Video Game Makers for Teen's Police Mass Murders

http://search-engines-web.com/ writes "Life is a Video Game... Should Violet Video Games the Promote Murder be Outlawed or at least have an Age Limit like Liquor - or is it a first amendment issue all the way?CNN & gamespot.com A 20-year-old whose lawyers claimed the video game "Grand Theft Auto" and childhood abuse caused him to kill three small-town police officers was convicted Tuesday of capital murder."

Reagan Library Finds Thousands of Additional Roberts Documents

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library said Tuesday that it had discovered thousands of previously undisclosed documents related to the work of Judge John G. Roberts Jr., adding a potential last-minute complication to the hearings on his nomination to the Supreme Court.
The National Archives said the Reagan library contained 55 million pages and had opened more than 51,000 pages of records relating to Judge Roberts.

Reagan Library to Open Additional Records Relating to John Roberts

If you're like me you get really excited about Presidential Library press releases! Here's One from Simi Valley where the Ronald Reagan Library is releasing an additional 175 pages from its re-review of the John Roberts' records restricted from release on August 15, 2005.


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