The key to cleaning up the internet is tackling the darknets, not letting censorship in by the back door

Simon Bisson
What the UK government should be concentrating on is an effort to break the financial ties that hold the darknets together. Finding who holds the purse strings is a complex task, but it's a technique that's been proven to work time and time again. And perhaps it should also be noted that it's an approach that's well within the capabilities of the powerful surveillance tools that government security agencies have put in place to monitor social connections and financial traffic online as part of their efforts to combat terrorism.

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Syria has dissapeared from the Internet.

Syria has largely disappeared from the Internet since May 7 at 2:45pm Eastern Time. Both Google and a Web security company called Umbrella Security Labs are indicating that the entire country of Syria may have been severed from the Internet. Google has a screen shot of Syria's Internet traffic at that time at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/files/2013/05/syria-google-taller.jpg Who cut the Internet connections, whether the Syrian government, anti-government forces, or outside powers, in unknown at this time.

Books and Guns

Book censorship is being contrasted to gun regulation.

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Colorado Librarian Jeffrey Beall Slapped With Canadian Libel Claim

Colleen Flaherty reports at Inside Higher Ed that the Canadian Centre for Science and Education has hit Beall with a libel claim over his Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2013. This follows the recently recognized case of Dale Askey reported on by Library Journal, The Hamilton Spectator, Macleans, and Inside Higher Ed.

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Book: Knowledge and Censorship

This volume collects four sharp philosophical essays by Ilan Stavans on the acquisition of knowledge in multi-ethnic environments, the role that dictionaries play in the preservation of memory, the function of libraries in the electronic age, and the uses of censorship. In the second part of the volume, Verónica Albin engages Stavans in a series of four conversations in which he expounds on the arguments he developed in the essays.

Steinbeck's Masterpiece Faces Censure Threat

Steinbeck's Masterpiece Faces Censure Threat; Publishers Union of Turkey protested upon a request by a national education ministry commission in Izmir province to censor John Steinbeck's "Of mice and man". Publishers Union of Turkey protested upon a request by a national education ministry commission in Izmir province to censure John Steinbeck's masterpiece "Of mice and man".

Greenville librarian says decision to ban graphic novel wasn't made lightly

She read the book.

“It was disgusting,” she said, declining to label it obscene or pornographic.

She acknowledged the library has many books that deal in such detail with the very same subject matter — racism, rape, murder, sex — but for her, the pictures gave her pause.

Her decision to pull the book was the first time she had overruled her staff’s recommendation and the fifth time she had removed material from the library after a complaint.

“I call it de-selection,” she said. (Using de-selection instead of censorship is Newspeak)

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Turkey Plans to Lift Bans on Hundreds of Publications

Good news about censorship for once. Turkey is releasing a number of books and magazines from their official censorship list: Effective on Jan. 5, all [censorship] bans will be lifted, freeing 453 books and hundreds of periodicals, magazines and newspapers from prohibition, the Office of the State Prosecutor in Charge of Media Crimes confirmed by telephone from Ankara this week.


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