Google Phone in Name Dispute

Google appears to be reaching out to "Blade Runner" fans with its planned smartphone, currently called Nexus One. But nobody consulted the heirs of Philip K. Dick, who say they own the rights to the term their father coined four decades ago.

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The LibVid Awards

The LibVid Awards
Recognising the Best Library Videos on the Web
These days, it seems like all we librarians do is create videos videos videos. Night after night, we leave our offices with foggy, blurred vision from staring at Camtasia editing software for hours.

The LibVidAward Blog highlights some of the best, most inspirational library instructional videos out there.

Please nominate your favorite libvids for the LibVid awards! Send your nominations to: nominations [aT] libvid-awards [dot] com

If you have Netflix

If you have Netflix you can watch movies on your computer using their "watch instantly" feature. I have a movie that is in the "watch instantly" selections that I highly reccomend. Check out The Visitor (Link is to Amazon so you can see what the movie is, I cannot link to Netflix)

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Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target In DVD Price War

There were the stories over the last couple weeks about the book price wars between Amazon, Walmart and Target. Now there are reports that the price war has carried over to DVDs. Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target In DVD Price War

Some of the titles being battled over:

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When Life Is This Hard, Stubbornness Is A Virtue

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

Movie review at NPR

Interview with author on NPR: Sapphire's Story: How 'Push' Became 'Precious'

Movie trailer for Precious

Four star review by Roger Ebert


Movie fans might have to wait to rent new DVD releases

For those who like renting movies, Hollywood may soon have a message: Prepare to wait.

In an effort to push consumers toward buying more movies, some major film studios are considering a new policy that would block DVDs from being offered for rental until several weeks after going on sale.

Under the plan, new DVD releases would be available on a purchase-only basis for a few weeks, after which time companies such as Blockbuster Inc. and Netflix Inc. would be allowed to rent the DVDs to their customers. The move comes as the studios are grappling with sharply declining DVD revenue, which has long propped up the movie business.

Full story here.


Danny Glover to star in Highland Park library film

Actor Danny Glover will star in a movie that could help revive a shuttered library in the impoverished Detroit enclave of Highland Park.

Full story here.

Filipino Star Plays Librarian

Vilma Santos is arguably the Filipino equivalent of Meryl Streep, except Santos has been a box office draw for a longer period. Shirley, the character played by Santos in In My Life, apparently has two distinct facets – the traditional and old-fashioned librarian and the modern and transformed one in New York City. According to Santos, "The old Shirley doesn’t like computers.


Whither Redbox? Hollywood studios are conflicted

Hollywood studios are split over Redbox, the $1-per-night DVD rental kiosk company: They could supply it with cheap wholesale discs and ride its massive growth, or starve it in the hopes of preserving higher-priced purchases.

News Corp.'s 20th Century Fox fell on the side of starvation this week, joining General Electric Co.'s Universal Pictures, whose withholding of discs prompted a lawsuit.

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Not Your Average Librarian

Many people are happily married to librarians, but it is the fate of the character Clare in Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife to be married to librarian (and time traveler) Henry De Tamble.

Here are a few clips from the upcoming movie, opening August 14.


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