Did you watch "The Librarian?"

I tried to be a good sport and watch last night's sequel to 2004's "The Librarian: Quest of the Spear." But, alas, I gave up on "Return to King Solomon's Mines" after about 30 minutes. What little review I have is here at Tinfoil+Raccoon. Let us know if you reviewed it on your blog or leave your review here, if you like.


Noah Wyle as the Librarian - Tonight

As we've previously determined, he's not really a Librarian, he's an archivist, but nonetheless, the sequel, "The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines" is on tonight. And according to this review from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by critic Rob Owen, "discerning fans of action-adventure yarns will feel let down. Again."


<i>The Librarians</i> action flick With a Cameo Appearance by Mark Foley

bean writes "Today's Palm Beach Post reports Foley's role in action flick unearthed. "Filmed in Palm Beach County and released in 2001 as The Librarians, ... it was re-released two years later as Strike Force." The movie didn't attract much attention until a freelance writer recently discovered former Congressman Mark Foley's involvement as an actor. The Librarians is the name of a "noble mercenary group" in the movie."


Is "Basic Instinct" Too Basic for Arkansas Library?

"Basic Instinct" (1992) has been checked out 22 times since the Rogers, AR library added the racy, donated VHS tape to their collection in December. But the question on the table is, will it stay there? Story from N.W. Arkansas News.

Longitudes and Attitudes

42 years ago, Michael Apted began filming a group of seven year-olds plucked from the extremes of the British class system. Since then, he's followed their lives with a new film every seven years. What began as a one-off BBC program has become one of the most important histories on film, and a prototype for our reality-TV culture. On the occasion of 49Up's opening this weekend, Apted speaks to Bob about the series. Complete transcript here. (Radio show - "On the Media") When you are at the transcript you can click on "Listen Now" and hear the story as well as read it.


Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Coming to the Silver Screen

...get ready

...the one

the only...

Angelina Jolie (YES!) will star in the movie adaptation of Atlas Shrugged , the ambitious 1,100-page novel (circa 1957) by Russian-born American writer and philosopher Ayn Rand, Variety reported yesterday (and here reported by The Book Standard).

Rand, who also wrote the novels Anthem and The Fountainhead , which was made into a movie in 1949, was also known for her Objectivist philosophies, which she developed and included in many of her books, including Atlas Shrugged. This movie has been 'in the works' for several years now.


Not Everyone Likes Comic Books...Like Heath Ledger

Despite being cast as The Joker in the upcoming Batman sequel "the Dark Knight", actor Heath Ledger doesn't care a whit about comic books (but that's not how he phrases it); read about it in

Film Sees End Near for Libraries

Anonymous Patron writes "One from on "Specflic 2.0"-- a speculative discourse on the future of libraries -- What ''Specflic 2.0'' has to say about the end of the library as we know it is more prophetic than cynical, director and star agree. In the age of Google and Web surfing, libraries are not being used as they once were. Indeed, director Jenik, the West Wing's Allison Janney and the crew couldn't remember the last time they'd visited a library."


Preserving Memories on Film

Historic home movies from the collections of the Library of Congress and screenings of films brought by the public will be featured at the fourth annual Washington Home Movie Day ( The website inquires of its readers: Did you know...- Your home movies may be easier to watch if you transfer them to videotape or DVDs, but the original films will actually last MUCH longer than any new media?

Press release for the August 12 event from Managing Information, and here is a list of locations and organizations.

"The Librarian"...soon to be a Comic Book

Mike Gordon writes "To coincide with the December 2006 broadcast premiere of the much-anticipated sequel to Turner Network (TNT)'s "Librarian: Quest of the Spear", Electric Entertainment has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Atlantis Studios to produce a graphic novel adaptation of the sequel and produce an original comic book series based on the characters from the two films. The sequel, entitled "The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines",continues the action-packed adventures of Flynn Carson, a man charged with protecting a repository of humanity's greatest secrets, all hidden beneath the monolithic Metropolitan Library from the forces of evil who, if given the chance, would use the priceless treasures for their nefarious plans." More on the production company here.


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