Teacher says modern authors help win over reluctant child readers

Anonymous Patron writes "Here's One from The Yorkshire Post on Pamela Harrison who believes authors like Jacqueline Wilson and JK Rowling – writer of the Harry Potter books – are helping win back pupils to the love of reading.
She said: "I think modern authors are helping turn this for us. Children are excited about reading, it feeds their imagination."


World's youngest library card holder at 50 minutes old!

JET sent over One From The BEEB on little Maisie Nichols, of Garston, Merseyside, who was registered for her library card at Lee Valley Library by her grandmother. She is believed to be among the world's youngest bookworms after she was registered at a library when she was just 50 minutes old. I'll try to have my first born signed up in 30 minutes!


Load of books saved for kids

Anonymous Patron writes "One From The Patriot-News, in Pennsylvania, on A tractor-trailer load of children's books that found new life yesterday on the floor of the Lebanon County Christian Ministries warehouse. Until recently the 52,000 books were headed for a shredder at Arnold Logistics, part of 15 million books Arnold destroys every year for publisher Simon & Schuster.

Now most of the books are likely to end up in the homes of Lebanon County children who might not have been able to buy the books."


Students Fear Loss of Libraries

Anonymous Patron shares "this story from Monterey County Herald (CA) in which Salinas-area students talk about the impending loss of their neighborhood libraries. One high school sophomore,

Jonathan Altamirano decided to volunteer after he found out that the library might close. He said he has gone there since he was in elementary school, and wanted to do anything to help.

"They do need the support," he said. "We're part of this community, so we know (the closure) will affect us."

East Salinas, according to the story, has a "relatively large population of young people....According to the 2000 Census, 38 percent of East Salinas residents are age 18 and younger."


Kids donate to the library

twistedlibrarian writes "CHARLTON — Children at Above and Beyond After School Daycare have learned valuable lessons the last few months, profiting the town’s library.
Nearly 50 children enrolled at the center raised money in a variety of ways in an effort to help out the Charlton Public Library as it continues to work toward expanding.

Children’s Librarian Dottie Doyle was on hand yesterday to receive a $1,000 check presented by children from the daycare who began raising the money in October.

Southbridge Evening News "


Gay Warning Over Kid Video

Groups issue gay alert warning over a children's music video starring SpongeBob SquarePants, Barney and a host of other cartoon favorites. Read all about it."


Illinois State shelves free-book program

Anonymous Patron writes "Sad News from IL. Santa Claus may bring books to your kids this holiday season, but Gov. Rod Blagojevich won't.
His administration quietly dropped plans to partner with a Tennessee foundation to offer free, age-appropriate books to Illinois children younger than 5. The "Imagination Libraries" program was estimated to cost the state $26 million per year if all eligible children were signed up for monthly mailings. First-year costs were projected at a smaller amount, at least $5 million."


Carolina School Kids Get a Book For the Holidays

Even though it seems harder to accomplish every year, children in the Hardeeville area of coastal South Carolina are taking home books as gifts from residents of a local retirement community.

Nice story, but I was struck by something in a paragraph later in the story about the books "being separated into piles of grade, gender and even ethnicity." What gives? Low Country Now .


A half-mile line of schoolkids moves books to new Grosse Pointe Park library

I just love stories like this. "A half-mile line of schoolkids moves books to new Grosse Pointe Park library" About 1,000 Grosse Pointe Park, MI, schoolchildren lined the city's streets on Tuesday, passing books hand over hand to celebrate the opening of the new library."I could read books all day," the sixth-grader said after passing his last book.

No pictures though!


Author Michael Morpurgo: Instilling a joy of reading

Anonymous Patron writes "BBC News has a bit more on the Ofsted report. Children's Laureate Michael Morpurgo says instilling a "joy of reading" in young children would help address a widening gap in primary school reading standards.

The award-winning author of more than 60 children's books made his comments after education inspectors said "urgent action" was needed to close the gap."



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