Unattended kids raise issues

Here's One from The West County Times, an "At The Library Column" by Julie Winkelstein.
She covers an the old favorite LISNews topic of unattended children and public libraries: Articles and books have been written about it, online discussion forums toss it back and forth, and I have read some heated remarks on both sides. Or maybe I should say all sides, since there are many views and no one solution.
She points out Adding a young child, who may be bored or hungry or tired, can be overwhelming, no matter how much the librarian might want to help. Their behavior can be disruptive to other library users, who certainly have a right to expect to be able to use their library in peace.
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Coalition Formed To Push Parental Control Of Entertainment

Redcardlibrarian writes "A new coalition has been formed, dubbed Pause, Parent, Play, designed to educate parents about taking control of what their kids listen to and watch in the world of entertainment. The coalition is backed by Senators Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and encompasses many entertainment companies, including Viacom, the RIAA, Time Warner, NBC Universal, Comcast, Microsoft and the National Cable And Telecommunications Association, among other partners. The campaign aims to "empower parents to choose what their kids watch, hear and play - from TV and movies to video games and music," according to their Web site,

Jon Scieszka's Efforts to Get Boys to Read

gsandler writes "Here
is a USA Today interview with Jon Scieszka
about his new book, Guys Write for GUYS READ. "Whatever the reason, boys don't seem to read as much as — or as well as — girls. Even when they're young, girls read more proficiently, recent national figures show. The problem gets worse as kids get older.
Hoping to "make some noise for boys," popular children's author Jon Scieszka in 2002 began asking teachers, librarians and others to suggest titles of books that "boys really like."
His non-profit literacy initiative began posting them to the quirky GUYS READ Web site. Now Scieszka, co-creator of The Stinky Cheese
Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, has collected 91 humorous stories and illustrations by male authors in a new book, Guys Write for GUYS READ. Book profits benefit the Web site."


Mean Little Anthropomorphic Literary Joke

Great Western Dragon writes "

Achewood is a kind of strange, darkly funny comic strip revolving around the creator's stuffed animals he keeps in his house. Sometimes the comic is just bizarre, sometimes it's hilarious. Take today's Harry Potter inspired joke for instance. I think that we all have a few kids in our libraries who are due for such revengeful treatment.



Braw idea for new chapter in Scottish children's literature's Education Section reports A POPULAR children's author is spearheading a drive to encourage children to learn about their heritage by reading Scottish literature.

Edinburgh-based children's writer Joan Lingard has joined forces with other authors to launch the Braw project, urging schools to promote books written in Scotland to pupils.


Boy, 8, is inspiration, mastering every Braille book the school has

The Buffalo News reports on Jose Gonzalez who has now read every Braille book the school has.Interim School Superintendent Yvonne Hargrave described Jose as an "an inspiration to his classmates" and called his reading log "an exceptional accomplishment."


17 is the new 30

Babylon Sister writes "No one over 17 admitted without childThis story ran on on Friday, June 10, 2005 12:04 PM CDTEVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) -- Adults must be accompanied by children in certain sections of Evansville's public libraries.The Evansville-Vanderburgh Library Board voted Thursday to bar unaccompanied adults from children's areas as a precaution against "those who might be there for inappropriate reasons," Evelyn Walker, the library's assistant director of public service told the Evansville Courier & Press.Library director Marcia Au said there have been no reports of children being accosted in the library, but employees have been concerned about some people who are "plunking themselves down" in the children's rooms and watching the youngsters."Exceptions to the rule will be people doing research, such as teachers, or child-care workers looking for books or other materials for their classes," Walker said.Story here at Times Online."


Paul McCartney Writing Children's Book

Steven M. Cohen writes "From AP:

Move over,
Paul McCartney is getting into children's books. The former Beatle has signed on to publish "High in the Clouds: An Urban Furry Tail" for the Penguin Young Readers Group, the publisher announced Wednesday.

McCartney will team up with veteran children's book author Philip Ardagh and animator Geoff Dunbar. The picture book is to be released this October with a first print of 500,000 copies"


Kids raising money so others may have a library!

Cortez writes "The kids in a Missouri school got to wear shorts for a good cause building a library in El Salvador: reports
"Back in El Salvador, Thill, who hates not having a project, was approached by the principal of Ever's school about the possibility of helping to build a library. After some research into the cost of supplies, Thill mentioned to Robert Hanson that, even with the village volunteering the labor, the construction still was going to cost $3,000 - "Not a lot of money, but a whole lot for a poor pueblo," he said.""


Creating a library for every child

Anonymous Patron writes "Tennessee may rank low among states on academic achievement, but that should change in the near future as it leads the pack in introducing young children to the joys of reading.

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, which strives to deliver one book a month to all children from birth to age 5, has fired the imagination of Tennessee's government leaders as well as its business people, who are making the program a reality for financially distressed counties.

And since Gov. Phil Bredesen started the Governor's Books From Birth Foundation in May 2004 with $2 million in seed money from the general fund, 55 of the state's 95 counties have signed up for the program. Nashville City Paper Has More"



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