Proposal would give free books to children every month in Indiana

Senate Democrats announced an early education agenda this week that would give all Indiana children a free book each month, from the day they are born until they turn 5. The program is already offered in nine Indiana communities and more than 500 communities in 40 other states, including Tennessee, where the program was founded by singer Dolly Parton.

David Dotson, executive director of the Dollywood Foundation, said Imagination Library helps kids learn to love books before they even enter a classroom.

Little bookworms create their own school library

Peterborough Evening Telegraph - Peterborough,England,UK - Has a Nice Story on a group of school pupils are celebrating after helping to create a new library in their primary school. After a year of hard work to raise £8,000, staff and pupils at Matley Primary School kitted the brand new library with books and seating areas.

Having worked together to decide what should go in the library and how it could be put together, the children, aged up to 11, are now able to enjoy reading for pleasure in a comfortable environment.

Harry Potter Books Keep Kids Safe

British researchers report that they have found that the number of Muggle children visiting the emergency room in that country dropped by half on the summer weekends when new Harry Potter books were released. This study involved little magic. Gwilym and his colleagues reviewed the files of all children aged 7 to 15 (good reading ages) who attended their emergency department with musculoskeletal injuries over the summer months of a three-year period.

They then compared the number of emergency-room admissions on weekends a Harry Potter book had been released with admissions on surrounding weekends and on the same weekend in previous years.

Girl to Santa: Reopen library

An 11-year-old girl has written a letter to Santa stating that all she wants for Christmas is "our little town library open again."

Anne Collins, of Hampden, who said she is home-schooled, said the Hampden Free Public Library, which was closed in July after a proposed override of Proposition failed, was like "a second home" to her.

She said she donated books to the library and attended the homework center several times a week, where she socialized with friends and the librarians helped her with research projects.


OK you babies, crack those books

Can your baby or toddler distinguish patterns? Surely he or she can make comparisons, right? Or perhaps your youngster is just good at making a mess?

The latter could be a problem under a government proposal in Britain that would have children start training for school almost as soon as they leave the womb.

The initiative would require every nursery and every caregiver to teach newborns and toddlers an “Early Years Foundation Stage†curriculum beginning in 2008.
Cox News Service Has More

New policy to make library safer for kids

Some interesting happenings down at the Midland County TX public library. The Commissioners' Court approved Johnson's request to enact a policy that would allow library staff to prohibit adults not accompanied by children from loitering in the children's section of the library. Johnson said there would be exceptions for adults picking up books for their children or researching children's literature.

"All I'm asking is if there is an adult acting differently, we can ask them to sit elsewhere," Johnson said.

Goodnight Moon: The Cigarette Is Out

Following up on our previous story , today's New York Times features the Goodnight Moon cigarette controversy (elimination of the cigarette held by illustrator Clement Hurd in the anniversary edition). Among the paper's revelations: son Thacher Hurd "reluctantly" gave permission for HarperCollins to airbrush out the cigarette held by his father. Also someone voted thousands of times for the new picture on the Web site that is dedicated to fighting the revisionism. Excluding those votes, the trend has been 200 to 10 against the alteration.


Book by kids too coarse for kids?

Those darn kids today. They can't even write a book for themselves. A Swedish toy company has decided that a book of stories by and about children is too raw for its customers.

Brio had planned to sell the book in its 96 stores, the English-language news site The Local reported
But a spokeswoman for Brio said the chain believes the book is too coarse.

Ulf Palmenfelt, the book's editor, told The Local he thinks Brio should be more daring.

"Pee and poo and sexuality are a big part of what children laugh at," said Palmenfelt. "I don't really understand how it could be offensive." This UPI One has more.

Goodnight Moon Illustrator's Photo Digitally Snuffed Out

Children's book librarians and booksellers have been taken aback that the photograph of illustrator Clement Hurd on Margaret Wise Brown's "Goodnight Moon" has been changed on the latest edition of the bestseller--a cigarette that Hurd was holding for over 50 years has disappeared.

Kansas City children's bookstore The Reading Reptile has posted a temporary website where you can cast your vote pro or con cigarette here and let Harper Collins know whether you approve of their revision.

<em>Reading Rainbow</em> seeks support

From Reading Today Daily :

Reading Rainbow, that venerable children's program that has promoted the love of reading among youngsters since 1983, faces a funding crisis, reports Twila Liggett, the program's executive producer and founder. With that in mind, a "Save Reading Rainbow" website has been launched. There, program supporters can sign an online petition of support, prepare a testimonial letter, or make a donation. For further details visit the new website.

At the Save Reading Rainbow site, there's also swag to buy, tools for spreading the word, and Save Reading Rainbow banners you can snag and post on your blog.


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