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Library short staffed? Get tech savvy

One from Times of India: Inaugurating the two-day seminar organized by the Department of Library and Information Centre, St Agnes College, on Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities here recently, she said the adoption of library software could help over come the problem of staff shortage.

It's Good to Be a Librarian

Librarian is the 46th best job for 2009...according to the Wall Street Journal. Five criteria determined ranking...environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress. However, it is clearly not among the best paid positions by far.

Best? Actuary. Worst (out of 200)...would you believe 'Roustabout'??

Want to get a [Archives] job? Read this post

Over the past few weeks Kate had a bunch of conversations with colleagues who have recently gone through the process of hiring a new staff member in their archives, and many were surprised at how many people were making basic mistakes. So she asked for input from herfriends on Facebook and Twitter, and based on the comments of real-world archival managers, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re going through the process of applying for a job:

NH Political Library lays off paid staff

NH Political Library lays off paid staff
The New Hampshire Political Library, which hosts candidates during the presidential primary season and serves as a resource for journalists and researchers, had laid off its paid staff.

Who Runs a Library...A Librarian or a CEO?

What seems obvious to you and me may not seem so obvious to the members of the Tulsa OK Library Board...that a librarian should be in charge of the library system.

Tulsa World editorializes: "The Tulsa City-County Library System continues to hunt for a new chief executive officer. Former CEO Linda Saferite announced Aug. 4 that she would be on extended medical leave until she retires in March.

The library board met last week to talk about what its looking for in a new library boss, who will be earning $130,000 to $150,000 a year.

The responsibilities include fundraising, strategic direction and policies, long-range planning and community relations.

Those are important jobs, and we don't begrudge the planned salary, but the title CEO bothers us."

Law Librarian's Firing Didn't Violate Free Speech

Law Librarian's Firing Didn't Violate Free Speech
A law librarian's free-speech rights weren't violated when he was fired for blasting his superiors' alleged "disgusting, degrading, and utterly unprofessional" conduct in an email, a California appeals court ruled.

Library employees fired over censorship of graphic novel

Library employees fired over censorship of graphic novel: It has become a question of what public libraries are enshrined to do, what role they are to play in monitoring children and whether they get to decide what people get to read.

What complicates this is that the graphic novel in question meets no standard of obscenity by the law.

Injured During Her Lunch Hour, Librarian Wins Compensation But County Wants a Redo

Montgomery County (MD) is suing a county librarian who won about $5,500 in workers' compensation for hurting herself while trying to retrieve a shampoo bottle from her car during her lunch break, court records show.

Ginger Wilson, 64, said a gust of wind blew her car door into her while she was getting into her car at the suburban DC Twinbrook Library, causing her to fall and hurt her left arm, knee and foot. Wilson was trying to get a shampoo bottle because she had scheduled a hair appointment for her lunch break, court records show.

Wilson had surgery on her left wrist because of the injury and filed a workers' compensation claim. The Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission found that her injuries arose "out of and in the course of employment" and awarded her six weeks' worth of workers' compensation. The County wants the money returned. Washington Examiner reports.

Staff morale 'at all-time low' as librarian numbers plummet

Though it seems like this report could be from just about anywhere, but it's from Scotland. They say morale in libraries across the Capital is said to be at an "all-time low" as figures show the number of full-time librarians has plunged by nearly a quarter.

The city council has been undertaking a two-year review of its library service and now employs 19 fewer full-time qualified librarians than it did a year ago.

LIS Online Career Fair

LIS Online Career Fair
Are you a new library school graduate – or mid-career and looking for a change? Are you wondering how to improve your career skills or ready to try a certificate program? Looking to refresh your resume? We invite you to join us for the first annual LIS Online Career Fair. Join us online on Tuesday January 12, 2010 for an exciting day of learning how to start or to rejuvenate your library career in tough times! The day will kick off at 10 am central time/11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific and run through 4:30 pm central/5:30 pm Eastern. You will have your choice of a variety of informational and interactive programs which will assist you with your career no matter where you are. -- Read More

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