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Librarian Crunch

Ender, The Duke of URL passed along This One [subscription required] from Businessweek on how there\'s a librarian crunch.

They say ALA winter job fair in New Orleans, had 214 applicants for 318 jobs and 25% of librarians are due to retire within the next seven years. LA libraries have 10% of their openings unfilled, though Ender points out they don\'t talk about salary anywhere.
Check out the March 11th print issue. I\'m not sure on that date, can anyone help us out with a good citation?

The Question Mark Stops Here!

Lee Hadden writes: \"The Wall Street Journal for March 6, 2002, has an article on page B8
by Nancy D. Holt, in the column \"Workspaces: A Look at Where People Work.\"
The photo shows the desk of Tina Wilcox, who is president and \"Chief
Creative Officer\" of Fame. Her desk is shaped like a question mark, and the
layout has proved remarkably functional, from the meeting space at the
curved top of the punctuation mark to the storage shelves in the dot at the
bottom. It is also packed with symbolism. Looks like the perfect desk for
the reference staff of a library.
If you have an account, you can read more about it at: wsj.com.\"

Call For Contributors LISJobs

Rachel writes \"Info Career Trends, a bimonthly electronic newsletter focusing on professional development issues for librarians, is again seeking contributors for its next issue. This thematic issue focuses on the topic of \"Rejuvenating Your Career,\" and I\'m in search of short, practical articles describing how librarians have successfully battled burnout, overcome those mid-career (or early-career!) blahs, or switched courses midstream.

Please see contributor guidelines. Past issues are archived online ; be sure to peruse previous articles to get an idea of ICT\'s needs and tone.

Send all queries to [email protected]. \"

Librarian shortage looms

Another Story on the big \"Shortage of Librarians\"

This one finally adresses the salray issue. They say the average starting salary of Simmons College graduates with a master\'s degree in library science was $36,000 last year, and the director earns $64,834 annually after 20 years on the job.This is longest story on this issue I\'ve seen in the popular press.

Money is the number-one reason more men and women are not going into the field, said Charles Michaud, director of the Turner Free Library in Randolph and the only male library director in the region.\"

Librarian claims she was fired for wearing cross

Justine passed along This One on a librarian who claims she was fired from a Kentucky library for wearing a cross around her neck.

The director says she was fired for other reasons, though she said the library prohibits its workers from wearing religious symbols in order to honor the religious diversity of the patrons.

\"\"If someone wants to check out a book, and one of us shows that we have a different religious point of view than them, it could make (the patron) uncomfortable...\"

Real Job Titles for Library and Information Science Professionals

A Huge List of librarian job titles from Michelle Mach.

Includes a nifty Job Title Generator, just in case you can\'t find one cool enough in the pre-generated list.

She found the titles in job listings in American Libraries, College and Research Libraries News, or some have been sent in by employed \"librarians.\"

Libraries change lives

This Yahoo! News Story on Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan that shows just how important libraries are, and how those silly little random decisions we make every day really change our lives.

Greenspan his interest in economics started when he was playing as a professional musician in a dance band.

``I found that in the 20-minute breaks we\'d have in between sets that I started to go to the library and read books on economics. Why? I haven\'t a clue,\'\' he told an audience at Rice University in Houston after giving a speech on energy policy.

``If I had turned left instead of right (in the library), I may have ended up as a physicist for all I know,\'\' he said, drawing laughter from the crowd. \"

Market Yourself Online!

InfoToday has a Nifty Story by Rachel and Sarah the Library Job Experts on advancing your own career in the library field, online. You may also want to check out their Up Coming Book, \"The Information Professional\'s Guide to Career Development Online\"

Good stuff to know if you need to get your name out there.

\"The online environment offers tremendous potential for librarians interested in professional development, whether it be by staying in touch with colleagues, creating an online resource or resume, or finding a new job. If you\'re comfortable interacting online, you\'ll find it easy to establish a network of associates—and a set of skills—that will be helpful in all stages of your career.\"

Library director : \'Island life\'

Mary Musgrave told us CNN has a Lovely Tale of Elizabeth Connor, the library director for Ross University School of Medicine in Portsmouth, Commonwealth of Dominica. Sounds like working on an island paradise...

\"To relieve stress \"I walk down to the shore and look out at the horizon. If that doesn\'t work, I stop by the bookstore and buy some Twizzlers red licorice.\"

Could Librarians Have Prevented a Death?

Helga sent along This Infotoday story on a death at Johns Hopkins’.

They say that evidence of the chemical’s dangers could easily have been found in the published literature. The Dr. , made \"a good-faith effort\" to research the drug’s adverse effects, using PubMed, butPrevious articles published in the 1950s, warned of lung damage associated with the drug. A previous article on this asked the question, \"Could Librarians’ Help Have Prevented Hopkins Tragedy?\"

The answer to that question is a resounding \"Yes.\"


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