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Librarian quits in frustration and complains publicly

After 4 1/2 years as a librarian for the New Bedford (MA) Public Library, Larry Kraszner is quitting his job in frustration over his ability to do "quality work." Instead of leaving quietly out the back door, Kraszner has made his exit interview public, blaming budget cuts and a lack of internal leadership for a decline in services and an "onerous" work environment. More here from the Standard Times (MA).

While this might not be the most savvy of career moves, I admire this guy's chutzpah and imagine he's got a bunch of folks cheering him on.

Library reprimands employee for gay rights talk

News From Kansas says a public library employee is challenging her employer's reprimand after she talked openly at work about gay rights following last month's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down anti-sodomy laws.
The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to the library Wednesday, asking officials to reconsider their prohibition on Cuevas' ability to discuss the case, without the group resorting to legal action.

More men train to be nurses, midwives, secretaries and Librarians

The USA Today Says the number of male librarians have increased from 12.4% in 1983 to 18.3%, or from 24,000 to 38,000.
There are more male legal assistants, too. Men held 15.3% of those jobs in 2000 but nearly 18% in 2002. The number of men selling apparel has swelled from 76,000 in 1983 to 87,000 in 2002, going from 16.8% to 22%. Male telephone operators have jumped from 9.4% to 14.2%. There have also been increases in male data-entry clerks, bank tellers, maids, dressmakers and early-childhood teachers.

Librarian sues over SARS

Daniel Phelan and Sarahbellum noted a Story On a Librarian how had sued over SARS duty Hospital staffer was pressed into service screening visitors Claiming she lost her job after refusing to continue risky task.
Kellee Kaulback, who worked in the hospital's library for two years, said she was made to work as a SARS screener during the outbreak but received no training in how to fit her mask or properly take temperatures.
And you thought shelf reading was bad!

Worker Charged With Stealing $77,000 From Floral Park Library

The NYTimes Reports Carol Krohn, a secretary at the Floral Park Public Library, was accused in court yesterday of stealing more than $77,000 in library funds from the rental and sale of videos.
Sergeant Guido said Ms. Krohn had stolen the money from January 1995 to May 2003, the length of her employment with the library.

Dotcom Layoff Leads Back to the Stacks

-Heather. spotted This One from over at on a geek turned librarian.
A former work colleague who had earned her master's in library science encouraged Abrams to marry his love of books and technology. "Things that looked interesting to me -- jobs in information architecture -- suggested an MLS degree," he says.

Library Unions: a Matrix for Evaluation

Michael McGrorty has Library Unions: a Matrix for Evaluation on the California Library Association site.
He says evaluating library unionism has always forced the viewer to abandon certain conventions at the start of the undertaking. The library is a different animal than the typical run of union shop, even in the public sector, and even against the background of somewhat analogous operations like the public school.

Patrons back former library workers

News From Savannah, MO, where Nearly a dozen people gathered quietly Sunday afternoon to protest the dismissal of two employees of the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library in Savannah.
They refuse to work on Sundays because of their religious convictions.

Library bias suit decision upheld

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reports A federal appeals court has confirmed that officials with the library system for Atlanta and Fulton County made a $17 million mistake by discriminating against seven white librarians.
An opinion filed Friday in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's ruling against the library. The opinion, based on a unanimous decision by a three-judge panel, said officials knew it was illegal to consider race in personnel decisions, yet they transferred the women to lesser jobs anyway because of the color of their skin.

Is information overload hurting productivity?

The Sydney Morning Herald has This Article on information overload. Experts say information overload is a serious problem in many companies, adding to stress levels and resulting in a downturn in productivity (a report from Proudfoot Consulting last year found IT-related problems - such as information overload - were responsible for 8 per cent of lost time).
They outline seven skills all knowledge workers need to help counter the problem of information overload


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