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Black Employees at Library of Congress File Discrimination Complaint

Fang-Face writes "Another all too brief article at American Libraries Online. This one about
a class action, discrimination law suit against the Library of Congress. Even though it lost a big law suit in 1992, it seems the library has backslid into racist management practices. Or, at least, is alleged to have."

Australian Library staff strike after Vicnet workers sacked - Breaking - smh.com.au

An Anonymous Patron writes "News From OZ where CPSU members at the State Library of Victoria walked off the job this morning, following the issuing of termination letters to eight Vicnet staff today.

The eight, who were all given four weeks notice, were mostly semi-technical staff, a spokesperson from the Central Public Sector Union said.

Some time back, it became known that of the 64 full-time, part-time and project staff at Vicnet, around half were set to lose their jobs by June 30, following an alleged cut in funding to the organisation by Multimedia Victoria."

Staff Vacancies Still Major Problem for Hawaii State's Libraries

An Anonymous Patron shares this story from the Honolulu Advertiser:

"The state's library system, which last year reduced hours and canceled bookmobile service because of budget cuts, is still treading water.

With 108 vacancies — nearly 20 percent of its staff — Jo Ann Schindler, the state librarian, has no immediate plans to restore hours at all of the state's 50 public libraries, although she is working with labor unions to bring back hours at some branches."

Rockford (IL) Librarians to Picket

This story from the Rockford (IL) Register Star tells about library workers from Library Union Local 3350 (Rockford Public Library) who will hold an informational picket before heading to a Board meeting to complain about negotiations being stalled. In addition to salary, other issues on the table are contributions to health-insurance costs, cashing in of vacation time and the outsourcing of custodial work. The Board says that their final offer is on the table.

Cleveland Library, staffers agree to arbitration

Union workers at the Cleveland Public Library have agreed to submit their contract differences to binding arbitration, thus avoiding a strike that could have started Tuesday.

"We've been negotiating since December, and we felt we achieved what we could at the table," said Ryan Moore, who is on the negotiating team for the Service Employees International Union District 1199.

Full Story.

Cleveland Library seeks workers in case of strike

Anonymous Patron writes "Cleveland.com Reports:

Hourly pay: $20.74 for librarians; $16.62 for assistants.

Benefits: none.

The message came from Patricia Lowrey, the library's new head of technical services, whose plans for outsourcing loom large in the contract dispute. Lowrey said the e-mail was her only recruitment move so far and would mainly fill her department, but applicants would be forwarded to other departments as appropriate."

Cleveland Library, union not on the same page

Just A Little Bit More on the troubles at Cleveland Public. Administrators and the union were to return to the bargaining table Wednesday. If Williams was optimistic, Hajzak didn't seem to be. She expressed doubts the system's contract offer would change drastically.

Hajzak also blasted the library's posting of a news release regarding contract negotiations on the system's Web site.

Connecticut Library employees leave union

Interesting Story Out of CT where Employees at the Windsor Locks Public Library submitted a petition to the state of Connecticut earlier this year to leave their union, which they have belonged to for eight years.

Rose Horan, a circulation clerk at the library, announced this week that representatives of the state have completed verifying the signatures on the petition.

Three full-time employees and six part-time employees at the library belonged to the AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), which is part of the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations). Horan, who was the union president for the local library employees, said the director and a library page were the only employees not required to join the union.

All the union employees were paying $300 in annual dues, she said.

"The staff of the Windsor Locks Public Library decided to decertify our union because we felt that AFSCME was no longer serving the needs of the employees,"

Cleveland Public Library workers plan one-day strike

Blake sends "this story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A one-day strike by employees of the Cleveland Public Library remains planned for Tuesday after no progress was made between the library and Service Employees International Union Local 1199, library spokesman David Williams said Sunday.

The library had a session with the union on Saturday, and no new negotiations have been scheduled, he said. If the strike happens, the Main Library downtown and some branches will remain open Tuesday, but others will close. The library will announce the closings today."

Library raises salary ranges

An Anonymous Patron writes "interesting article out of Michigan where the Georgetown Township Library has spent more than a year looking for someone to head youth services. Township officials approved higher salaries in hopes of staving off delays in filling positions. The youth services job has been vacant since August 2002. "We've had a lot of problems finding people with degrees; everybody has," Supervisor Jim Holtvluwer said. "You can find people for other positions, but there's a shortage of people with degrees."

The new salary ranges raise the director's post from between $48,000 and $53,000; for the assistant director, from between $40,000 and $45,000, and the youth director, from between $38,000 and $43,000."


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