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Librarian, other positions outsourced to India

Travis Horton sends " this Yahoo news story about OfficeTiger Ltd., a happily aggressive outsourcing companies, that has hired 2,000 young and enthusiastic Indians to take positions that would previously have gone to US workers.

They work as typists, researchers, librarians, claims processors, proofreaders, accountants and graphic designers. Their clients are U.S. brokerage firms, investment banks, law firms and even copy shops.


More Media Spin on Librarian Salaries

Biblia, the Warrior Librarian writes "

For those who might be considering a move to Australia following the The Sydney Morning Herald's story of August 21, 2004 "For a balanced work life, try babes or books" ...

Paragraph 1: If you want a healthy work/life balance and a healthy pay packet, you should consider a career as a midwife, court reporter or librarian, according to the statistics.

Paragraph 3: The best value-for-time occupations, which pay good salaries and enable workers to clock off after between 35 and 40 hours, are librarian ($997), midwife ($954) and court and Hansard reporters ($852).

Full story at: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/08/20/10929727 47967.html?oneclick=true

If you get the ubiquitous "you must subscribe" or similar, simply click the Register Later link ...

Sadly, the figures are not very accurate - see the ALIA payrates at http://www.alia.org.au/employment/salary.scales/

Now, it's not like The Meedya to make that sort of error ...


Low pay makes archivist quit job

Anonymous Patron writes "A Story Out of MA says Devon R. Dawson, the archivist-curator of the Holyoke Public Library's history room, will leave on Aug. 24 because the city was unable to give him a pay raise. "I have student loans and things I need to pay off; I can't keep deferring it," said Dawson on Friday.

He has been paid at the rate of $23,000 a year for a 35-hour work week, starting on July 1. Before that, he was paid $26,000 for a 40-hour week.
He said he will return to California to look for a better paying job."

Process to Replace Fired Library Director Halted

The search for a new Mooresville, NC library director is on hold because of questions surrounding the firing of former Library Director John Pritchard last month.

Pritchard has filed a written appeal of his termination and has retained a lawyer to explore his options.

The decision was made to stop the search for a new director until the issues surrounding Pritchard's dismissal are resolved.

Pritchard was fired in June and claims that he lost his job as library director over a request for reimbursement from the town for a $57.99 dinner at a librarians' conference. Pritchard said he did nothing wrong and did not intend for the town to pay the entire cost of the meal. Pritchard contends McLean fired him for making frank statements to the press about library funding. Read More.

Looking for a Hot Job? Try Librarian

Here's another one of those quasi-feel-good articles that deals with how librarians are reinventing themselves. It gives all of us a pat on the back for a job well done. Although it focuses on the demands for, and benefits of, special librarianship, the impact that technology has had on the profession, as a whole, is pretty universal.

"Gone are the days of the Dewey decimal system, linoleum floors and musty volumes. Now, being a librarian takes Internet savvy, organization, keen business sense and a touch of a detective's skills.

'How librarians fare depends on how they define themselves,' said Bonnie Hohhof, editor of Competitive Intelligence Magazine. The future is in electronic information tailored to an individual's or business's needs, she said. Librarians need to work on a "higher level."
Read More.

NextGen Librarian: Steven M. Cohen

Anonymous Patron writes "Competing in high gear is a newsday.com article that features Steven M. Cohen:

The new frontier of librarians is concerned with expanding the scope of their profession. "Libraries compete now with search engines, with TV, with cable," Cohen said."

Library Shortage a load of...bunk, says Farrelly

Michael Farrelly, Bookslut's "Library Rakehell", says they lied to him in library school.

Even with two master’s degrees, some library experience and impeccable references I cannot get a call back. Well, that is not entirely accurate. I did get one interview thus far and sat there smiling and being the ideal interviewee while I was told I was “overqualified� and my reasoning for taking a “reference assistant� position questioned. The answer to that question by the way is money, money, and money.

I have searched lisjobs.com so many times that I have screen burn from the site. I have tried using and abusing friends and family and contacts who are friends of the family and people who pass by on the street carrying library books weeping to them “Please… I’m hungry and can catalogue, for the love of god take me to your reader’s services, put a ring on my finger and sandals on my feet!� The prodigal librarian is ready to crawl for forgiveness of his sins. The sin of being over-educated, young, and not as experienced and in some cases I think, being a male.

Inmate moved after attack on prison librarian

You Think You Have It Tough writes "News Out Of Florida where a convicted felon serving a life sentence is accused of attacking a prison librarian at Tomoka Correctional Institution, slicing his head and face with a razor, officials and family members said.

Police say Howard Dozier Jr., who has already served 20 years of a life sentence for armed burglary, pounced on the librarian at 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

Samy Ghaly was left slashed "from the top of his head to his throat," said his son, Ramy Ghaly, 16."

Black Employees at Library of Congress File Discrimination Complaint

Fang-Face writes "Another all too brief article at American Libraries Online. This one about
a class action, discrimination law suit against the Library of Congress. Even though it lost a big law suit in 1992, it seems the library has backslid into racist management practices. Or, at least, is alleged to have."

Australian Library staff strike after Vicnet workers sacked - Breaking - smh.com.au

An Anonymous Patron writes "News From OZ where CPSU members at the State Library of Victoria walked off the job this morning, following the issuing of termination letters to eight Vicnet staff today.

The eight, who were all given four weeks notice, were mostly semi-technical staff, a spokesperson from the Central Public Sector Union said.

Some time back, it became known that of the 64 full-time, part-time and project staff at Vicnet, around half were set to lose their jobs by June 30, following an alleged cut in funding to the organisation by Multimedia Victoria."


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