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Library Whistle-Blower Says She Was Punished

A Sacramento library worker is filing complaints alleging that managers froze her pay and took away duties after she blew the whistle on an overbilling scandal three years ago.

Clerk Diane Boerman is seeking back pay, penalties, attorney fees and damages through complaints filed with the state Labor Commission and the Sacramento Public Library Authority.

Head of Tech Svcs position at MPOW

HI folks,

Sorry about the dearth of posting but I've been filling in as temporary co-head of technical services here. I wanted to post the ad for the position here and STRONGLY encourage everyone and anyone to apply--it's tiring doing two jobs at once!


MI Library settles Director lawsuit for $310,000

The Bay County (Michigan) Library System will pay the former director a settlement of $310,000, but he will not be paid a pension. He was fired in March 2006 as Bay County Library System director for alleged failure to perform his job, poor relations with employees, using profanity and breach of contract, among other listed reasons.

He then sued the board, seeking more than $1.3 million for wrongful discharge, defamation and violation of civil rights.

29 Percent of Librarians Dissatisfied with Non-Librarian Decisions, Very Dissatisfied

29% of the respondents to LLB's recent poll "strongly disagree" with the statement "I am satisfied with management's recent decisions regarding my library" (where management decisions means decisions that impact library operations and budgets made by executives and administrators who are not librarians). That's more than the combined total who "agree" or "strongly agree" with the statement (25%). If we add responses for "disagree," 60% of librarians are dissatisfied with recent decisions made by non-librarians. 15% are ambivalent, not exactly a vote of confidence.

Amy Ryan is Choice of Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library board of trustees has chosen Amy E. Ryan, a librarian from Hennepin County MN to take over as president of the city's library system.

The eight trustees unanimously selected Ryan, director of the library system in Hennepin County, Minn., after publicly interviewing her at the Copley Square branch.

Director Amy Ryan Looking to Leave Newly-Merged Hennepin County Lbrary System

From The article in today's Star Tribune: Hennepin County's chief librarian, Amy Ryan, is a finalist for the top job at Boston's public library, the Star Tribune has learned.

Ryan confirmed Tuesday that she's a candidate for the position. She said her understanding is that she is one of six finalists. "It was too compelling an opportunity not to explore," she said in an interview.

World’s Busiest Library Chooses Insider as New Chief

Congratulations go out to Jane Pyper who has been chosen as the new Chief Librarian of The Toronto Public Library effective September 2.

Pyper, who has 25 years of experience in libraries, is currently TPL’s director of policy and planning and been part of the team helping TPL become the world’s busiest urban public library system.

First Librarian At College To Retire After 41 Years

In southwest Virginia, Anna Ray Roberts is retiring as librarian at Wytheville Community College. Roberts is the college's first and only librarian over its 41 years of existence so far. Roberts began work at the school in January 1967.

Libraries aim for more diverse staff

Libraries aim for more diverse staff: According to a 2007 report from the American Library Association, of the nation's almost 110,000 credentialed librarians -- that is, librarians with master's degrees -- 19 percent are men, 4.5 percent are black, and 0.5 percent are black men. The number of Latino men is just slightly higher -- 25 more nationwide.

By comparison, black women make up 4.2 percent of credentialed librarians, with Latina women at 1.4 percent.

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