More Pornography Issues

Here are two articles and one column regarding the issue of pornography in public libraries. First, the column from the Twin Cities Business Daily. Next, a public apology from the Minneapolis Public Library from the Star Tribune. Last, an undercover investigation from MSNBC.


2/3 of Utah libraries filter the web

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article on the filtering situation in Utah. They don\'t mess around out there.
\"It won\'t be hard for libraries to satisfy a new Utah law requiring them to keep children from using library computers to peep at the Internet\'s dark side.
That\'s because most libraries already are doing so, says State Librarian Amy Owen.
An informal survey conducted by Owen\'s office last fall showed all but two libraries already had policies restricting Internet access -- and those two were in the process of writing them. One library, Rich County\'s, did not provide Internet access to patrons.\"


Crackdown in Minneapolis

reports that the downtown
Minneapolis Library announced plans Friday to stop the
controversial practice of allowing patrons to use
computers to view obscene material on the Internet.
Read about it Here.


Still filtering after all these years

Digital Mass has a nice little Story on filtering.

\"AOL\'s recent Internet filtering debacle, involving a list of permitted sites that appeared to have a strong conservative bias, underscored an important point. While the furor over Web filtering, once a rallying point for many free speech or \"free Web\" advocates, may have died down, filtering tools appear to be here to stay. And they\'re not getting much better. When a major ISP can block the Million Mom March site as unsuitable for children, it\'s clear there\'s still plenty of room for improvement.\"


To Filter or Not to Filter

The Chicago Sun Times has added to the filtering debate with this article.
\"You want your Internet straight up or filtered?\"

\"While many library patrons may not realize it, the answer depends on the library they visit. In Chicago, access to the Internet is free of computer programs that screen out possibly objectionable material, such as full-frontal nudity.

In Schaumburg, the Internet at the library comes filtered.\"


S.C. Attorney General says that filtering is free of first amendment

APBnews has this article about South Carolina Attorney General Charles Condon who gave his support of a bill that would let libraries in the state filter the Internet without having to deal with first amendment issues.
\"Public libraries have no obligation to provide computers or Internet service,\" Condon wrote in a 10-page decision. \"Notwithstanding this fact, however, public libraries have the constitutional right to use filters to remove pornography.\"


AOL\'s filters evil democrats and Nader

CNET has a
funny (In a sad way) Story on AOL\'s
\"youth filters\" that are filtering out sites like Ralph
Nader\'s Green Party or Ross Perot\'s Reform Party, and
The Democratic National Committee is blocked.

Sites promoting gun use are available, including
Colt, Browning and the National Rifle Association. But
prominent gun safety organizations are blocked,
including the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Safer
Guns Now and the Million Mom March.


Measure censoring Net at libraries gains

The Denver Post has a Report on a new measure in the State House.

\"A measure that would censor the Internet on library computers and keep kids from being exposed to pornography won unanimous approval Wednesday from the House Education Committee.

But the committee rejected an amendment by Rep. Don Lee, R-Littleton, to require parents\' signatures when issuing library cards to minors. The amendment would have allowed parents access to library records so they could monitor what their children read.\"


Bills spur debate on filters in Florida has this Story on the bill introduced Monday would require public libraries in Florida to install software filters on at least half of their computers that have Internet access.

More and more children are accessing pornography on the Internet,\" Campbell said. \"More and more sexual predators are using libraries to access our children.\"
[Sen. Skip Campbell, D-Tamarac]


Activist wants Net filtered at library

Read this Story from the San Antonio Express-News.

For almost a year, longtime East Side activist Otis
Thompson has led a small-scale crusade to prevent
Internet access to pornography at city libraries.

Last month, bench advertisements popped up at various East Side bus stops, including one in front of the San Antonio Public Library\'s Carver branch.

Their message: \"Stamp out pornography at Carver Library.\"

\"We\'ve fought against gangs, alcohol and cigarettes,\"
Thompson said. \"Now we\'re faced with fighting pornography.\"



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