The ALA\'s Agenda of Porn
has an 3 part audio report that
slams the ALA and it\'s policies on filtering. Many choice
quotes in this one. They call the ALA\'s agenda a plan to
\"radicalize America\", public libraries one of the most
dangerous places for your children, and say the ALA
\"agressively promotes homosexuality\".
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\"If Christians don\'t stand up against such
decadence, then we become willing slaves to the
counter-cultural values of the American Library
Association and its friends.\"

(These originally
aired on Aug 9, 10, and 11th)


Someone wrote in with this from the World Net Daily

\"It looks like the majority of traffic going through the firewall is pornography.\" -- White House employee, speaking on condition of anonymity


New filtering plan working through Congress

The feds are at it again in the here in The States. A federal proposal that would require the installation of filtering software on school and library computers connected to the Internet is making it through the House and Senate. Slashdot has a Feature on this. Jon Katz came out strongly against the new law.
The NY Times has a Story that goes into some detail.

This could change things for all libraries. 1st Ammendmant anyone?

\"The compromise plan would require all schools and libraries using federal funding to purchase computers or connect those computers to the Internet to install filtering software to block child pornography, obscenity and materials deemed \"harmful\" to minors. Schools and libraries would also be required to develop, with community input, Internet use policies that address minors\' access to \"inappropriate\" materials online. \"


Censorware Flaws Shown To COPA Commission continues some of the best filerting coverage on the web Today. This time around they continue the fight with the COPA Commission. They cover this topic from a rather biased point of view, but it is still important to keep up on this topic. Be sure to check out the Reports at Peacefire


Louden County all over again

It seems like another library system may be sued over filtering all of its computers, according to this brief article from Digital City. We will keep y\'all posted.\"Whereas about half the computers in the Houston Public Library system are filtered to prevent access to pornography sites, Montgomery County recently filtered all its libraries\' computers, not just those in children\'s sections.Read on...


A lesson learned

According to this article from the Union Tribune, a few girls found out what happens when you type in the word \"Shaft\" on an unfiltered Internet terminal.\"They typed in a few key words and waited for information about the movie to come up. Instead, they ended up at a pornographic web site.\"


Bishops on filtering

Someone sent in this interesting Story from Clarionherald.They wrote:

\"Guidelines for using Cyberspace wisely\" states, \"Remind your children that some library computers offer free access to dangerous Web sites (the American Civil Liberties contests some filtering systems and the American Library Association has been adamant in demanding that library computers do not restrict access to porn sites). \"

The article goes over the statement, from the U.S. Bishops, intended to help parents guide their children in use of the Internet .

\"In the simplest terms, Ignatius teaches that we must be careful in discerning what is good, what is evil and what is neutral in our lives. It follows then that we should embrace what is good, reject what is evil and make use of what is neutral in a positive way in our spiritual life. \"


Run down on the COPA Commission

Jamie over at Slashdot continues to be one of the greatest sources of information on filtering facts with His Latest Report on the COPPA Commission meeting. They give interesting info on BAIR and ClickSafe, as well as a good report on the meeting.

\"In a nutshell, I\'m not sure what, if anything, was established at this meeting. It\'s clear that most of the Commissioners knew every little to start off with, and their opinions are being formed on what amounts to a series of sales pitch sprinkled with god-and-country references, a la mega blowout carpet sales around Independence Day. I\'m glad COPA was struck down. Let\'s get on with our lives.


library is wrong to play the role of Internet censor

Here\'s an interesting editorial from The Concord Monitor that comes out against filtering, saying that librarians should keep the control and not give it to \"computer-filtering software is as dumb as a post\".

\"As for pornography, library selection committees generally considered whether there was literary or social value to a particular publication. But the fact was that no library could put every book or every video or every magazine in its stacks, so judgments had to be made.


Push to block Internet porn gains momentum

The US Congress is threatening to cut off money to public libraries and schools that fail to block children\'s access to Internet pornography, but President Clinton and several powerful interest groups oppose such use of federal financial clout as an exercise of censorship.
John McCain, in the senate, and Ernest Istookwould, in the house want to stop money from the federal e-rate program, and from a range of education other programs. The Star Tribune has a Story:

\"As we wire America\'s children to the Internet, we are inviting these dirt bags to prey upon our children in every classroom and library in America,\" McCain said in a Senate debate last month.



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