One more porn in the library story

Anonymous Patron writes "So back in July, Yvonne LeFever was with her children at the Norwood Public Library for a program called "Science in the Summer" and after it was over, one of the kids decided to log on to the computer in the children’s section. LeFever just happened to be there when the 14-year-old attempting to access a music video suddenly found herself face to face with a lesbian porn video that some clever boy, girl or adult had managed to download and leave for some unsuspecting child to view."


Supervisors: No Porn in Libraries ( LA)

Karl Sandwell-Weiss writes "From

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion Tuesday to direct the county librarian to do whatever she can to block access to pornography on computers in the county’s public libraries.

(More at the link.)"


Debate growing over UNLV library computer use policy

The San Diego Union Tribune has a Reprint From The Las Vegas Review-Journal on a UNLV library computer use policy that American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada officials say restricts research, but University of Nevada, Las Vegas officials say protects academic freedom. The policy prohibits computer use "with the intent to intimidate, harass or display hostility toward others," including sending offensive messages or prominently displaying material that others might find offensive such as vulgar language, explicit sexual material or material from hate groups.

Most parental control software 'ineffective and difficult to use'

Computing Which?, tested six popular packages aimed at protecting children online and found they are no substitute for parents being vigilant."Software can help make the internet a safer environment for children but there's no substitute for parental involvement. Parents need to take an active role in monitoring what their children are looking at online so they don't inadvertently put them at risk."

WNUNet Has the excuses.


Filtering Nearly Delays 2 New Libraries in Washington

The Oregonian reports Pornography isn't on the November ballot, but on Tuesday it almost derailed an election on a $44 million bond issue to build two libraries in Vancouver, WA. The usual filtering arguments were the center of attention. Glynn Reynolds of the Salmon Creek area said the argument over computer filters was silly because 75 percent of area homes have computers today and most lack filters. "The opponents are trying to bring back a horse that's been dead 10 years," Hart said. He then warned if opponents can campaign to have a library service removed, "others could petition to remove all the Christian books in the library. That would be awful."


IL Governor pledges support for Internet filters in public libraries

The Illinois Leader Reports Governor Rod Blagojevich surprised representatives of a conservative women’s group this week when he told them he would support an effort to filter children's Internet access in public libraries.
Blagojevich reportedly made the comments Monday afternoon at the Eola Public Library in Aurora, immediately after he signed into law a ban on selling and renting sexually explicit video games to minors.

"We just pointed out that children could access the same images on the library's computer screens that he was trying to protect them from seeing in video games," Valente said outside Aurora's Eola Public Library. "He said he didn't know the library allowed the access to pornography on their computers. That's when he told us he would help."

County judge attempts to cut library funding completely if libraries do not add filters

JET writes "Two from the Dallas News One and TwoLibrarians from across the county filled rows of seats in the Commissioners Courtroom to argue against Judge Mary Horn’s plan to fund only libraries that agree to filter their library computers. The group was the most visible and vocal of the day — many wore red shirts and stickers that read “Keep our Libraries Out of the Red!�Denton County has proposed cutting its funding to county libraries and nonprofit organizations by 20 percent. The library funding, however, could be eliminated under County Judge Mary Horn's proposal."


Por-no-no: A twisted trip through public libraries' battle with Internet pornography

Anonymous Patron writes "The Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier Reports from Iowa on filtering. They say many American libraries and librarians find themselves balancing some patrons' freedom of speech and other patrons' right to be free from potentially offensive material. American libraries can house anything that is legal in the "outside world," including pornography; but each library chooses what material it will make available. Most libraries work to serve as community-oriented learning centers for everyone."


Hearings On US Company's Censorship Collaboration?

Seth Finkelstein writes "The news article
U.S. Tech
Firms Help Governments Censor Internet
summarizes recent events
regarding complicity of US companies with totalitarian regimes
The most explosive aspect is potential violation of US laws by
Secure Computing, given
that their
censorware software
is being used by the government of Iran - while allegedly without
the company's knowledge, the implications remain troubling. Much attention
is devoted to the China controversies of Cisco and Microsoft.
Notable quote:
"D'Amato said the [U.S-China Economic and Security Review] commission,
which reports to Congress, hopes to put pressure on these companies by
bringing them in for hearings, soon. "I'm not so sure they'll come,"
he said. "They're running for cover.""


Christian porn filter seen as censorship In New Zealand

New Zealand Herald reports Anti-porn software developed for schools by a company with links to fundamentalist Christians has been criticised for blocking students' access to leftist political forums and websites on sexuality and health.

Education Minister Trevor Mallard approved the Watchdog Corporation's CampusNet filtering software last year, as part of a $9.5 million package to help schools screen out hackers and objectionable material such as pornography.



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