Campaign to Save America's Libraries: Toolkit

For those of you in communities where library services are threatened, the American Library Association has updated its "Campaign to Save America's Libraries" toolkit. Included are talking points, articles, and PR tools.

Everyone loves libraries, but libraries can't live on love alone. The Campaign to Save America’s Libraries provides new, easy-to-use and customizable tools for library advocates. Please join this important grassroots effort.


ALA Support Staff Survey on Voluntary Certification

An Online Survey on Certification of Library Support Staff is available until December 17, 2004.

The survey is an outcome of the 3rd Congress on Professional Education: Focus on Support Staff (COPE3), which was held in May of 2003. The
COPE3 Implementation Recommendations asked that the American Library Association (ALA) Library Support Staff Interests Round Table (LSSIRT)
study the issue of national certification for support staff. In response, LSSIRT created a Certification Task Force with a charge to
"study the issue of national certification for support staff, prepare and administer a national poll for expectations, compile statistics from
research, and keep the LSSIRT Steering Committee informed of Task Force progress."

From the results of this Certification Survey, LSSIRT would like to determine the level of interest, and the perceived benefit, of a voluntary certification program. Your participation will help the American Library Association make a decision on how to proceed. The survey is brief and should not take more than five minutes to complete.
This is designed to be filled out BY SUPPORT STAFF as to whether or not
they want a national certification.

commentary: Rochelle would like to ask all you support staffers out there to please consider filling out the survey, even (or particularly) if you are not involved with ALA. ALA has not been particularly accessible to support staffers, and it's important for ALA to get input from the many of you out there in the trenches.


An Alternative To The ALA? The ALC: Americans for Libraries Council

Americans for Libraries Council (ALC) is a national nonprofit that advocates for libraries at the national level and develops and promotes programs aimed at realizing the potential of libraries in the 21st century. The Council believes that a national agenda is needed to help leverage the vast, varied and rapidly evolving capabilities of America's libraries and to reinvest in libraries as key assets for information literacy, opportunity and democracy.


  • to focus attention on libraries as national assets, essential for a healthy economy and vital democracy
  • to provide effective models for library services and library support
  • to establish a new base of financial support for library preservation and innovation
  • to increase advocacy for libraries in the corporate, philanthropic and civic sectors

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Ask ALA and get your voices heard!

This call from Rachel Singer Gordon has been posted on several lists (newlib, nexgenlib, NMRT-L ...). Here it is for any LISNewsters who might care to participate:

Hi all -

At ALA Annual this year, I had the chance to talk to ALA's new Membership Marketing Manager, John Chrastka. He's offered to answer your questions about ALA and its connection to younger librarians in an upcoming "NextGen" column in Library Journal. With all the discussion here about the benefits (or disappointments) of association membership, this is a great opportunity to get
your questions answered and your voices heard.

So, think about what you'd like an ALA rep to answer, and send your burning questions to me at by next Friday, August 13. I'll pull out
the most representative to send on to John.

Feel free to pass this on to other appropriate lists/individuals as well.


- Rachel


Interview with ALA Councilor Jessamyn West

conservator sent along a wide-ranging interview conducted during the recently concluded Democratic National Convention with ALA Councilor Jessamyn West. Chuck Munson interviewed Jessamyn West for Infoshop News .


ALA’s Chicago Office Hit by Internet Worm

Gary Price notes some News From The ALA where the ALA’s Chicago office was hit by the Korgo.L worm. The virus flooded the internal network connections and rendered the network useless. ALA ITTS staff worked almost non-stop over the weekend, and as a result, they expect to have the network functioning on Tuesday.


Jessamyn's take on the ALA/Walgreens "Partnership"

An Anonymous Patron sends "us a link to Jessamyn's ALA council list posts about the controversial partnership between ALA and Walgreens which came together as a way to inform patrons about the new prescription drug card."


American Library Association and Borders Form Partnership

News That The American Library Association (ALA) will work with Borders Group to kick off summer reading during the Borders Summer Reading Benefit Weekend, June 4-6.

During the benefit weekend, Borders will offer a discount to ALA members and library staff and users of 10 percent off their total purchases. To qualify for this discount, individuals must present a copy of the coupon found online at Borders will donate a portion of these sales to support ALA's library advocacy efforts.


Berman, Horrocks named ALA honorary members

InfoWhale writes "Here is the official, extended press release from ALA on its recent tribute given to two leading library people - Horrocks and Berman. Sandy greatly corrected the official, shorter one that was posted in January during the ALA conference - thus making it much more descriptive of his actual contributions. I wrote my own reaction to the shorter press release, calling it "The Three Continents of Sandy Berman" since the original talked about Horrocks influence on three continents. Sandy asked me not to distribute it - but now I won't have to. ate=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentI D=56190"


ALA cheers proposed Federal Budget

The American Library Association has released a statement praising the proposed 2004 Federal Budget. In particular, the statement cheers a proposed 11% rise for the Library Services and Technology Act(LSTA). The Literacy Through School Libraries Program funding will remain approximately the same as last year.
Dr. Carla Hayden, President of ALA, says the increased funding would allow "libraries to expand important community services to our many patrons".



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