Friday Funnies

March of the Librarians

I first saw this linked on Walt's blog this morning:

March of the Librarians: A "March of the Penguins" look at ALA conferences.

Sedaris' "The Birds"

It's only Thursday, but please allow me to post a Friday Funny, David Sedaris' essay in this weeks New Yorker. Sedaris' "The Birds" is funny, and the fact that the author is completely oblivious to typical bird behavior makes it even funnier.

BookPlus: A book will never let you down

Somebody writes ""BookPlus is a funny idea from scaryideas. It just goes to show the classics never go out of style, or crash."

Compact Shelving, The Video

Interval Library is really... something. Bonus points if you can name the library.

Pimp My Bookcart! Contest

Unshelved, the daily library comic strip available at Overdue Media's Web site , has had such a response to its "pimp my bookcart" series--readers at libraries and schools said they were planning to "customize, augment or otherwise pimp" their bookcarts--that the site is having a "pimp my bookcart" contest for "libraries, schools, businesses and anyone with a bookcart that needs a little something extra."

Entrants should e-mail pictures of the pimped-out bookcart, including front, back and sides. Unshelved artists Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum will judge. Prizes galore!

Deadline is January 15.

Get With The Program -- Librarians Shape Up!!

Check out this hysterical librarian aerobics tape ad from 1987 on Utube. Thanks to Jennifer from Elon U. and the Librarian Fit Club for the suggestion.

The lamest Wikipedia wars

JET writes "Boingboing just wrote about the lamest wiki edit wars. mbest_a.html"

The funniest thing...unfortunate domain names

This is the funniest thing I have read in some time.

A list of domain names that just shouldn't have ever been.

Library Stacks and Dominos

infodiva writes "I saw these pictures listed on the boing boing blog first today, but if you link to Flikr Here a library staff member has posted pictures of a dominos-like library shelf toppling (sort of like in "The Mummy", but at a book storage facility.) Check it out."

Meeting the needs of library users

The Laughing Librarian recently visited a library that has an innovative new service for its visitors.
You've all seen parents and grandparents browsing the shelves in the adult section, constantly distracted by the children in their care whining or running loose between the stacks. This library has come up with an excellent solution: Kiddie Kages. Children are checked into Kages (they're stacked in a room lined with sound-dampening tiles), and the adults are free to find grown-up reading material, do research on that fungal infection, or sit down for some cybersex chat without being disturbed by the young'uns. To keep the kids pacified, cartoons play non-stop on a large screen facing the Kages. The service is co-sponsored by the video store and a local fast-food restaurant, which provides fries and soft drinks for free.


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