Friday Funnies

Beautify Your Barcodes

Does your library use barcodes?

Sure, most of 'em do! Even those making the move to RFID tend to keep the barcodes around for a little while, if not indefinitely. But barcodes are bland, boring, banal, and blah. So why not do something different?

Get creative with your barcodes and turn them into little artistic masterpieces!

Naughty Librarians Convention

"Librarians are the new nurses and it’s time to break out your bookish booties for the sake of something hot: reading! Dress as a sexy schoolmarm, a libidinous librarian or prurient professor and meet up at 2 p.m. Saturday for prim and proper cocktails at the Ha Ra club in the Tenderloin. From there we’ll head to the San Francisco Main Public Library to put our <a href="">hot nerdy mojo</a> to work."

How Things Even Out

A fairly simple philosophy...certainly applicable to most situations, from Jack Handey.

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Kids, Books, and Photos

Gather a kid or two, design some cover art, and take a photo.

Oh yes, and you'll want to create a small, but incredibly cool, optical illusion.

And you wind up with some fun and lively photographs reminding us how books can change and enhance the lives of children.

Friday Funny, just late...

Here's a belated Friday funny.....

Erik the Librarian

An "Anonymous Patron" brought word that writer Brent Forrester has created a new web series called "Erik the Librarian." The <A HREF="">Speak Quietly</A> blog has more information and an embedded YouTube clip from the short. One can <A HREF="">obtain episodes for free through the iTunes Music Store</A> and subscribe to it as a podcast as well.

The top 9 reasons why ebooks are so very evil

Author Jeremy Shipp offers up at GoodReads <a href="">9 reasons why ebooks are evil</a>, including "Ebooks braid your eyelashes together while you're sleeping, and not in an endearing way," and "Ebooks aren't like normal books, and being different is so very wrong."

Are Librarians Sexy?

Here we go with another ridiculous stereotype again, presumably 'librarian' being one of top ten occupations inaccurately associated with sexiness.

Yeah, but who's counting, statisticians?

A "Novel" Idea: A Video Rental Store But For Books?

Though just A Little Digging leads me to believe this is just spam This Screen Shot I found over on Digg a few weeks ao from a message board someplace cracks me up:

I was just thinking.... My sister does -a lot- of reading and spends roughly $1000 a year on just books alone. Most of them she reads once then never looks at again. Is there any kind of like... video rental store but for books? Would make things a lot cheaper, plus once one person has read one the next person can get enjoyment from it etc.

How to get from Here to There

Okay no it's not Friday, but I forgot to post this then. Google Maps that once told us the best way to get across the Atlantic Ocean was to swim, now tells us how to get from Here to There.

Someone at Google has a sense of humor.


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