Friday Funnies

Libraries Will Survive...hey hey hey!

With all the doom and gloom, Sean Bonney, Graphics Designer at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library put together this video to cheer us up. The video follows one member of the staff as she deals with a string of bizarre patrons. About halfway through, a fabulous disco sparkle segues to our music video, set to the 1978 disco hit, "I Will Survive".

The Boy Who Loved Free Books

Commentary from Jeff Klima of the Huffington Post about how he 'augmented' the number of books he read as a kid to win the free books contest in a library reading program.

Klima is the author of "The Dead Janitor's Club".

Order in The Library! On-Line Game

Via RT@shannonmmiller (Shannon Miller of the Van Meter, IA Library), check out Order in the online game using the Dewey Decimal system.

There are three games you can play; the sorting game, the shelving game and the reordering game. There's even a Spanish version. Go to it!

The Typical Reference Question

Brian Herzog, The Swiss Army Librarian, posted his first effort at doing a text to movie animation video

I'm Signin' In The Waldenbooks, and Nobody's There

Entertaining 'mystery writer's lament' from author Parnell Hall via YouTube.

Librarians Do Gaga: "Yeah, You Can Use My Catalog"

"Students and faculty from the University of Washington's Information School get their groove on." View below or watch at YouTube.

It's a New Month in the Book Trade

Shelf-Awareness on the first of the new month for your viewing pleasure:

Brave New Book World: Adapting to the Coup d'Etat/Apple Shines with iTie iNs/Borders' New Two-for-One Deal/Never-Ending Conference Becomes a Reality/Amazon Opens Northern Front

...also an ad for "Thin Thighs in Thirty Days", which claims NOT to be an April fool if you can believe it...

Is Your Library Zombie-Ready?

The librarians at the University of Florida have prepared a zombie survival guide to teach students, faculty, and staff members how to access library resources remotely (say, from a zombie-defense bunker).

American Enterprise, Chronicling the Creation of Barnes & Noble Bookstores

Saturday Night Live take-off on the significance of the creation of Barnes & Noble Bookstores...something that could apply equally to libraries, don't you think?


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