Friday Funnies

The Typical Reference Question

Brian Herzog, The Swiss Army Librarian, posted his first effort at doing a text to movie animation video

I'm Signin' In The Waldenbooks, and Nobody's There

Entertaining 'mystery writer's lament' from author Parnell Hall via YouTube.

Librarians Do Gaga: "Yeah, You Can Use My Catalog"

"Students and faculty from the University of Washington's Information School get their groove on." View below or watch at YouTube.

Tongue Not Too Far in Cheek...Texas Textbooks cartoonist Mikhaela B. Reid.

It's a New Month in the Book Trade

Shelf-Awareness on the first of the new month for your viewing pleasure:

Brave New Book World: Adapting to the Coup d'Etat/Apple Shines with iTie iNs/Borders' New Two-for-One Deal/Never-Ending Conference Becomes a Reality/Amazon Opens Northern Front

...also an ad for "Thin Thighs in Thirty Days", which claims NOT to be an April fool if you can believe it...

Is Your Library Zombie-Ready?

The librarians at the University of Florida have prepared a zombie survival guide to teach students, faculty, and staff members how to access library resources remotely (say, from a zombie-defense bunker).

You might think that this is a clever gimmick to make bibliographic instruction enjoyable, but Gators know that this isn't the first time the campus has been under zombie alert, and an employee has even created a disaster preparedness guide (pdf) including an Infected Co-Worker Dispatch Form to explain why you've killed a zombie who was once an employee.


Er, I mean... Go Gators!

American Enterprise, Chronicling the Creation of Barnes & Noble Bookstores

Saturday Night Live take-off on the significance of the creation of Barnes & Noble Bookstores...something that could apply equally to libraries, don't you think?

Books As Useful Objects

Lots of ridiculous & or useful stuff you can do with a book...shown as a book trailer for Cyanide & Happiness Comics.

True Stories from a Book Drop Near You

Oct. 25th blog post,

Book drops. It seems simple, doesn’t it? A name like “book drop” doesn’t leave much room for mystery…you’d think.

A recent poll of librarians has proven otherwise, however. Across the nation, patrons of public libraries have confused a book drop with trash receptacles, a donation box, urinals, chicken coops… The list goes on and on.

While we may never understand how or why this confusion occurs, we do know that the result of patron confusion–though sometimes disturbing–is frequently amusing. So, until the government provides libraries with several billion dollars to launch an education campaign on proper book drop use, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with this useful list of book drop dos and don’ts–all based on the true stories that have been sent in from around the world.

1. Situation: You work at a library in the city of Las Vegas, NV. As you approach the book drop, you hear the sound of squawking and scratching.

Don’t…Assume you’re crazy. You may be miles from the nearest farm, but there actually are chickens in your book drop…complete with food and water. Hey, it happens.

Do… Tell your coworkers to fire up the bar-be-que, baby!

2. Situation: Upon opening the book drop, you are pummeled by the stench of garbage. And on top of the rubbish heap in your book drop? A used maxi pad.

Don’t…Toss your cookies into the book drop. You’d only have to clean that up, too. -- Read More

Your Preference...Rogue or Rouge?

It should not have come as a surprise to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and her publisher that somebody would take the title of her upcoming memoir, flip two letters and come up with a parody.

That's exactly what's happened. As Entertainment Weekly reports, editors of The Nation plan to publish Going Rouge: Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare on Nov. 17 -- the same day that the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee's Going Rogue: An American Life hits bookstores. NPR offers a poll on which title is more to your liking.

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