Friday Funnies


While slumming around the Weekly World News site, I ran across a link to Googlefight. The idea is you pit keywords against each other in a battle of Google searches. Looks like a way to help stay awake during a slow ref desk shift, but I got an error telling me it had \"Too much fights!\" when I tried it out. Of course, one could always just run separate searches directly on Google, but where\'s the fun in that?

Speaking of fun with Google, \"pubic library\" results in about 1170 hits. Did you mean: \"public library\"? it asks me.

Natural Selection in the library

Tuesday\'s installment of Natural Selection, a daily single-panel comic, does a library joke. In case you can\'t tell the setting is a library from the big \"Public Library\" and \"Book Checkout and Return\" signs, you can take a cue from the librarian\'s hair. Or maybe she\'s not a librarian; can\'t tell whether she has a degree. ;-)
Anyway, here it is.

The Book Worm Game

Here\'s one all librarians can appreciate.The Book Worm Game! How To Play:
Link letters together to make words.
Don\'t let the red tiles reach the bottom, or your library will catch fire!

Harry Most Likely to be Left Behind

This is kind of cute and it gave me a little chuckle, so I\'m passing it along...
\"They say you can\'t put a good book down - but the message doesn\'t seem to be getting through to commuting fans of the Harry Potter novels. According to Midland Mainline, more J.K. Rowling books about the young wizard are left behind on their trains than those of any other author.\" Read More.

The Top 15 Signs Your Librarian is Nuts

The Top 15 Signs Your Librarian is Nuts. The title speaks for itself I think.

11> Library only has two sections: "Limbaugh" and "Liddy."

TV and libraries: comic strip theme of the week

After seeing three comic strips touch on the subject of TV viewers and libraries this week, I had to check Chase\'s to see if there was some official event listed (there wasn\'t, unless you count Psychic Week). Take a look:

Fusco Brothers

Sylvia (look at 08/07/2002 in the archive)

Overdue (also see 08/09/2002)

Only 74 years late, and in the wrong country

St Mary\'s University Library in Halifax were surprised to get a book returned to them that had been borrowed in 1928... from Michigan Ann Arbor Library. Someone went a long way to avoid paying that fine. See the full story from Ananova.

School to adopt sex-free Bible?

The principal of Landover Baptist Church\'s Elementary School has created an abridged, sex-free Bible. The principal is recommending to the church\'s board "that the new Bible, roughly the size of a theater program, be required reading in all classes in place of the salacious unabridged version."

All the Hu\'s Down in Hu\'ville

It\'s already December (in much of the world), and my mind\'s been filled with thoughts of the man who knows if I\'ve been bad or good, who keeps a list of who\'s naughty or nice, who sees and hears what I say and do.

But in a break from thinking about John Ashcroft, I pulled up my favorite winter-holiday-related Web page:

Welcome Christmas! The Story of a Holiday Hymn

This has been around for a few years, but it\'s still fun to see how many people you can get to believe that the song from the Grinch cartoon is derived from an ancient folk song from a remote area of Norway.

Or, if you want to use the page for good instead of evil, present it as a cautionary example in the next Internet research class you teach.

AAP Funnies

Jason writes: \"I was looking for something over on the AAP site, and ran across a funny in the Press Archive.
The two latest stories they have posted are titled, DMCA Essential to the Future of E-commerce AND
New Threats to Your Freedom of Speech.
Someone at the AAP missed the irony.\"

Yes, it turns out the DMCA is essential to the future, but doesn\'t threaten free speech. . The full text of Mrs. Schroeder\'s remarks can be found here, she has some interesting thoughts on fair use.
As for the threats to your freedom of speech? They include libel, invasion of privacy, confidentiality of sources and the limits of First Amendment protection.

Funny how different my ideas for freedom of speech are from corporate ideas.

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