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Rejected workshops for library conferences

Tony Doyle started this thread on LM_NET back in December. We took those initial ideas, and added more than a few of our own. Below you will find a list of \"Rejected workshops for library conferences.\"
Feel free to add your own.

\"King for Kinder\" How to use stories from the Master of the Macabre, Stephen King, to scare the poop out of little kids.

\"The New Library Standards: How to fake it\" Learn how to talk the talk without walking the walk. Make everyone think you have a great library media program without actually doing all of that tedious work.

Much more below...

Big Little Books

Lileks has added his take on Big Little Books (or is it Little Big Books?) to his Institute of Official Cheer. "They\'re comics! They\'re books! They\'re a joyless synthesis of both!"

Beer for Books

Matt writes \"The Library Bar & Grill in Tempe, Arizona will trade beer for books, but so far has had few takers. They\'ve got plenty of shelf space, and for 100 books you get a party for 10. Story from the Real Beer Page \"

Hurray For Friday

Certainly we all need the weekend. I think, though, that I really need a holiday. The strange thing which leads me to believe that I need a few days off was a severe aural hallucination I had a few hours ago. While walking among the business reference titles (*gag*) I heard, not faintly, an angry man\'s voice followed by a child\'s scream. In all honesty I think it was a strange sneeze of some sort. The only thing that creeped me out is the fact that neither of the librarians in the area heard it. How badly do you all need the weekend?


While slumming around the Weekly World News site, I ran across a link to Googlefight. The idea is you pit keywords against each other in a battle of Google searches. Looks like a way to help stay awake during a slow ref desk shift, but I got an error telling me it had \"Too much fights!\" when I tried it out. Of course, one could always just run separate searches directly on Google, but where\'s the fun in that?

Speaking of fun with Google, \"pubic library\" results in about 1170 hits. Did you mean: \"public library\"? it asks me.

Natural Selection in the library

Tuesday\'s installment of Natural Selection, a daily single-panel comic, does a library joke. In case you can\'t tell the setting is a library from the big \"Public Library\" and \"Book Checkout and Return\" signs, you can take a cue from the librarian\'s hair. Or maybe she\'s not a librarian; can\'t tell whether she has a degree. ;-)
Anyway, here it is.

The Book Worm Game

Here\'s one all librarians can appreciate.The Book Worm Game! How To Play:
Link letters together to make words.
Don\'t let the red tiles reach the bottom, or your library will catch fire!

Harry Most Likely to be Left Behind

This is kind of cute and it gave me a little chuckle, so I\'m passing it along...
\"They say you can\'t put a good book down - but the message doesn\'t seem to be getting through to commuting fans of the Harry Potter novels. According to Midland Mainline, more J.K. Rowling books about the young wizard are left behind on their trains than those of any other author.\" Read More.

The Top 15 Signs Your Librarian is Nuts

The Top 15 Signs Your Librarian is Nuts. The title speaks for itself I think.

11> Library only has two sections: "Limbaugh" and "Liddy."

TV and libraries: comic strip theme of the week

After seeing three comic strips touch on the subject of TV viewers and libraries this week, I had to check Chase\'s to see if there was some official event listed (there wasn\'t, unless you count Psychic Week). Take a look:

Fusco Brothers

Sylvia (look at 08/07/2002 in the archive)

Overdue (also see 08/09/2002)


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