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Book Recommendations for Dubya

The National Catholic Reporter brings us a list of top book choices for President George W. Bush, with tongue firmly, as they say, in cheek.

Author Marie Whitla O'Reilly quotes the President "It’s a wonderful country,� Bush II enthused. “You don’t have to read to become president.� and then rhetorically asks, "What about the presidentiary� library? How’s he going to fill those shelves?"

O'Reilly ponders aloud...I knew the education president needed a list and he needed it fast. Plato’s Republic came to mind, along with The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Crime and Punishment, A Short History of Financial Euphoria and Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.

Nah! I said to myself. Forget it! By his own admission, he’s no “innalexshal.�

Then, bingo! I remembered Dr. Seuss. Luckily Dubya married a librarian who is also committed to leaving no billionaire behind. Laura could easily get her hubby hooked on books, beginning with Hop on Pop. Then he can get his feet wet with Fox in Socks.

More in this delightfully silly vein at NCR.

One "Job List" Librarians Didn't Make - And Be Glad!

stevenj writes "So librarian rarely makes any of those "best job" or "hottest job lists" and maybe that bums us out because we know there are few better jobs out there. But here's one list of jobs we should be glad doesn't include our profession. Anal wart researcher topped Popular Science's list of worst jobs in science (hey - we have plenty of science librarians, right). Read more about this list at: 13p-3908385c.html"

Why NOT Ban Books?

Brian Laughing Librarian Smith thinks that there are some very compelling reaons to ban certain books. Here's his 2004 Banned Books Week Homage.

Google of Yore

Found a link to this image of a beta version of Google over at jessamyn's place.

This Land Parody, Starring Kerry & Bush

Cliff Urr writes "I don't know if this fits LIS inclusion guidelines, but it's worth looking at for an end-of-the-work-week belly laugh. This is a superb example of a "new media" online super-short movie and a hysterically funny parody of the beloved Woody Guthrie folksong - make sure your computer sound card/speakers are working."

"Library Play" by Paul Cohen

Recently completing its run at the John Houseman Theatre Center in New York, "Library Play" is a romantic comedy set after-hours in a small-town library. Producers "Faction of Fools" hope the play will soon be touring around the keep an eye/ear out for announcements. Here's a synopsis:
Wit, hijinx, and romance abound... love develops across the counter between Sandy, the irreverent assistant librarian, and Milt, an unemployed library "regular." Their unconventional courtship is repeatedly interrupted by inept gunmen, common bibliophiles, and Sandy's tyrannical boss, Marjory.

Here are photos of the cast of characters . Do they resemble anyone at your library?

Your Librarian Hates You If...

Your Librarian Hates You If... is a funny post to Craigs List from last year. I think we probably ran it before, but it's worth another visit.

You never have your library card, and then you cough on me while explaining that you don't even have an ID on you.

You refuse to learn to use the computers for yourself, and get impatient when I dont know your yahoo password.

You stare blankly as I check in your 40 books so you can pay a five-cent fine.

You contest a five-cent fine.

Library Clock Has 'IIII' Instead of 'IV'

An Anonymous Patron writes "Funny Little Story out of Gardener, MA, where Library director Gail Landy learned that when it comes to Roman numerals on clocks, IIII equals IV.

Construction manager Tom Kondel, head of the Levi Heywood Memorial Library project, came to her recently and said, "Gail, we've got a problem with the clock," referring to the large clock installed over the west door of the new library building.

As Kondel said, the number four on the clock was IIII instead of the expected IV. Landy decided it wouldn't do to have what she called "an illiterate" clock."

An Infallible Power?

Katie writes "Oh, that Satchel! Get Fuzzy" Friday Funny.


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