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Pottermania lives on in college classrooms

Pottermania lives on in college classrooms: Drawing on their expertise in theology, children's literature, globalization studies and even the history of witchcraft, professors have been able to use Harry Potter to attract crowds of students eager to take on a disciplined study of the books.

Danielle Tumminio, a Yale Divinity School graduate student and the instructor for Yale's Harry Potter course "Christian Theology and Harry Potter," said her academic background in literature and theology, combined with her personal interest in the books, inspired her to design the course.


(Purloined?) Harry Sold at Auction

Purchased, donated --or--stolen from the library?

March 19 Bloomberg News reports that Christie's International raised 36,560 pounds ($73,000), with fees, at a London sale of 20 lots of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books, including a rare first edition of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.''

The Potter action at Christie's South Kensington salesroom surpassed a low presale estimate of 20,000 pounds without fees.

It also raised questions about Christie's controls after the London-based auction house confirmed that it didn't check whether the first edition, which sold for 4,000 pounds including fees, might have been stolen from the Northamptonshire Libraries & Information Service, whose label appears on the volume.


Why Rowling should lose her copyright lawsuit.

The other day Blake posted this story on LISNEWS: Rowling 'deeply troubled' by unauthorized book. Slate has an interesting article that is related to this called: J.K. Rowling's Dark Mark: Why she should lose her copyright lawsuit against the Harry Potter Lexicon.


Rowling 'deeply troubled' by unauthorised book

Pity Poor J.K. Rowling... “I am deeply troubled by the portrayal of my efforts to protect and preserve the copyrights I have been granted in the Harry Potter books,” she wrote in court papers filed against the publisher, RDR Books. Ark is editor of a website containing a fan-created collection of essays and encyclopaedic material on the Potter universe, including lists of spells and potions found in the books, a catalogue of magical creatures and a who’s who in the wizarding world.

“Authors everywhere will be forced to protect their creations much more rigorously, which could mean denying well-meaning fans permission to pursue legitimate creative activities. I find it devastating to contemplate the possibility of such a severe alteration of author-fan relations.”

Two More Potter Flicks To Come

Time for a little Harry Potter news and/or speculation (of the cinematic variety), from the soon to be sold Publishers Weekly.


J.K. Rowling's Dark Mark

Over On Slate Tim Wu Says There is a necessary and healthy line between what the initial author owns and what follow-on, or "secondary," authors get to do, and Rowling is running over that line like the Hogwarts Express. The creators of H.P. Lexicon may not be as creative as Rowling, but they are authors, too, and deserve a little respect from the law.

JK Rowling drops hints of possible eighth Harry Potter book

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has strongly hinted for the first time that she could write an eighth book in the series.
Rowling, 42, admits she has 'weak moments' when she feels she will pen another novel about the boy wizard.
One of her biggest fans – her 14-year-old daughter Jessica – has already put pressure on her to revisit the character.


Amazon revealed as mystery Rowling book buyer

Online retailer Amazon revealed Friday it was the mystery buyer of British author J.K. Rowling's first book since the phenomenally successful Harry Potter series. "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" was sold at auction at Sotheby's Thursday to art dealers on behalf of an unidentified client for 1.95 million pounds (2.72 million euros, 3.95 million dollars), 40 times its expected price.


J.K. Rowling Fairy Tales Sell for $4M

A handwritten book by Rowling called "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" has sold for $4 million. Amazon.com was the buyer. Here is the story from the Associated Press and here is the story at the Amazon.com website.


Harry Potter Boxset Not Going Over Well With Customers

The Harry Potter boxset is not going over well with customers because in the pictures it looks like the box the books come in is wooden when in reality the box is cardboard. This did not get into the description of the product until a week after it was available for sale. Pre-orders were available for at least a month so numerous people purchased the set without the description. Click here for additional details.



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