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Grown-ups and Harry Potter

In this article from the Independent, Jonathan Myerson
criticizes the many grown-ups who are reading Harry Potter these days.

Myerson classifies these grown-ups Harry Potter lovers into three categories:
Never-Readers, for whom Harry Potter is the first book they have read in eons,
Occasional Readers, who have been convinced by the hype to make Harry
Potter one of the few books they\'ll read this year, and Regular Readers, for whom
Harry Potter is just one of many books.

Myerson heaps scorn on these adults, but what I find most offensive is not his
opinion of Harry Potter in particular (I\'m not a great fan), but his attitude toward
children\'s books in general.


Potter Movie Mania

IMDB is Reporting all sorts of Harry News today. In case you live in a cave, the movie from Stupid Director Chris Columbus opens this weekend. There is a Review, the first major North American newspaper to publish a full-fledged review.

Robin Williams said that he wanted to appear in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer\'s Stone but was turned down.

Harry Potter is likely to be run on at least 7,000 screens due to multi-screen bookings at multiplexes, meaning that the movie will be playing on one out of every six screens in North America, which breaks the current record of 3,653 held by the terrible Mission: Impossible 2, from Stupid Director John Woo.


The Trouble With Harry Potter

Wired has a Story on a new WebSite that teaches kids about censorship and fighting for freedom of expression, using the fictional boy wizard as a case study.

Check out kidspeakonline.org

\"You couldn\'t ask for a better poster child against censorship than Harry Potter,\" said Chris Finan, the president of American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression


Other Than Visual Effects, Will Harry Disappoint?

Fans are supposedly gobbling up tickets to this weekend\'s release of the Harry Potter film. After reviewing the film, Roger Ebert is comparing it to the Wizard of Oz. Critics David Ansen (Newsweek) and Kirk Honeycutt (Hollywood Reporter) both praise the film\'s special effects, but believe it offers little else. Will Harry\'s big screen debut be all it\'s conjured up to be? More


Coke Targeted for Harry Potter Campaign

ABC News reports that a health interest group is protesting Coke\'s Harry Potter campaign, charging that Coke is marketing junk food to kids. Part of the campaign includes $18 million to go to literacy efforts, and Coke says it is promoting reading, not junk food. Coke doesn\'t argue that Coca-Cola is nutritious, however.


Santa Potter Coming to a Theater Near You

With an excitement that seems matched only by the arrival of Kris Kringle himself this time of year, this holiday season is bringing with it, Harry Potter, the live version. Friday marks the arrival of the controversial kid. Theaters will likely be flooded over the weekend by kids, parents, grandparents, and anyone else who is a Potter maniac. Educators and librarians are excited about the most basic aspect of the series of books, which is that kids are interested in reading again. More.


Harry preps kids for Antichrist

Associated Press has another story about some conservative American Christians complaining that Harry Potter is an introduction to evil.

Besides emphasizing that this view is outside the Christian mainstream, this one also has some fun bits: A pagan says that people in his movement think the Potter books are "rather uncool," and a particularly ridiculous image on one anti-Potter website is mentioned.

A related item: A Sunday morning program at Unity Church in Chicago is supposed to examine parallels between the Harry Potter books and Bible passages.


Lots O\' Harry Stuff

I seem to have collected a bucket full o\' Harry Potter stories here.

A Small NYTimes Editorial pointed the way to SaveHarry.com, a site to Save Harry from profiteering marketers.

Sexist, satanist, classist on Harry finding himself held responsible for the moral health of the nation\'s children.

SciFi.com has a Small Interview with Robbie Coltrane, who plays Hogwarts groundskeeper Hagrid. He says the film is \"quite shockingly good\".

Movie pirates cash in on Harry Potter mania has details on counterfeit DVDs.

Magic by the books is a general movie story.

And, Ananova tells us fifth book \'shouldn\'t be too long, in which, JK Rowling says the fifth Harry Potter novel should be finished soon.
Ananova also has special Harry Potter and JK Rowling news sections.


Teachers warn dangers in Potter movie magic

Remember that one scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the one with the witch? This story just made me think of that for some reason.

One of Britain\'s biggest teaching unions has issued a stern warning to parents and teachers that J.K. Rowling\'s phenomenally successful creation could lead schoolchildren into the sinister world of the occult.

Full Story from The Observer sent in by Bob Cox.

\"The premiere of Harry Potter the movie will lead to a whole new generation of youngsters discovering witchcraft and wizardry. We welcome the values this will ingrain, focusing on good triumphing over evil. Though it is important not to over-react to this entertaining phenomenon, the risks are clear.\"


Larry Potter Not Taking Flight

Salon has This Story on author N.K. Stouffer and her book \"The Legend of Rah and the Muggles\".

This is the book first published in the 1980s that has more than a few similarities with Harry.
Her books aren\'t selling and her lawsuit isn\'t going so well either.



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