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\'Harry Potter\' to Be Released in Latin.

Hermit ;-)
writes \"For the Harry Potter-Phile\'s: author J.K.
Rowling is having \"...the Philosopher\'s Stone,\"
translated into Latin and ancient Greek in an effort to
make learning those languages \'more fun\'. According
the AP story the Latin version is coming along crisply
\"at the rate of a page a day.\" The article mentions the
book\'s advice, \"\"Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus\'\'
(Never tickle a sleeping dragon).\" Seems like good
advice to me... \"


Harry Potter furor spawns closer look at books

I just can\'t get enough of the Christians Vs. Harry Potter stories.

With the intense interest in the movie \'\'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer\'s Stone,\'\' certain books in Lubbock TX Independent School District elementary libraries are under close inspection.
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\'\'I have not received any calls from parents requesting us to look at books in our library,\'\' Graves said. \'\'We just want to be prepared and aware of what books we have in our library.\'\'


Harry Banned Again

Harry Potter has been Banned from the library at 60 Seventh-Day Adventist Schools in Australia. The book is said to not meet the criteria for acquisition. The school\'s policy existed long before Harry Potter. According to the school\'s director, the Tolkien\'s \"Lord of the Rings\" will likely be allowed in the library. More from The Daily News.


School Districts Ban HP

Just in case anyone isn\'t sick of hearing about Harry, here comes anutha... School libraries all over the country are struggling with the issue of what to do about Harry. While Harry haters are trying to force the removal of the books, Harry advocates are encouraging school boards to leave Harry alone. With Harry\'s creator planning three more books in the series, it looks like Harry will be in the limelight for quite awhile longer. More


HP Returns to Catholic School

The pastor of Holy Rosary Catholic Church has had the Harry Potter books put back on the school\'s library shelves, less than a week after they were removed by the school\'s principal. The Reverend is an admitted Potter fan and joined millions of other moviegoers for Potter\'s film debut last weekend. It seems that after some discussion, the school\'s principal sees things differently now. More


Harry Potter and the Curse of Junk Science

For The Nando Times, Richard Berman has written an article about how the Center for Science is attacking Coca-Cola for sponsoring the recently released Harry Potter movie. According to Berman, \"Michael Jacobson has clearly never read a Harry Potter novel. If he had, he would know it\'s not wise to pick a fight with Harry.\" The Center for Science has also created a web site at www.saveharry.com. The purpose of the site is to save the boy wizard from the \"grasp\" of the soft drink giant. More


Fargo, ND Kids Didn\'t Get to See Harry Potter Film

There\'s a controversy brewing in Fargo, ND, and as a result, school students were prevented from attending the Harry Potter movie preview, even though they had parental permission. According to the article, \"the fact that some consider witchcraft a religion, meant that the school-led trip to the movie theater would constitute a violation of the separation of church and state and possibly lead to legal action.\" Rather than be caught in the middle of the controversy, the school canceled the field trip. More


Harry Potter and the Snore-cerer\'s Stone

I just got back from seeing the Harry Potter movie. The audience at the matinee consisted mainly of moms with kids, senior citizens, and lone geeky men with glasses and beards. Guess I\'m in that last category.

There was a really ejoyable special trailer for Monsters, Inc. that ran before the HP flick. And an upcoming movie with the kid from \"Malcolm in the Middle\" looks promising.

Anyway, it seems that director Chris Columbus and/or Warner Brothers put a lot of effort into making the HP movie boring. You probably shouldn\'t read any more if you don\'t want me to ruin things for you ...


\'Harry Potter\' Movie Debuts Across U.S.

So the big Harry Potter movie opened today, not like you need me to tell you that. If you haven\'t had enough, I\'d recommend Yahoo! Movies for all the Hot Harry Action you can stand.

They have News, Reviews and much More than I can handle.

If you saw it, or are seeing it this weekend, and would like to contribute a review, please let us know.


We\'re the Jesus Party, and Harry\'s not invited!

Val writes \"A Christian group in Lewiston, Maine, celebrates the release of the Harry Potter movie with an old-timey, feel-good book-cutting...\"

Yep, that\'s right, they cut the books instead of burning them, seems... I dunno, anti-climatic. There is something about a preacher screaming about the devil in front of a fire that is so much more inspiring than watching a man cut a book apart with his little scissors.
An English teacher at the protest called it (the book cutting) child abuse. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

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