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Gather Round The Book Fire

James Nimmo passed along Another Story with more details on the big book burning in NM.

800 protesters showed up against the fire, which lasted little over half an hour, focused primarily on the book burning - referencing biblical uses of fire as a tool of cleansing, the \"evil\" influence of witchcraft, and the righteousness of ridding oneself of so-called spiritual hindrances.

J.R.R. Tolkein, \"Star Wars\" material and \"The Complete Works of William Shakespeare\", Popular fashion magazines such as \"Cosmopolitan\" and \"Young Miss,\" and various adult magazines, were also burned. Even a ouiji board was tossed on the fire.

One protester displayed a Stephen King novel she allegedly rescued from destruction.

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Harry Potter Hotter Than Ever

There\'s a CNN Story and one at ITV.com as well on the anti-Potter sermon at the Christ Community Church in Alamogordo in southern New Mexico.

Jack Brock, the Christ Community Church founder and pastor, said the books burned Sunday were \"a masterpiece of satanic deception.\"

Across the street, protesters chanting \"Stop burning books\" stretched in a line a quarter of a mile long.

CNN also points out inside the Alamogordo Public Library was a display highlighting the books.
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\"These books teach children how they can get into witchcraft and become a witch, wizard or warlock,\"


\'Harry Potter\' author J.K. Rowling was married December 26th

The AP is reporting
via Salon.com that \'Harry Potter\' author J.K. Rowling married her boyfriend
December 26th, 2001.  That\'s a nice way to ring in the New Year. 


Pastor to hold book burning

Bob Cox passed along This One that says Christ Community Church pastor Jack Brock plans to publicly burn Harry Potter books in a bonfire Sunday in New Mexico.

Brock says he hasn\'t read any of the books.


\'Harry Potter\' to Be Released in Latin.

Hermit ;-)
writes \"For the Harry Potter-Phile\'s: author J.K.
Rowling is having \"...the Philosopher\'s Stone,\"
translated into Latin and ancient Greek in an effort to
make learning those languages \'more fun\'. According
the AP story the Latin version is coming along crisply
\"at the rate of a page a day.\" The article mentions the
book\'s advice, \"\"Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus\'\'
(Never tickle a sleeping dragon).\" Seems like good
advice to me... \"


Harry Potter furor spawns closer look at books

I just can\'t get enough of the Christians Vs. Harry Potter stories.

With the intense interest in the movie \'\'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer\'s Stone,\'\' certain books in Lubbock TX Independent School District elementary libraries are under close inspection.
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\'\'I have not received any calls from parents requesting us to look at books in our library,\'\' Graves said. \'\'We just want to be prepared and aware of what books we have in our library.\'\'


Harry Banned Again

Harry Potter has been Banned from the library at 60 Seventh-Day Adventist Schools in Australia. The book is said to not meet the criteria for acquisition. The school\'s policy existed long before Harry Potter. According to the school\'s director, the Tolkien\'s \"Lord of the Rings\" will likely be allowed in the library. More from The Daily News.


School Districts Ban HP

Just in case anyone isn\'t sick of hearing about Harry, here comes anutha... School libraries all over the country are struggling with the issue of what to do about Harry. While Harry haters are trying to force the removal of the books, Harry advocates are encouraging school boards to leave Harry alone. With Harry\'s creator planning three more books in the series, it looks like Harry will be in the limelight for quite awhile longer. More


HP Returns to Catholic School

The pastor of Holy Rosary Catholic Church has had the Harry Potter books put back on the school\'s library shelves, less than a week after they were removed by the school\'s principal. The Reverend is an admitted Potter fan and joined millions of other moviegoers for Potter\'s film debut last weekend. It seems that after some discussion, the school\'s principal sees things differently now. More


Harry Potter and the Curse of Junk Science

For The Nando Times, Richard Berman has written an article about how the Center for Science is attacking Coca-Cola for sponsoring the recently released Harry Potter movie. According to Berman, \"Michael Jacobson has clearly never read a Harry Potter novel. If he had, he would know it\'s not wise to pick a fight with Harry.\" The Center for Science has also created a web site at www.saveharry.com. The purpose of the site is to save the boy wizard from the \"grasp\" of the soft drink giant. More



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