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Fake Harry Potter book takes China by storm

Here\'s An Odd One, sent in by Bob Cox, that says a fake Harry Potter book portraying our hero as a fat hairy dwarf has gone on sale in China and become an instant hit. \"Harry Potter and Leopard Walk Up to Dragon\", is selling in Beijing street markets for one pound.


Mom Says, \'Harry Well Written, but not Suitable for Schools\'

Here is more of the same on Harry Potter. The mother of a school student is saying that she has read the books, thinks they are well written, and may be acceptable for public libraries, but have no place in school. Read More.


;-) AP: \'\'Harry Potter Trailer Debuts Online.\'\'

Potter [\"Chamber of Secrets\"] Trailer Debuts Online.
-AP via -WashingtonPost 

At HarryPotter.com
click on the \"Daily Prophet,\" (direct link: \"Watch
the Chamber of Secrets Trailer!
scroll to the bottom and pick a player and your connection speed.

Meet Dobby
the Elf and watch Ron and Harry fly a car (poorly).


\"Harry Potter...\" DVD Release Date Approaching

The DVD for \"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer\'s Stone\" will be out on May the 28th. Below are three links to reviews of the DVD release. Everyone seems to agree that the transfer
from film to DVD is a bit sketchy at times, but the sound is great.

Also, the reviews concur that Disc 2, which contains the extras, will
not appeal to anyone over the age of 10. There are seven deleted
scenes, but accessing them is time consuming. Here are the
first steps:

Deleted Scene Access InstructionsSo you\'re braving it, eh? Okay then. With Disc Two in your player,
from the main menu, select \"Diagon Alley\". You\'ll be faced with a brick
wall from which you\'ll be asked to select the right bricks to let you
inside. Just click on a few - the third time you fail to get the right
combination, the disc will let you in anyway. Inside Diagon Alley,
select the key on the Gringots sign. Inside Gringots, select the coins
to get the money you\'ll need to buy a wand. Next go to Olivanders and
select a wand. Once you\'ve finally found one that works, leave Diagon
Alley and go back out to the main menu. Select \"classrooms\". When you
get to that page, select \"down\" on your remote to highlight the
creatures on the statue and hit enter twice. You\'ll be taken into the
third floor corridor, where you\'ll see a three-headed dog. Select the
flute and hit enter. Next you\'ll be taken to a room with flying keys.[taken from The Digital Bits]

Beleive it or not there are more steps. This interactivity
is meant to appeal to kids, and might, but no alternative is provided for adults.

From The Digital Bits

From DVD File

From The Home Theater Forum

P.S. If you\'re really hardcore, you\'ll buy the Canadian DVD \"Harry Potter and the Philosopher\'s Stone.\"


Harry Potter and the Quest for the Unfinished Volume

The Lovely and talented Carrie passed along This NYTimes Story on when will the next Harry Potter book appear. The answer? No one knows, not even J. K. Rowling.

\"There are, like, millions of Web sites,\" said Ms. Ruskin, the 11-year-old fan. \"One person told me that J. K. Rowling got mad at people for pushing her so she decided to start over.\"


Schools Return Harry Potter to Shelves

In Springfield, MO, Harry Potter books have been returned to the shelves. They had been removed after the district received a complaint about their contents. The Board had the books removed and appointed a review committee to investigate the matter. More


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix -- April Fools

Editors Note: This was an April Fools Joke

As expected, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix handily topped the bestseller list this week. It\'s shorter, at a relatively scarce 410 pages, but just as full of intrigue. When Hermione stumbles into a ritual of Dumbledore\'s magical militia (named for his pet phoenix Fawkes, whose tailfeathers are in Harry\'s wand -- and Voldemort\'s), they try to keep her quiet by making her prefect. But when Harry finds out, he\'s determined to enlist... no matter what the cost to friends and loved ones. If you haven\'t read it yet, you\'re missing out.

Editors Note: This was an April Fools Joke


Harry Potter banned in United Arab Emirates

The Star Says The United Arab Emirates has banned 26 books from private school curriculums, including Harry Potter, and \"Animal Farm\".The ministry warned private schools to abide by its decision and required them to present a list of books to be taught to students.


More Harry Potter Hysteria

steven bell writes \"I\'m not a fan of Harry Potter, but I am amused by the sillyness that results from the hysteria about the book. This story was reported in Sunday\'s Phila. Inquirer - about a Lancaster County police/fire squad that would not support an event at a local YMCA because (this is from the story):

The conflict is set not at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but in a wee Central Pennsylvania town 10 miles north of Lancaster. There, a squad of eight volunteers who direct traffic at fires, accidents, and special events has refused to work the annual Lancaster YMCA triathlon this fall. Their reason: They claim the Y promotes witchcraft by reading the Potter tales in children\'s story hours.

In a letter to Y officials in December, Penryn Fire Police Capt. Robert Fichthorn wrote that he was \"horrified\" that a group that \"professes to hold Christian beliefs would hold classes for young and receptive minds on the subject of witchcraft.\"

See the story. \"


What if Order of the Phoenix Is an eBook

Someone point out SFGate has This Story on the fact that Rowling has thus far signed no final contract for \"Order of the Phoenix\", still tentatively scheduled for this fall, David Kipen, asks:
\"What if Rowling turned her back on the notoriously screwy publishing industry and, like Dylan, went electric?\"

He says The consequences would be threefold and immediate, First, many nice neighborhood bookstores would curl up and die overnight, Second, those same nice booksellers would have plenty of company in bankruptcy court, Third, a downloadable Harry Potter book would put the fast-expiring micro- industry of e-book publishing incontrovertibly on the map once and for all.



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