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Jeff Guillaume writes \"I just wanted to introduce everyone to HPANA, the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator. It collects HP news from sources around the world, summarizes them and also repackages everything in RSS format! It was an idea I had because I\'m lazy and didn\'t like surfing to all the different HP news sites for my \"fix\". Now they come to me. And I figured I\'d let them come to other people too. :) Check it out and let me know what you think! \"


Harry Potter ban voted down

James Nimmo sent over This Story from Oklahoma, where Guymon school board members voted Monday to retain Harry Potter books after a hearing requested by a parent who claimed the books about a young wizard glamorize witchcraft.

\"(The board) felt it is primarily a parental issue so each parent should make the decision on whether they want their children to read that,\" Superintendent Bob Neal said. \"


UK Churches Urged to Embrace Harry Potter

Harry writes \" A Reuters Story says British and Irish churches are being urged to acknowledge the escapades of Harry Potter in their teachings, defying a global Christian trend of denouncing the boy wizard\'s adventures as a corrupting force.


Keeping Current On Your Harry News

Reuters Says Harry is a hot toy this year. Lego Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, and, Harry Potter Slime Chamber Play Set are both going to sell well.

Meanwhile, Nigel Hunt Says a new book claims the boy wizard\'s adventures are really full of Christian imagery and morals.
Connie Neal, author of \"The Gospel According to Harry Potter,\" says she could run a weekly bible study using Harry Potter as a starting point.


Harry Potter is a whiz among the young and the old

Aaron Tunn sent along a couple of Harry Potter stories. Hold on, Harry\'s on the way, says, the fifth Harry Potter novel is well on the way to \"The End\", and could be in the bookshops, in Europe at least, by Christmas.

Harry\'s reclusive creator, the English-born J.K. Rowling, has ended a year\'s speculation that she had writer\'s block and had lost the desire to finish the seven-part Harry Potter series, by announcing that the fifth book is almost finished, and could be as big as the last, the 636-page The Goblet of Fire.

Harry Potter a whiz for young and old says the Harry Potter books are the best children\'s stories of all time.

A British survey by an educational publisher, to be released this week, names Harry Potter and the Philosopher\'s Stone, the first of J. K. Rowling\'s four teenage wizard novels, as the favourite children\'s book for boys, girls - and their parents.


Potter author awaits pitter patter

CNN Europe is Reporting J. K. Rowling is expecting a baby. They also say Rowling is putting the finishing touches to her fifth in the series with an estimated £220 million fortune to her name.
The Globe & Mail Says a U.S. court threw out rival author Nancy Stouffer\'s claims that she stole words and characters from Ms. Stouffer\'s books.

\"I will say that I have a beginning, a middle and an end — you could read it all the way through and I know a lot of Harry Potter fans will say just to give it to us. But I\'m a perfectionist and I want a bit more of a tweak,\" she said.


Two deadlines for Volume 5 have come -- and gone

In what could be the Worst News Ever, Rowling has now missed two deadlines, the later in July, when the fifth installment was expected in stores. Word now is that you\'ll have to wait until June 2003 to read a new Harry Potter book. Or maybe later. Rowling\'s reported title for the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,Bloomsbury, her British publisher, insists that the Scotland-based author is \"happily\" working away, \"taking the time to write the best book that she can.\" But an air of desperation surrounds these denials. Harry Potter books, after all, account for 40 percent of Bloomsbury\'s cash flow.


Petition Seeks to Ban Popular Book Series

The Pampa [TX] Independent School District faced a decision about banning the Harry Potter series from its curriculum. Last week, some residents gave the board a petition containing 750 signatures. In a 5-2 vote Monday, the board decided to keep the series in schools.
Full Story.
\"I\'m also concerned with the fact that in 4th and 5th grade, in grade school here, parents had no knowledge that these books were being read to the children,\" said parent Sue Scothorn. She went on to say that after attending a Christian convention in Colorado, she became convinced that the Harry Potter series was detrimental to children. \"It\'s a subtle introduction to witchcraft for children and all 19 points of witchcraft are contained in these books,\" she said.


Teen\'s $20,000 birthday bash

Here\'s One that says a couple on holiday in far-north Queensland spent more than $20,000 creating a Harry Potter fantasy for their son\'s 13th birthday party this week.

In a stunning re-creation of J.K. Rowling\'s best-sellers, the American boy found his room at the Port Douglas Mirage Resort full of mist and flying letters, then was visited by an owl with an invitation from Hogwart\'s School of Magic.


US Woman Accused of Harassing JK Rowling Deported

James Nimmo passed along This Odd Story about an American woman who was accused of harassing Harry Potter author JK Rowling, has been deported from Scotland. British newspapers reported Cho bombarded the author with letters and phone calls, and made numerous visits to her Edinburgh home. She also pretended to be the beneficiary of a trust set up by Rowling in an attempt to get more information about the author.



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