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J.K. Rowling Completes 6th Potter Novel

Harry Potter book 6 is in the can! The AP reports J.K. Rowling announced Monday that she has completed the sixth Potter novel, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."Only recently, the book's completion seemed far away. In a message posted Dec. 10, Rowling said she had nothing "noteworthy to report, because I have been spending nearly all my time sitting in front of my computer writing, rewriting and taking the occasional break to bang my head off the desk in frustration or else rub my hands together in fiendish glee (I think the latter has happened once)."


J.K. Leaks out Tidbits of Book 6 - and other News

search-engines-web.com send along a couple Harry bits. Wizard News Says something about Gideon and Fabian Prewett being somehow related to someone. A few other bits in there on Godric’s Hollow and other things that make no sense to anyone who hasn't read the books or seen the movives [like me]. I won't post more just in case you don't want any of the story spoiled.
Meanwhile, in Harry-net news, JK Rowling, has won an order for the transfer of two domain names - www.kjkrowling.com and www.-jkrowling.com - that had been registered by Alvaro Collazo, of Uruguay, a known typosquatter.


Magic day spells trouble for library

Anonymous Patron writes "The Rochdale Observer, a paper in the UK, reports a Councillor has provoked a storm by writing to Rochdale library chief Paul Guy complaining about a ‘Hotter than Potter’ event at Smithy Bridge library last month.One local resident is so angry with the councillor he has written to Charles Kennedy, the leader of the Liberal Democrat party, to complain about her.

The Councillor wrote: "Halloween can be a frightening time for a lot of children who are scared of the dark. I have never read the Harry Potter books, but there is no such thing as a good witch and as a Christian I believe we should be teaching children about goodness and light."
Funniest quote is from her boss: "This is just a storm in a cauldron..." not sure if he meant the pun or not though."


3 New Book Chapter Titles Revealed on Rowlings Brain Teaser Website

search-engines-web.com writes "The Sun Reports Harry Potter author JK Rowling has revealed the titles of three chapters from her next book.The names are found on her website – but fans need patience and a bit of wizardry to find them."


Miniature Harry Potter book sells at auction for 11,000 pounds

A miniature book containing a guide to everything Harry Potter needed for his life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has sold for 11,000 pounds (16,000 euros, 20,000 dollars), Sotheby's auction house said. Full Story.


Harry's Hot at Guantanamo Bay Prison Library

Pretty amazing story from the Australia Sun Herald about the borrowing habits of Guantanamo Bay prisoners who are fighting over who gets to read which Harry Potter books.

Ex-US Air Force translator (and former prisoner)Ahmad Al Halabi, librarian at Guantanamo Bay prison, said (accused terrorist) Australian David Hicks was one of several inmates who were "always arguing about which volume of Harry Potter they could have".

Of course the reading matter was highly suspect ...investigators thought a series of numbers next to Hicks's name on a cell block roster were part of a secret coded message between Al Halabi and Hicks. But the "code" was in fact the reference numbers for the Harry Potter books in the library.

You've got to read it to believe it here


Say it ain't so Rowling say it ain't so!

lordjim_2001 writes "It looks like another character is going to die in the next Harry Potter novel: Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. CNN.com has the scoop.

Anyone want to start the betting pool on who it is?"


The Rewards of Reading

Ah, the summer book program, along with summer, are drawing to a close.

In Southern California, a few fortunate children are celebrating their reading accomplishments by being rewarded with school supplies, backpacks and CD players, donated by the La Quinta Senior Center.

Jared Reed read for 32 hours for fun.

His book of choice was "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone."

"The story is really cool," he said.

He enjoyed the book so much that he tried to read as much as he could in one sitting.

"Once I get into the middle of a story, I want to read more," said Reed, 10.

"You want to read till your eyes pop out," he said.The Desert Sun.


Will Rowling Bury Harry in Book 7?

search-engines-web.com/ sends " several links to articles about an interview with JK Rowling in which she hints at less than a happy ending for the Harry Potter series. You can try and read between the lines here 1, here 2, and here 3."


Author 'chilled' to learn Harry's half-blood status has Nazi parallels

JK Rowling Says she made the "chilling" discovery that villains in her books used the same twisted logic as the Nazis when she visited a Holocaust museum, the author has revealed.

Ms Rowling was asked by a fan to explain why some people in the stories - including the hero Harry Potter - are referred to as "half-blood" wizards.



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