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Men named Harry Potter tell their stories

Do you think there is only one Harry Potter? Abebooks has discovered there are hundreds of Harry Potters around the globe. Abebooks.com Richard Davies tracked down and spoke to a few of them - here are their stories.

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'Stolen' Potter book pair charged

The Beed Reports Two men have been charged with weapons offences after they were thought to be trying to sell a stolen copy of the new Harry Potter novel to a newspaper.

Police were called to Tresham Street in Kettering, Northants, on Friday morning after reports a weapon had been fired.

They said a person "in possession of firearms" had tried to sell a copy of the Potter book, due out next month. The pair have been released on bail.

The Sun newspaper said it had intended to obtain the book and inform police.


Two Men Arrested in Harry Potter Theft

Two men near London were arrested after trying to sell two stolen copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to reporters from two British newspapers.

The sixth and newest Harry Potter adventure has sparked massive interest since author J.K. Rowling revealed a major character will be killed in the book.

With a flood of bets in late May that it was *********** who would die, many bookmakers suspended betting, suspecting that information had been leaked.

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Charlotte Church : Pope in the bad books

Charlotte Church Is Quoted in the Herald and Weekly Times as saying "I'm from a Catholic family. But I don't like this new pope,""He even wants to ban Harry Potter! He says it is because of witchcraft and other bad stuff."

And the singer, who has read every Potter book, says the pontiff should read them before judging. "If he bothered to sit down and read it he'd understand the morals of it."

But former cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is adamant Potter is evil -- despite his predecessor, John Paul II, praising author JK Rowling for helping children understand the difference between good and evil.

In even more interesting Harry news, Two men have been arrested after shots were fired during what was thought to be a newspaper deal to buy a stolen copy of the new Harry Potter novel. The Beeb Has More, apparently The Sun newspaper said it was intending to obtain the book and inform police.

A spokesman for The Sun said the paper had been approached by someone claiming to have a copy of JK Rowling's latest novel.


Signed Harry to one lucky library

Katie writes "Apparently one lucky library will be the recipient of a signed copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince thanks to a Scholastic contest due to be announced on June 1st. Yahoo! story"


Odds Are It's....[Potential Spoiler]

United Press International Online British bookies resumed taking bets Wednesday on which character gets killed off in the sixth "Harry Potter" novel.

Betting on which character will die began eight months ago after author JK Rowling confirmed a key character would be killed off. But after a rash of bets began pouring in from the British town of Bungay, where the book is being printed, Internet betting Web site Blue Square Tuesday suspended betting for fear the manuscript had been leaked.

After assurances from Potter publishers Bloomsbury there was no leak, the site reopened betting, but at prohibitive odds, the BBC said.

The favorite so far has been Hogwarts' headmaster Dumbledore, whose newest odds Wednesday were 1-5.


Gentle Reminder about Spoilers

I imagine that we'll be talking about Harry Potter a lot the next couple months. If you're going to post anything as a story or comment that talks about plot points, please put "Spoiler" somewhere in the title or risk the wailing and gnashing of teeth from devoted HP readers.


Potter book just too big

Anonymous Patron sends "this story from the Winnepeg Sun about a Canadian printer who is unable to run the latest JK Rowling book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, on his press because the job would overburden his press. There are over a million copies of the title on order, all of which will be printed by larger American presses.


'Ginormous' Tops Non-Dictionary Word List

Anonymous Patron writes "'Ginormous' Tops Non-Dictionary Word List:

The editors of Merriam-Webster dictionaries got more than 3,000 entries when, in a lighthearted moment, they asked visitors to their Web site to submit their favorite words that aren't in the dictionary.

First place went to "ginormous" — bigger than gigantic and bigger than enormous — followed by "confuzzled" for confused and puzzled simultaneously, and "whoot," an exclamation of joy. A "lingweenie" — a person incapable of making up new words — placed 10th.

He also spotted "a number of Harry Potterisms" among the entries."


Castle turned into Hogwarts for Harry Potter book Six launch

The Scotsman Reports SEVENTY children from around the world are to meet JK Rowling in the Capital and will be the first people to read the new Harry Potter book.

The youngsters will get to travel to Edinburgh Castle, which will be transformed for a weekend into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for the launch of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

And one lucky Evening News reader will be among those going along to meet the author.

JK Rowling herself will appear - as if by magic - from a secret panel in the castle’s Great Hall at the stroke of midnight.

And she will give each of the youngsters a very special gift - a signed copy of the latest book. The author will also read from the first chapter of the book, which is likely to smash all the sales records set by previous installments.



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