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How to process 467 Harry Potter books in 2 1/2 hours

A tale from Tucson (posted on the library_grrls Livejournal community):

When do 7 of the 9 Library techs leave?

At 2:30 pm.

And when did all of our HP get delivered down at the loading dock?

At 2:25 pm. [More]


Alternative Potter: The Death of Dumbledore

The Guardian asked readers to write an account of Albus Dumbledore dying, in the style of an author other than J.K. Rowling.** Versions "by" Dickens, Hemingway, Anne Rice, Hunter Thompson, and many more are here. Some are more entertaining than others, of course.

** (The writing is in the style of another author, not the dying.)


Harry Fans Alarmed by E-mail From Wal-Mart, Amazon.com

...the stores mistakenly informed many of their customers by e-mail that the books would arrive late.

Heaven (or Hogwarts) forbid!!!

The sad, sad Story .


Confessions of a Grown-Up Harry Potter Fan

...by Miranda Puckett, in The Roanoke (VA) Times.

In a brief biographical bit, the author admits, yes, that she's a fan, but "Don't get me wrong; I'm not the most extreme Potter fan in Roanoke. I don't sleep between licensed Harry Potter sheets, cast spells or have a huge crush on Daniel Radcliffe (the actor who plays Harry Potter in the movies). I haven't even dressed up as a Hogwarts character.



Pope Opposes Harry Potter Novels

From Life Site: a note that said that Pope Benedict XVI (former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) expressed serious reservations about the novels is now finally being revealed to the English-speaking world--still under the impression that the Vatican approves of the Potter novels.In a letter dated March 7, 2003 Cardinal Ratzinger thanked Kuby for her "instructive" book Harry Potter - gut oder böse (Harry Potter- good or evil?), in which Kuby says the Potter books corrupt the hearts of the young, preventing them from developing a properly ordered sense of good and evil, thus harming their relationship with God while that relationship is still in its infancy.Thanks Steven M Cohen for the link.


Price Wars Round the World for Harry VI

You can't get your hands on it (except you librarians and booksellers, but mum's the word), but it's getting cheaper and cheaper to acquire a copy of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" as we get closer to its release on July 16th.

Story from South Africa about reduced prices for Harry in a Cape Town chain store (where the as-yet-released title is called a 'loss leader'), as well as a world-wide round-up (Britain, US, UK, Canada) on cut-rate copies of the book.

And here, from today's copy of the Shelf-Awareness newsletter, a note from Australia about how you hear the book in its entirety FOR FREE:

    "Once Harry Potter goes on sale in Australia (at 9:01 a.m. local time Saturday), a Brisbane FM radio station will broadcast a reading of the book in its entirety. Celebrities, locals and Potter fans will take turns reading 10-minute passages of the book from in front of a Borders. The station received permission to do the reading from the Christopher Little agency, which required that the reading be continuous, for nonprofit use and not recorded."

Potter works wonders for kids' literacy

It transformed a struggling teacher into one of Britain's most wealthy women and created a multimillion-pound publishing phenomenon.

But apart from making JK Rowling Scotland's richest woman, the teenage wizard she created has also persuaded millions of children to spend less time on computer games and televisions and more time with books.

New research by the Federation of Children's Book Groups (FCBG), shows that JK Rowling's storytelling has had a major impact on literacy and reading habits in the UK.

Read the whole story from Scotsman.com


A Hairy Moment...Fourteen Harrys Sold in Error

Canada.com brings us the story of how a bookseller in Coquitlam inadvertantly (so they say) sold fourteen copies of the new Harry Potter.

Raincoast Books won a B.C. Supreme Court injunction Saturday that forbids copying or disclosing any part of the book before 12.01 a.m., July 16.

Geoff Wilson, a spokesman for the Loblaw Companies Ltd., said an employee at its Great Canadian Superstore subsidiary accidentally sold the copies without being aware of a worldwide publicity machine that demands intense security around the book.


Natl. Library of Scotland Falls under Harry's Latest Spell

Story from the Scotsman .

Scottish national librarian Martyn Wade, said: "I am delighted that JK Rowling has signed and donated the first copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to the National Library of Scotland.

"The Harry Potter books continue to enthrall readers of all ages across the world, and we are delighted to add this special copy to the library, which is located close to where Harry Potter was written, and lies in the heart of the first UNESCO City of Literature.



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