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Copyright followup on Canadian Potter fiasco

Daniel sent over This Essay on Harry and the Canadian Lawyers. In a free and democratic society, a book publisher sought and obtained a court order banning reading and discussion of a children’s book. In fact, Raincoast had asked the court to go even further, by compelling purchasers to disclose the names, addresses, and other contact information of any other person with whom they discussed the book’s contents.


Rowling's millions get lost in translation

Maybe all that secrecy didn't pay off? The Scotsman Says JK Rowling is set to lose millions of pounds of royalties because rogue translations of her books are appearing on the internet months before the official editions are printed.

Strict secrecy surrounding the latest Harry Potter book, meant that official translators did not get hold of the new volume until the English edition was published, meaning that millions of Potter fans must wait until next year to obtain official copies of the book in their first language.


Poll Puts Laura Bush in Hufflepuff, George in Slytherin

Zogby's polled Harry Potter readers to find out their political affiliations, and to see in which house of Hogwarts they would place prominent political figures. George Bush will be joined by Hillary Clinton in Slytherin. Those polled also said that they would rather see Hermione as president of the US, by an overwhelming majority, with Ron Weasley being the character least likely to find himself in the White House.


Harry Potter no se habla espanol

Daniel writes "Sad News for Spanish readers, looks like spanish-speaking Potter fans will have to wait until Spring 2006. While millions have already finished the sixth book in J.K. Rowling's fantasy series, fans hoping to read it in other languages will have to wait. Translating a 672-page book is a long process, made longer by the strict security imposed on "Half-Blood Prince" by Rowling and her publishers: Translators didn't get to see the book until it officially came out, July 16."


Potter political?

lislemck writes "Here's a review with no spoilers that seems to put a different gloss on Harry's most recent adventures. Of course, J. K. Rowling does not live in a vacuum, but I don't think of her as political. I haven't read Half-Blood. Anyone who has care to comment?"


Pope Opposes Harry Potter? Hardly

Anonymous Patron writes "John Granger, an outspoken advocate of Harry among Christians, just posted his rebuttal to the rumors of the Pope's criticism of Harry Potter. Check it out at: hogwartsprofessor.com"


Parliament Piles On The Harry Potter Bandwagon

Scotsman.com Reports Lynne Jones, the Birmingham Selly Oak MP, wants authors and publishers to stop supermarkets undercutting other outlets by two-thirds. She Said "I therefore call on publishers and best-selling authors like JK Rowling to consider the threat to the viability of bookshops of such practices offering a full range of titles and to set terms in publishing contracts to prevent this extreme discounting."
Meanwhile, ten MPs, led by East Dunbartonshire Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson, have put down another EDM defending Ms Rowling against criticism from the Pope that her books might encourage children to become interest in the occult.


Will our grandchildren remember J.K. Rowling?

Anonymous Patron writes "Colby Cosh Asks Will our grandchildren remember J.K. Rowling? It comforts him to consider whether our grandchildren will have any idea who J.K. Rowling was -- it's a fairly safe bet they won't. He also asks what are we supposed to make of a billionairess who sets the Dementors of litigation on the very people who made her rich?"


Some copies of new Harry Potter book misprinted

CTV.ca reports Some Harry Potter fans may have found it difficult to decipher the boy wizard's latest adventure.

An unknown number of first edition copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were released with upside-down covers and sideways type.

While Chicago Sun-Times reports some copies of the latest Harry Potter book are missing the first chapter, according to Scholastic, publisher of the fantasy series.


Michael Gorman on Harry on NewsHour

lislemck writes "Michael Gorman appeared on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer this evening to discuss Harry Pottermania Continues to Impact Popular Culture.

She kept waiting for him to say something about "the habit of sustained reading of complex texts," but no luck."



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