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Pottermanie as Potter book is released in French

News From Eurpoe Booksellers across French-speaking Europe saw legions of Harry Potter fans scramble to their shelves this weekend, as the sixth book in the bestselling children’s series went on sale in translation at midnight on Friday.
Hundreds of bookshops in France, Belgium and Switzerland stayed open past the witching hour to welcome hoards of Harry’s young admirers, eager to purchase their copy of Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-Mele (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince).
Publishers Gallimard have printed a record 2mn French copies of the penultimate tome in British author J K Rowling’s astronomically successful series, predicting a fresh outbreak of the “Pottermania� which has surrounded previous instalments of the boy wizard’s adventures.


Potter books on sale as downloads

Anonymous Patron writes "BBC NEWS Says The Harry Potter novels have been put on sale as audio downloads in a bid by author JK Rowling to tackle piracy.
All six books, including the most recent release Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, can now be purchased via Apple's iTunes site.

Rowling sanctioned the move after fans reported online bootleg editions."


Ganesha helps Harry Potter cast magic spell

Jay writes "A news story on Harry Potter in the Hindustan Times reports, "Harry Potter, the literary character and a global craze, shares a scene with Lord Ganesha in a tableau created in a Gujarat city for an upcoming festival.

Ganesha is seen helping the fictitious adolescent character in casting a magic spell in one of the many tableaux in Vadodara, 110 km from Ahmedabad."

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"Ganesha helps Harry Potter cast magic spell


Painting Exhibition on Harry Potter Books in India

Jay writes "Harry Potter has new fans in Ahmedabad. They have not limited themselves to buying Potter books. They are young artists who paint Potter and the characters the book carries and have recently arranged an exhibition of paintings at an art gallery in Navrangpura in the city.

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After book, a painting exhibition on Harry Potter in Ahmedabad."


Harry Potter bewitches Guantanamo prisoners

Harry Potter has bewitched detainees at the United States prison at Guantanamo Bay, where tales of the young wizard and mysteries by Agatha Christie top the list of most popular books, a prison librarian said.

"Harry Potter is a popular title among some of the detainee population," said the librarian, a civilian contractor identified only as "Lorie" who works at the prison camp for foreign terrorism suspects at the US naval base in Cuba.


Gitmo Inmates (Islamic Terrorists?) Love Harry Too

Citing a librarian (identified by the single name Lori) working at the prison at Guantanamo Bay, the Washington Times said JK Rowling's tales about the boy and the school of wizardry are on top of the request list for the camp's 520 al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects, followed by Agatha Christie novels. More here .


An Alternative View: "I Hate Harry Potter", the Website

Anonymous Patron writes "Looks like Harry Potter hate sites are starting to pop up. This one in particular not only explains fairly eloquently why they dislike it but actually recommends other books that are supposedly better. Background color, however, is glaringly purple.



Copyright followup on Canadian Potter fiasco

Daniel sent over This Essay on Harry and the Canadian Lawyers. In a free and democratic society, a book publisher sought and obtained a court order banning reading and discussion of a children’s book. In fact, Raincoast had asked the court to go even further, by compelling purchasers to disclose the names, addresses, and other contact information of any other person with whom they discussed the book’s contents.


Rowling's millions get lost in translation

Maybe all that secrecy didn't pay off? The Scotsman Says JK Rowling is set to lose millions of pounds of royalties because rogue translations of her books are appearing on the internet months before the official editions are printed.

Strict secrecy surrounding the latest Harry Potter book, meant that official translators did not get hold of the new volume until the English edition was published, meaning that millions of Potter fans must wait until next year to obtain official copies of the book in their first language.


Poll Puts Laura Bush in Hufflepuff, George in Slytherin

Zogby's polled Harry Potter readers to find out their political affiliations, and to see in which house of Hogwarts they would place prominent political figures. George Bush will be joined by Hillary Clinton in Slytherin. Those polled also said that they would rather see Hermione as president of the US, by an overwhelming majority, with Ron Weasley being the character least likely to find himself in the White House.



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